Misunderstanding cleared up

Chapter 19

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Edward POV:

What the? Didn't she know that Bella broke up with me? "Is it your business?!" I yelled back. "Bells is like my sister, I won't ALLOW anyone to hurt her, even you, MAN WHORE!" she shouted. I got a fright and jumped.

Suddenly, someone giggled. we turned and saw Bella giggling. Her beautiful laugh… she walked up and turned to look at Rosalie. "Rose, I'll take care of it," she said. Rosalie still looked pissed off. She looked at me straight into the eye and I could see the pain in her eyes.

"Better do your things not within the view of Rose, Alice or me!" she whispered in my ear. I could feel my breath hitch when she place her face close to mine and she said, "Continue your business." she then stood up and clapped her hands.

"Class, get back your work! Don't worry, I'm not snatching your dream guy from you! I don't have the right, anyway!" she announced and got down the table.

I furrowed my eyebrows, that was weird. She didn't break down? I sighed internally. Lauren came up to me, grinning and she leant forward. I pushed her away and went to Bella's table.

"What the hell do you mean by that?" I demanded. She smirked. "I've broken up with you, you're not mine anymore anyway." The teacher glanced at us, sensing a fight is brewing. "Teacher, I'd like to leave early today, here's the work," she placed it to the teacher before getting away.

I gave an excuse and left the class to find Bella. I was going to call out for her when I saw she and Clement talking. Jealousy was bubbling inside of me and I was going to yell at Clement when I heard Bella say something.

"Bro, can you imagine the pain?" she asked. I raised my eyebrows, confused. "Sis, not my fault, alright, you suggested it, you wanted him to find another half," he replied. She sighed and said, "Well, I don't deserve him anyway."

Bro and sis? "You do, you're a sweet girl but you just don't know it, I on the other hand, thinks he doesn't deserve you…" he trailed off. "Well, I'm going home soon, guess I can't see him making out with girls like-" she turned and saw me.

She gulped. "Clement, maybe you should accompany me home." Clement grinned and kissed her forehead and he said, "Bye, man whore!" I saw Bella slapped him playfully and I became angry.

"What the hell? Bro and sis?" I yelled. Two of them stopped dead on their tracks. "Clement is your pretend boyfriend?" I asked, hurt. She shrugged. "Maybe… Well, it's none of your business, is it?"

"I've never forgotten about you," I confessed. Her eyes widened a little. "Prove it then. I saw you kissing other blondes and you say you never-" she was cut off by me explaining, "I wanted to make you jealous, but you seem oblivious of me!"

"Well, you succeeded, now I can leave," she said, her expression softening. I was hurt, a lot by her statement. "Bella, I have always love you," I told her.

Bella POV:

I stiffened when he tried to hug me. I pushed him away angrily, "I'm not one of your whores, alright?! Go find Lauren or something!" I stomped away but was caught by him. I had missed his contact but I wasn't going to be his whores.

"Bella, I've changed a lot, for you, for you only, why can't you believe me?" he asked, hurt. "I…don't deserve you…" I said, turning away from him. A crowd was forming by then and some teachers were even looking.

"Clement had said you're a sweet girl why-" he was cut off by me. "A sweet CRIPPLED girl!" he looked shocked. "Yeah, I'll always limp! Why can't you...JUST LEAVE ME ALONE?!" I cried, collapsing onto the ground.

"Bella, I don't care about you being crippled or not, you being sick forever or you becoming ugly because in my heart, you're a beautiful and kind angel!" he said emotionally. I shook my head, "You'll get tired of me and hook up with another gi-"

He leant in and crushed his lips against mine. I tried pushing him away but he wouldn't budge. I opened my mouth and was about to yell when he pushed his tongue inside. I melted almost immediately, it was just like our first kiss, one that contains love and passion.

Not resisting him anymore, I tangled my hands in his hair while he wrapped his arms tighter around my waist, deepening the kiss. We didn't notice how long we're standing there kissing until Clement and Emmett boomed, "Lovebirds, please stop kissing, get a room!"

We pulled away and found ourselves with more audience than ever. I blushed a deep shade of red immediately. "Bella, I'll always love you, and I won't ever let you go again," Edward vowed.

And we kissed each other again.

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