"talk" - regular talking, 'talk' - wolf talk, 'talk' - thoughts, "talk" - parlsemouth, "talk" - Gaelic.


Werewolves and Mates

Kayte Carrow sighed tiredly as she sat in class. Tonight was the full moon. For three days every month she was restless, itching to run freely. It was a very well kept secret that Kayte was a pure-blood werewolf. Nobody at her school knew, including the Headmaster. During the full moon, Kayte would go out to the Forbidden Forest and run free.

As the bell rang, Kayte breathed a sigh of relief. It was the end of classes for the weekend. Packing her stuff up quickly, Kayte was almost at the door when she heard her professor call her back. Stifling a groan of frustration, Kayte stayed behind. Turning to her professor she asked, "What did you want to talk about, Professor?"

Minerva McGonnagal stared at Kayte a minute before she responded, "Is something bothering you, Miss Carrow?"

"No, Professor, I'm just tired is all," Kayte lied easily.

"Alright then. You know where to find me if you need to talk, even though you're in a rival house," Minerva said kindly, smiling slightly.

"Thank you, Professor," Kayte said, walking out of the room. Heading down to the dungeons, she ignored those around her as she hurried to her room. Stopping in front of Salazar Slytherin she hissed in parlsemouth, "Snakes over lions."

Stepping through the door, Kayte dropped her stuff and headed for her bathroom. She'd had her own room since Second Year, when she set the Basilisk loose on those muggle-born students. No one knew about her involvement or her private room. After she made it look like it was Ginny Weasley who was responsible, Salazar Slytherin's ghost had appeared to her, telling her who her father was and that she was a direct descendent of him. He had been the one to show her the room and teach her everything he knew about the Dark Arts and being a pure-blood werewolf.

Sighing contentedly as the hot water washed over her, Kayte slowly relaxed. Feeling the setting of the sun a few moments later she finished her shower and dressed quickly. Grabbing her gym bag Kayte headed out of her room. Sneaking through the halls, she made it safely out of the castle. Walking quickly into the forest Kayte headed into the heart of the forest. Throwing her bag down, she stripped off her clothes just as the moon started to rise.

Wanting to be in control, Kayte started transforming willingly, her body easily shifting to her wolf form. Beautiful black fur sprouted over her body with a white stripe running down the middle of her back. She had white paws also, and a pure white underbelly.

Kayte looked around, sniffing the air. She growled when she caught another scent, something sweet and familiar. Prowling silently towards the scent, Kayte came upon another werewolf, a female submissive. Growling softly, Kayte stepped out of the trees, watching the other werewolf intently.

The female wolf looked at Kayte wearily, backing up. Before she could move another step, Kayte jumped at her, pinning her against the forest floor. Leaning down, Kayte sniffed the other wolf, breathing in her scent. Feeling the wolf relax, Kayte licked over her neck, growling softly at the tantalizing taste. Reluctantly moving back to stand on all fours, Kayte nudged her companion. Growling she asked, 'Who are you?'

'Tabby,' the werewolf replied. Baring her neck in submission she asked, 'What is your name?'

'In wolf form, I go by Tate,' Kayte said, nipping playfully at Tabby's tail. 'Have you always come out here to change?'

'Yes, I live at the castle and come here for the three nights. No one knows about me,' Tabby said softly.

Kayte led them over to the lake, plopping down beside it. She felt Tabby curl up against her, almost on top of her. Pulling the submissive on top of her Kayte nuzzled Tabby's neck. Feeling in her heart that this was her mate, Kayte lightly nipped at Tabby's neck, over her pulse point.

Tabby bared her neck to Kayte, showing her submission. 'Do it, please.'

Kayte sank her fangs deeply into the side of Tabby's neck, claiming her, moaning when blood filled her mouth. Pulling back after a few minutes, Kayte licked over her mate's wound lovingly.

