A/N Just an Addek piece based off of my favorite song.

In Another's Eyes

None of this was Meredith's fault. She had had no idea that Derek was married. Derek had always planned to tell her but the timing never seemed right. And then Addison had showed up dressed head to toe in black Chanel. Meredith had trusted him and she had believed that Derek wouldn't lie to her and that was exactly what he had done to her. Derek didn't see himself as perfect like Meredith seemed to. After all he had left his wife after finding her naked with his best friend. He didn't even try to work it out with her. He had taken the cowards way out and had run to Seattle where his old mentor Richard Webber was looking for a Neurosurgeon.

Meredith should have known that there was no way Derek could be as perfect as he seemed. Yet she had believed that he was falling in love with her just as she was feeling in love with him. She believed that he would never cheat on her. She believed that she was the only woman that he was romantically linked to. Things had changed when a redheaded woman walked over to them and introduced herself as Addison Shepherd. Everything that Meredith had believed was a lie. Derek wasn't single and Meredith was the other woman. She was her mother all over again. Derek Shepherd, the man she had fallen in love with belonged to another woman.

Addison had made a big mistake when she slept with Derek's childhood best friend Mark Sloan, and she was aware that she had messed up, but she knew that she had to fight for Derek. After finding Mark with another woman, Addison did what she knew she had to. She terminated the pregnancy and flew to Seattle for Derek. Seeing him with a much younger woman was painful, but Addison knew that she had no right to talk about causing pain when she had slept with Derek's best friend. Addison knew that Mark believed in her. She knew that he believed he could change to be the person that she wanted him to be. Addison also knew that Mark had faith in only a few things. His surgical ability and Addison's surgical ability. To Mark, Addison was perfection and she always had been. Addison knew that to Mark, she could pretty much do no wrong. Addison suspected that he probably didn't feel that way anymore .Not after she had aborted his child.

Mark may have been in New York but knowing that Addison was gone was a stark reminder of what they had done to Derek. Mark loved Addison and there was no denying that. He also knew that she loved Derek. Knowing that Addison had gone to get Derek back was painful, but in his heart, Mark knew that if Derek could forgive Addison for what she had done, then maybe they would last forever like everyone was so sure they would from the moment they married. Mark had never thought that Addison could do any wrong in his eyes. That had changed when he had found out that she had killed their child. Now he knew that she had done wrong and he could no longer have her on an insanely high pedestal because she had lost the right to be up there.

Derek knew that Meredith believed that he loved her enough to sign the divorce papers and move on with her. Derek couldn't do that though. As devastated as he was by what Addison and Mark had done to him, he knew that he still loved his wife and he knew that he couldn't let her go. The idea of signing the papers to officially end their marriage made Derek feel sick to his stomach. Derek knew that it would take him awhile to completely forgive her, but he was ready to start.

He knew that she was staying at the Archfield Hotel so Derek had bought her a bouquet of calla lilies and he was now standing in front of the door to her hotel room, hoping that she would answer. As he watched for her to answer the door, he wiped his sweaty palms on his pants. When she opened the door, she was definitely surprised that Derek was there. Derek thought that she looked worn out and Derek knew her well enough to sense when she had had a bad day without her even needing to say anything. She was wearing a bathrobe and clutching a glass of red wine.

"Derek, um…hi." Addison murmured, stumbling a bit over her words because Derek had definitely surprised her. She had no idea what Derek was doing here. She had no idea what to say to him. Addison hoped that he was not here to deliver the signed divorce papers. Addison couldn't deal with that. Not tonight. Not after the insanely horrible day she had had today.

"Addison-"Derek started to say.

"Not tonight Derek. I can't deal with the divorce papers tonight." Addison interrupted as her blue eyes begged Derek not to make her deal with the divorce tonight.

Derek sighed heavily, knowing that Addison had every right to believe that the divorce was the reason for his arrival at her hotel room. Especially since the calla lilies were hidden behind his back.

"I can't sign them Addie." Derek finally confessed.

Those words were a shock to Addison. She had not expected Derek to utter those words. She had no idea that he had been having second thoughts about going through with the divorce.

"Why?" Addison finally whispered.

Derek walked into the hotel room and closed and locked the door behind him. He turned and looked at Addison and said softly.

"Because I am still in love with you Addie."

Addison searched Derek's face, looking for any trace that he was lying to her. She saw none.

"You still love me?" Addison asked. It was both a statement and a question. Addison could barely believe that this was actually happening.

Derek smiled at the look on his wife's face and he opened his arms and Addison walked straight into them and wrapped her arms around his neck and buried her face in his neck.

"I'm sorry Der." Addison whispered.

Derek buried his nose in her hair and whispered.

"I'm sorry too Addie."

Derek was so happy that he had his wife back in his arms. He had missed her more than he had realized. He had forgotten how good it felt to hold her in his arms. Now that she was in his arms, Derek wanted to make things right.

"What about Meredith?" Came Addison's muffled question.

"I'm ending it with her." Derek assured Addison quietly.

Those were the words that Addison had been waiting to hear from the moment she had seen Derek and Meredith together.

"You didn't let me explain that night. I wanted to and you left me crying and in nothing but a t-shirt and panties." Addison murmured softly. still clinging to Derek.

"I was shocked and angry that my wife and my best friend would betray me. I needed to get away. I couldn't look at you without remembering Mark on top of you." Derek told her. That was the first time Derek had been able to say Mark's name in a conversation with Addison.

Even weeks later when he got to Seattle he could close his mind and remember it so clearly and now it was finally fading.

"He misses you too." Addison whispered softly. Not that she had spoken to Mark since she had left New York, but before she left, she knew that Mark missed his oldest friend.

"Then he shouldn't have slept with my wife." Derek muttered.

"It wasn't all Mark Derek so don't put the blame completely on him." Addison told Derek. She knew that she had to get Derek to talk to Mark again. She knew it would be hard, but they all needed this. Addison wasn't going to push it now.

"I want to go home." Derek admitted as he looked at his wife.

"Me too Der." Addison admitted softly.

"I should go talk to Meredith." Derek told Addison softly. He seemed to all of a sudden remember the flowers and he brought them out from behind his back. Addison's blue eyes shone with excitement as she held the lilies close to her body.

Derek looked at her and he realized that Meredith had never been love. He had only been in lust with her. Addison was still the love of his life and he wanted to spend all the rest of their lives reassuring her of that.

"Kiss me Addie." Derek told her with a grin. Addison pressed her lips lovingly against his while her hair tangled in his curly Russell Crowe like hair. Derek kissed her back as his hands settled on her slim waist. He didn't want to take it further. Well he did, but he knew that he couldn't do that with a clear conscience until it was over with Meredith. He finally pulled his lips away and smiled at Addison.

"I'll be right back." Derek promised her as he headed towards the door.

"I'll be waiting." Addison promised him with a smile of her own on her lips.

"Preferably naked." Derek teased. Addison stuck out her tongue playfully at her husband before he closed the door behind him. Now it seemed as though Addison had some packing to do. She was going back to New York with her husband who truly loved her.