Prompt - Chain... Urg, probably the closest I'll get to smut for a loooong time.


Orihime's lashes fluttered slowly, revealing dark, and very scared gray eyes. Her tongue darted out to wet her cracked and bloodied lips. Her joints and muscles were sore, but she hadn't had the slightest clue as to why.

Bringing her heavy head up to look at her surroundings, the gentle healer coughed lightly at the chilly air. Her surroundings were not familiar and her heart started to race as she wondered just where she was. It seemed like just minutes ago she was with her boyfriend back at her apartment with that adorable strawberry shortcake in front of her. She made her wish and blew out her candles, only to have her own scowling strawberry kiss her lightly on the lips before everything blacked out.

Tugging her tired arms from their high position, it didn't take Orihime long to discover her thin wrists had been clasped to the wall with what appeared to be handcuffs of sorts. Alarmed at the sudden bondage, Orihime began to pull at it, her insistent tugging causing bruises to form and blood start to seep out of new wounds. Her heart raced faster as she wet her lips again.

"P-Please!" She called out to no one, arms slowing down as tears stung at her eyes. "S-Someone help me!!" To be in such a situation for no reason scared her immensely. Why did she have to be in such a frightening situation?

A tall male made itself known by coming out of the shadows. Her eyes had to adjust to the new sight, but she could faintly make out spiky hair and the lean physique that could be classified as Ichigo's. With her eyes growing wide, she jerked her body forward, as if wanting to get to the boy.

"K-Kurosaki-kun, is that you??" Orihime cried out, a few tears finding their way down her cheeks. As the form neared, it was indeed the boy she loved dearly, with his messy orange hair, scowl, and all. A weak smile crept up her lips and her shoulders went slack in relief. "Oh, Kurosaki-kun... I'm so glad you're here..." She whispered brokenly, watching him stop right in front of her and kneeling down. He kept his eyes closed and his brows furrowed, knuckles dragging on the tile floor.

"You're wrong..." He muttered, sounding a little funny to her. She tilted her head to the side in confusion and puckered her lips.

"Eh? Kurosaki-kun, what-"

"I'm not your fucking Ichigo," her 'boyfriend' finally raised his head and opened his eyes, revealing bright golden irises and a black sclera. His previous fa├žade of a normal Ichigo soon disappeared and a nasty sneer grew on his features. Orihime gasped and threw her body closer to the wall, getting away from his hollow. The sneer threatened to grow wider as he coyly closed the space between them a bit. "Ah~ You scared, Hime-chan?" She could only shake her head, her voice failing her. Turning her head away from his own, Orihime unintentionally left her slender neck wide open for the said hollow's pleasure.

Taking a hold of her right shoulder with his large hand, he squeezed it tightly, causing a small squeak of pain to come pouring from her lips. The hollow moved closer, his nose brushing over the soft, smooth skin of Inoue Orihime's. "You always smell so fucking good..." He murmured over her flesh before running his tongue over it, teasing, tempting, and inciting unwanted arousal from her part.

"P-Please..." She muttered through her broken breaths. "S-Stop..." Ichigo's hollow did indeed stop for a moment, glancing his dark eyes up to the captive princess.

"But what for, sweetheart? You're such a delectable meal this fine evening..." He murmured against her neck, soon latching his teeth onto her flesh and biting down hard, causing blood to start dripping from the wound. Again, his tongue lavished the bleeding spot, sending a shiver down the healer's back.

Unintentionally arching her back towards him, closer to him, her eyes screwed tight as she bit her bottom lip, accidentally inciting more bleeding from yet another wound. His hollow noticed this and brought his feasting mouth to her own and began to ravage her, deep groans reverberating in her chest cavity. Her chained wrists thrashed around, only wanting to be released. Whether she'd go along with it once she was free or push him away with all her might, she didn't know. She just knew she wanted to be released.

"So feisty..." He growled, tempting her again by pulling away from her bruised lips. His hot breath fanned over her skin and her hips and legs began to shift uncomfortably, not enjoying the new, unfamiliar heat pooling to her lower abdomen.

"K-Kurosaki-kun, p-please..." She begged to the man who wasn't there as his own hollow feasted on her bite on her neck again, his hands tempting her by travelling lower.

"I told you, you bitch!" He suddenly hissed, pulling away. "Your King isn't here!" As if an angry retaliation of sorts, he moved his hand to her large breast, holding the heavy flesh in the palm of his hand. His perverted hollow couldn't help but hum at just how perfect it felt in 'his' hand. But more importantly, how he was the one going further with the King's woman than the normal boy could do himself. Tch... Such a pansy.

Giving it a hard squeeze, a sharp moan tore through her lips, her back arching up further into his grasp. Pleasantly liking the reaction he got from her, he repeated the process until it became a pattern, doing nothing but harshly attacking her twins. It wasn't long until his nails started to dig through her white shirt and into her flesh, causing her to bleed again. Sneering with a growl, he pulled at the white tank top of hers, ripping it right off her body. Orihime was exposed, wearing nothing but her skirt and bra. With flushing cheeks, she opened her mouth to protest, but he cut her off with a bruising kiss.

"Ah, ah, ah," he told her in a sing-song voice. "You're supposed to be quiet." He told her forcefully before dragging his cold lips down to the new scratch marks on her otherwise flawless breasts and kissed the broken skin. His tongue darted out to lap at the newfound source of bleeding. Another moan came from her fragile lips and hysterical sobbing could be heard. As he cupped her mound fiercely, his other hand began to travels downwards, hiking her skirt up to be able to grab at her panties.

"W-Wait!" She managed to speak, but had been unable to stop him from ripping her underwear off. Dangling them from his lanky fingers, he grinned evilly before tossing them aside. Forcing another hard kiss to her, Orihime closed her eyes tight, hoping this was all a dream. Perhaps she was still at her apartment with a normal Ichigo, not forcing himself on her like this.

But as she felt a foreign object nearing her upper thighs, a squeak of fear and pain came from her lips and tears gushed out quicker. It was clear what his hollow wanted, and it was clear this was no dream. As he neared himself, he couldn't help but be proud of his accomplishments; doing what even his King could not do.

"Oh, and happy birthday, princess."