Tabby whimpered as Kayte licked over her claim mark. Turning her head she nuzzled against Kayte's furry chest, slowly falling asleep. Kayte looked down at her mate, purring contently. Closing her eyes, she quickly fell into a dreamless sleep.

Kayte woke slowly, still in wolf form. Looking around she saw that she was still by the lake with her mate curled up on top of her. Knowing the sun would be rising soon, Kayte carefully slid out from under her sleeping mate. Transforming quickly and painlessly back into her human form, Kayte easily picked her mate up and carried her into the forest. Setting her down next to her gym bag, Kayte quickly pulled on some comfortable clothes. Conjuring up a piece of parchment she quickly scrawled a note.

Tabby, I'm sorry to leave you alone, especially after last night. But there are a few things I need to do before tonight. Meet me by the lake tonight, , Tate

Kissing her mate softly Kayte turned and headed out of the forest. Stepping inside the castle a few minutes later, she looked around for anyone already awake but only saw a few students. Stepping out of the shadows Kayte started towards the dungeons, but was stopped by three Gryffindor students taunting her.

"Well, well, look who is all alone," a male voice said snidely.

"Sod off, Weasel," Kayte sneered, turning to the Gryffindors. "Potter, Granger, to what do I owe the unpleasantness of your visit?"

"Why are you up this early Carrow?" Harry Potter asked, suspiciously glancing at Kayte's gym bag.

"I was under the impression that I didn't need your permission to wonder around, Potter," Kayte sneered, glaring at the Boy-Who-Lived. 'Should be the Boy-Who-Won't-Die,' Kayte thought sourly.

"Probably off meeting with Malfoy for a quick shag," Ron Weasley said hatefully.

Kayte surprised the Golden Trio by laughing at the comment. Holding her stomach as she continued to laugh, Kayte bent over slightly. Calming down after a moment she wiped the tears from her eyes. "Oh, God. I haven't laughed like that in ages."

"What's so funny, Death Eater?" Ron snarled after getting over his shock.

Kayte stopped moving, clenching her jaw tightly. Her hazel eyes turned to ice as she said frostily, "I'm not a Death Eater, Weasel." Stepping closer to the redhead she growled, "One of these days, that foul mouth of your is going to get you hurt, or worse."

"Are you threatening him?" Hermione Granger asked haughtily.

"No, Granger. I'm stating a simple fact." Kayte said, turning to Hermione. "I could care less about blood status but I'll not put up with being called a Death Eater. Killing muggles and muggle-borns is ridiculous."

"So you don't believe in the war?" Harry asked curiously.

"Oh, don't get me wrong, Potter. I believe in some aspects of the war but not Voldemort's plan to get rid of muggles." Kayte said smirking. "Everyone has magic in them but only witches and wizards are strong enough to wield it. Take the Granger's for instance. About 1,000 years ago, a Dark Wizard cursed the Granger line. The Grangers were one of the purest bloodlines and very powerful. But that curse caused their descendents to be squibs all the way down the line until Hermione here."

After a stunned silence Harry asked, "So Hermione's a pureblood?"

"No, because her family has been squibs, she's technically a muggle-born." Kayte said casually.

"How do we even know if you're telling the truth? You're a Slytherin," Ron asked snidely.

"Believe me or not, Weasel. I don't care," Kayte snarled. Smirking suddenly, she asked, "Do you think Voldemort is dead? That her wont rise again?"

Eyes narrowed Harry said icily, "He's dead, Carrow. I killed him two years ago."

Laughing mockingly Kayte asked, "Do you really think it's that easy to kill a wizard that powerful?"

"He's gone and not coming back," Harry said again.

Before she could retort, Professor Minerva McGonnagal walked around the corner. Stopping when she saw them, Minerva asked, "What is going on here, Potter, Weasley, Granger, Carrow?"

"Nothing, Professor," Ron lied easily. "Just on our way to the Great Hall."

Scoffing at his attitude, Kayte said, "You idiots do what you want but next time, Weasley, watch your tongue." Turning, Kayte started down the stairs again but was stopped by her professor.

