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Chapter 4: The Unveiling of Emotions…

It was very crowded for the stadium in regards to the lineup matches between the stars of RAW and Smackdown. Both girls were able to get the tickets from Paul and got ringside seating; both were donned in their favorite wrestler's merchandise and had signs that were encouraging to Randy and Chris. The Undertaker had defended his title in the Fatal Four-Way match, Smackdown won the Bragging Rights after Big Show betrayed his teammates on Raw, the SD Divas won against the RAW divas, and John won back the WWE Championship title from Randy.

It was about a week and a half later and the guys were in Europe for their European tour. Angela and Chloe were back in New York, chilling in Angela's apartment. Both girls were too engrossed in the movie they were watching when Chloe's cell rang.

"Seriously, you need to change your damn ringtone, Chlo…" Angela said as Chloe all but dashed for it.

"Hello?" Chloe answered her cell, ignoring her friend's comment.

Hey there, baby girl. How are you holding up with Angie? John asked on the other line.

"Hey John…Ang's doing swell here."

She misses the guys and I, huh?

"You have NO idea."

Well, Chris is missing her already, if that helps. Randy wanted to talk to you, but he's kinda busy for the moment.

"How so?"

He didn't say. Anyway, is Ang there? I've been meaning to talk to her for the past couple of days, but I got sidetracked.

"Yeah, hold on…" Chloe said before handing the phone to Angela. "It's John…"

"Hey John!!!!" Angela said as she took the call in a different room.

Meanwhile, Chris was pacing back and forth as John was talking on the phone. He perked up when he heard Angela's name from John.

"Hey, let me talk to her," Chris said as he tried to grab the cell phone from John.

"Dude, call her then if you wanna talk to her. I'm in the middle of talking, you know…" John replied back.

"C'mon, man…please?"


Who's on the other end with ya? Angela asked.

"Chris," John answered.

Can I ask you something? How do you say to a friend that you love them? Like "love him" love him?

John had to think for a second here…Angela and Chris may have not know each other for very long, but they both have told him that they liked the other person. Sighing, John walked to where Chris didn't hear his reply.

"You tell them that you love them…see what happens with that. Trust me, I'm pretty sure that your friend will appreciate it if you told them the truth."

Thanks John. I'm glad that I was able to tell you this. It's been killing me for a while now and I wanted to get it out of my system.

John smiled at that comment. He was SO going to tell Chris the same thing when he got off the phone with Angela.

Listen, I'm going to let you go, John…give the guys a hug from me and wish them luck on their matches.

"I will. Thanks for the wishing us luck, Ang."

Later, John. Angela said before she hung up on John.

Now, it was Chris's turn to get the same advice he gave to Angela.

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