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"Please, try to rethink this…you don't have to do this!"

"I already have. I'm so sorry, baby…I love you so much."

"Ian, please don't—IAN!!!!!"


(Angela's POV)

I bolted up from my sleep. Breathing heavily, drenched in sweat with the bed sheets clinging to my soaked body, I let out a shaky sigh. It's been three years since Ian died. He was my best friend, my boyfriend—my entire life. It was hard for me to function after his suicide and since then, I was pretty quiet to the point where I never dated after the incident.

Who am I? I'm Angela Choi, better known as Jaiden Lakmann to the public eye. Yes, I'm that actress who was in "Doom", "The Marine", "12 Rounds", etc. along with the TV show Supernatural, where I play as Zoe Mayfair-Chrisanti. For a 23-year-old half Chinese, quarter Irish and Italian mix, getting into the acting business wasn't as easy as it would look to others. Writing, on the other hand, is second nature to me…almost as breathing to others.

I swung my legs to one side of my bed and planted both feet to the carpeted floor. Rubbing the sleep from my eyes, I took in deep breaths in order to calm down from the repeated nightmare for the past few months. Got to thank the asshole that brought this up…wait a sec, that would be the guy that brought Ian up in last night's Q+A for my latest gig. Lovely…reminder to NOT answer personal questions again…

* * * * *

"Please put your hands together for our last guest for tonight…Jaiden Lakmann!" the panel announcer said as I walk out to fans for the third annual Supernatural Con welcome ceremony.

The crowd went nuts as I walked over to the only available seat between Jared and Jensen, who play on-screen brothers Sam and Dean Winchester and are the best of friends off-screen to each other and to myself. I have known these two since before Supernatural; I have worked with Jared in "House of Wax" and "Cheaper by the Dozen" and I met Jensen while auditioning for the role of Zoe. Both guys are fun to work with, making coming into work with them so much easier for everyone since we all have our laughs here and there.

"Hi guys…how's Chicago doing tonight?" I ask once I got a hold of a microphone.

The response was cheers from the fans. I smile before I turn to face my co-workers. The panel went really well; questions were asked ranging from past episodes of past seasons to what plans we had in the future of the show. Finally, one fan got up and smiled at the three of us on stage.

"Hi, this question is for Jaiden: rumor has it that you're going to be taking a break from movies and even Supernatural. Is it true and when will you be returning?" the fan asked me.

I look over at both guys: Jared and Jensen both suspected my reason for the leave from the public eye. I took a small gulp from my bottle of water that was provided to us before I answered.

"Yes, that rumor is true. I wanted to be able to take time off to silently have time to myself, especially during the third anniversary of the death of a dear friend of mine. I will still be able to do signings and conventions during my break from movies and Supernatural; as for a return date, it's still up in the air, but it won't be a permanent break for sure," I answered honestly.

* * * * *

"Hey Ang!"

I turn my head to see Jared and Jensen jogging over to me. Once the two got close to me, it was clear that they both had looks of concern on their faces.

"Hey…you going to be ok while away?" Jared asked.

"Yeah…in fact, I know a friend is nearby…I'll probably go and see him while I'm off. But, I promise to call every week."

"You better. You know how Jensen is with you—you're like a little sister to us," Jared joked as Jensen elbowed the younger actor in the gut.

Ever since my parents died, Jared has let me crash at his place besides Jensen whenever we had time off. But the friend that I'm referring to is a WWE wrestler. Take your time with the guessing…give up yet? It's none other than John Cena himself. As intimidating as he is on TV along with Triple H (real name Paul) and few other guys, John's really a great guy. And although he's a Red Sox fan (I'm a Yankees fan…what? I'm a New Yorker and I'm proud of it), he's a fan of the older WWE superstars. I just hope that my appearing where he's at currently doesn't make him worry too much.

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