"Miss Carrow, would you mind explaining what happened before I showed up?" Minerva asked, ignoring the Gryffindors next to her.

"We were just having a talk, Professor, honestly," Kayte said sincerely. "Weasley accused me of some things but other than that, they were civil."

"And you? Were you civil?" Minerva asked with a hint of teasing.

"But of course, Professor," Kayte replied cheekily. Glancing at the trio, Kayte saw the disdain on their faces as the watched her and the professor. Switching to her professor's native language, Gaelic, she said, "I don't think your cubs like me very much."

Looking at the trio Minerva replied, "It would seem that way. What did Weasley accuse you of?"

"Being a Death Eater and shagging Malfoy," Kayte said honestly. Glancing unconsciously at her professor's neck, Kayte was shocked when she saw her claim mark. Putting the pieces together, Kayte knew her professor was her mate.

"That's bloody ridiculous, on both accounts," Minerva said hotly.

Interrupting, Kayte asked in English, "Professor, could I talk to you in private?"

"Of course, Miss Carrow," Minerva said, also reverting back to English. Leading her student away from the others, Minerva asked, "What is it, Miss Carrow?"

"I know you're a werewolf," Kayte said quietly after a few minutes of thinking.

Stiffening, Minerva stared at Kayte for a moment before she asked, "And how do you know that, Miss Carrow?"

"You have a claiming mark on your neck," Kayte said. "To others, it looks like a scratch but werewolves can spot them easily." Glancing around, Kayte made sure they were alone. "I claimed you last night, you're my mate."

Minerva stared at Kayte, her mind slowly processing what she just heard. The more she thought about it, the more Minerva liked the idea of being mated to Kayte. "I'm not sure what to think but I know I like the idea of being mated to you."

Smiling slightly, Kayte said, "Me, too, Tabby." Making sure they were still alone, Kayte asked, "Tabby, does anyone know you're a werewolf?"

Shaking her head, Minerva said, "No, I've never told anyone. For obvious reasons, too."

Nodding Kayte asked, "What side of the war are you on? Light or Dark?"

"I believe in the Dark side but I'm a member of the Light in public," Minerva said quietly in Gaelic.

"Pureblood?" Kayte asked curiously.

"Aye, witch and werewolf," Minerva said proudly. "I was sorted into Gryffindor but I'm a Slytherin through and through."

"So you would be a spy for Voldemort once he returns?" Kayte asked.

"Yes I would. Dumbledore thinks he has me in his pocket but since I'm a pureblood werewolf, I have natural mental barriers that keep him from knowing the truth." Minerva said, smiling evilly.

Chuckling, Kayte quickly leaned in and licked over her mark, making Minerva moan. Pulling back she stared at her mate before she said, "As you are my mate and on the Dark side, you should know something. I am Voldemort's heir, his only daughter."

Minerva stared at Kayte in shock. She was mated to Voldemort's heir, the most powerful wizard in the world. Opening her mouth, the only thing that came out was, "Wow!"

Giggling at Minerva's response, Kayte backed away slowly as she said, "I need to go, love. I need to contact some friends."

Minerva nodded, watching her mate leave. When she couldn't see her anymore, Minerva headed back to her own private rooms.

Back inside her private room, Kayte immediately started working on a plan to get all the upper level Death Eaters together again. Magically writing letter for the free Death Eaters, Kayte signed the first one and waved her wand for the others to be signed as well. Pocketing them, she rushed out of her room and up to the owlery.

"Nyx, come here," she called out loudly. Immediately, a midnight black raven flew towards her. Tying the letters to her raven's leg she said, "I need these delivered as soon as possible, Nyx."

Nyx trilled and pecked her mistress affectionately before flying off. On her way back to her room, Kayte ran into a group of Slytherin's.

"Watch where you're going, Mudblood," a voice sneered.

Grabbing the speaker by his throat, Kayte slammed him against the wall, drawing the attention of everyone in the hall. Her eyes a mixture of amber and crimson Kayte asked lowly, "What was that, Malfoy?"

"You heard me, Mudblood," Draco Malfoy snarled. "Shouldn't be allowed in with us purebloods."

"Wrong move, ferret boy," Kayte said before punching him hard across the jaw, knocking him out. Turning to his group of friends she stared at them, waiting for them to make a move. When no one moved she called out two names, "Blaise Zambini an Pansy Parkinson, I want to talk to you two."

After both girls stepped forward Kayte led them to her room. Hissing the password she let them precede her into the room. Motioning towards the couch, she said, "Make yourselves comfortable while I change."

In her room Kayte changed into short shorts and a small tank top, showing off various tattoos. Walking back into the living room she took a seat in her recliner. Casually, she asked, "Where do you stand in the war? With the Light or Dark?"

Looking at each other quickly, Blaise and Pansy both said, "Dark."

"But the Dark Lord is dead," Blaise added.

Kayte snorted, "Yeah, about as dead as Harry Potter." Seeing their surprise Kayte said, "That's right, Voldemort isn't dead. By the end of this year, he'll be back completely."

"How?" Pansy asked shakily. "And you're not muggle-born are you?"

"No, I'm not. Far from it," Kayte said. "As for the how, the Tri-Wizard Tournament. During the last task, Potter will be taken by portkey to Voldemort. Then, he'll use Potter's blood that will restore him to his father's body."

"How do you know all of this?" Blaise asked in awe.

"Because I'm planning it. Soon, I'll get the free Death Eaters setting it up while I personally break into Azkaban to get Bellatrix Lestrange." Kayte explained eagerly.

"Why do you want to do this?" Pansy asked curiously.

"Because I am the heir of Voldemort, which also means I'm the heir of Slytherin. And Bellatrix is my mother." Kayte said proudly. "I want you two as my allies."

"What about the Dark Mark?" Blaise asked.

"I know how to do it but I add something different," Kayte said. "Mine aren't noticeable to anyone except other Death Eaters and whoever the wearer tells. It's basically hidden with the Fidelus Charm."

"That's really advanced magic," Blaise commented.

Nodding in agreement, Pansy asked the one question that had been on her mind. "Why us two? Why not Draco, Crabbe, and Goyle?"

"Because they aren't worthy of having the Dark Mark," Kayte said simply. "Malfoy doesn't believe in the cause and Crabbe and Goyle are just plain stupid."

"Are you going to recruit anyone else from here?" Blaise asked.

"Not right now, I've got the three that I want," Kayte replied.

"Who's the third? Pansy asked.

"Someone both Dumbledore and Potter trust completely," Kayte said vaguely. "They need to remain nameless for right now."

"When do we get the Mark?" Pansy asked, slightly excited.

"When you feel you're ready," Kayte said. "I'm not going to force you to get it."

"I'm ready," Blaise said firmly. "I want it."

"Me too," Pansy said with determination.

Taking her wand out, Kayte motioned for the girls to kneel in front of her. When they were settled, Kayte asked, "Where do you want it?"

"I want it in the middle of my left forearm," Pansy decided after a few minutes.

"Me also," Blaise said in agreement. Together, Pansy and Blaise presented their arms to Kayte, waiting.

Placing the tip of her wand against Blaise's arm, Kayte hissed the incantation in parlsemouth, watching as Blaise's body trembled with pain but she didn't scream. The ritual finished, Kayte looked down at the Dark Mark glowing proudly against Blaise's pale skin.

Turning to Pansy, Kayte repeated the process, proudly watching as Pansy held in her scream of pain. Looking at their Dark Marks she smiled in satisfaction. Glancing at the clock, Kayte stiffened when she saw that the sun was about to set.

"I have to go, now!" Kayte said in panic, feeling her body starting to transform. 'Tate, don't change yet.'

'Why?' Tate growled.

'Because I'm not ready yet. I need to get outside first,' Kayte said desperately. Feeling Tate's acceptance, Kayte breathed a sigh of relief. Looking at the two new Death Eaters Kayte said, "Stay here tonight and don't go outside. When I get back in the morning, I need to explain some more things to you."

Pansy and Blaise nodded, watching as Kayte went to her room. When she came back out she had changed and had a gym bag. Seeing their expressions, Kayte said, "I won't be here tonight. Tomorrow, I'll explain." Hurriedly Kayte left her room and jogged silently out of the castle. In the forest, she threw her bag away as her body transformed. On all fours, Kayte headed towards the lake, growling happily when she saw her mate. Bounding over to her, Kayte licked Minerva's neck affectionately.

Minerva tackled Kayte, laying on top of her and nuzzling her neck. Rolling them over, Kayte lay between Minerva's parted legs, gazing into her mates amber eyes. Leaning down, Kayte rubbed their snouts together, purring happily. 'I love you, Tabby.'

'Love you too, Tate,' Minerva replied, nuzzling closer to Kayte. Closing her eyes, Minerva let her mates content purrs lull her to sleep.

Kayte laid down on top of her mate, her body covering Minerva's. resting her head on her mates shoulder Kayte followed Minerva into sleep.

A few hours later, Kayte snapped awake when she heard voices. Straining her ears, Kayte could hear what was being said.

"Lucius, why are we here?" a female voice asked.

"Because Narcissa, this is where the letter said to meet," a male voice, Lucius, said condescendingly. Several pops rang out as more people apparated beside Narcissa and Lucius.

"Malfoy, do you know why we're here?" someone asked.

"This is where it said to meet," Lucius replied. There was a moment of silence before Kayte heard him say, "It looks like only the upper level Death Eaters were contacted. Now that we're all here, we'll have to wait for whoever it is to show up."

Kayte nudged her mate, waking her. Transforming back into human form Kayte conjured some clothes and dressed. Looking at Minerva she said, "Stay in wolf form. I don't want them knowing your identity." When Minerva nodded, Kayte walked towards where she heard the voices with her mate following.

Stepping into the small clearing Kayte was greeted with several wands pointing gat her. "Well hello to you too."

"Who are you, girl?" Lucius sneered, stepping closer. He froze when a low growl came from behind her.

Kayte smirked when she saw the fear on the Death Eaters faces when Minerva stepped up beside her, resting on her haunches. "I'm the reason you're here, Lucius," Kayte said coldly.

"But who are you?" another Death Eater asked.

Shaking her head, long thick curls fell around her shoulders as Kayte's hazel eyes filled with annoyance. "The person who is going to bring Voldemort back completely."

"You dare speak His name?" the Death Eater asked dangerously.

Her eyes flashing red with anger Kayte sneered," Yes, I do. I am his heir, his only child. I was a few minutes old when Dumbledore kidnapped me from my mother. Then he obliviated her so she has no idea who I am. My father never knew about me and still doesn't."

"The Dark Lord doesn't have a child," Lucius spat. Raising his want he asked, "Now, who are you really?"

Feeling Minerva step towards the blonde Kayte said, "Stay, Tab. Just sit there." When Minerva whimpered in submission, Kayte raised her now blood red eyes to Lucius' gray ones. "I am his daughter. I don't care whether you believe it or not, but you all are going to help me. All of you except Narcissa and Anastacia will work to put my plan in motion. It needs to be ready by the time the Tri-Wizard Tournament starts."

"What's the plan?" a Death Eater, Rabastan Lestrange, asked.

"Get a lower level Death Eater to take polyjuice and become Alastor Moody. Then he'll enter Potter's name in the Goblet. For the first two tasks, he'll help Potter and for the third, the cup will be made into a porkey to the cemetery where Voldemort's father's grave is." Kayte explained softly. "When Potter touches the cup, he'll be there and we'll use his and Wormtail's blood to bring my father back."

"What are Ana and I going to be doing?" Narcissa asked curiously.

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