Author's note: Hey all long time sent I posted anything for CM. This little gem came to mind when I was at of all places work and of course it was raining. I'm not sure where my muse is leading I think, I know but hey it's all good I hope lol. I hope you like it the story is set right after the events in Nameless and Faceless it's my take on what could have happened between Derek and Penelope. Also the rating may change not sure just yet. Let me know what you think. Now on with the show err, story.

Disclaimer: Don't own anything cause if I did well lets just say the right people would be together lol.

Dark rain heavy cloud's covered the sun obscuring the bright ray's from her view as she made the short walk towards her car. A fitting end to a horrible day, actually in retrospect the whole week had been terrible, starting with the case in Canada. Ninety-three victims, one man, and she still couldn't wrap her mind around why and maybe that was for the best. She didn't need to know why, for the crime was to gruesome to even comprehend.

Before she could stray to other thoughts a familiar deep voice spoke, "Baby girl, you ok?"

Slowly she turned around plastering a smile on her face trying to give nothing away, "Of course handsome why wouldn't I be."

He could see the worry that she barely concealed, laced with concern for their two falling teammates, but there was something more, something he couldn't quite put his finger on that flashed in her eyes before it to was pushed away, concealed behind a mask.

"They'll be fine Pen, nothing a little time won't heal."

Penelope sighed, "How can you be so sure Derek? I mean for Reid yea that's true, but Hotch…"

"Will be fine and take it one day at a time," he finished for her hoping that it would reassure her in some little way.

"I'm not so sure," Penelope said softly.

"How do you mean?"

"His family has been all but taking from him, Derek even the strongest man has a breaking point. There's no guarantee Hotch is going to come back the same man," Penelope explained her voice a little strained.

"And there's no guarantee that he won't," Derek answered shoving his hands into the pockets of his jeans. "Besides what ever happens will face it as a team, together."

Penelope sighed again not wanting to argue the point, "I know Derek. I just… it's just been a long few days to much has happened. I guess I'm just worried is all."

He could tell that there was something more to it than just the last case and Hotch and Reid's hospitalization, something that went deeper.

An idea popped into his mind, "How about I come over, some take out, a movie just the two of us? We haven't done that in a long time."

The indecision was clearly written in her eyes and it troubled him to realize that they had grown so far apart that she had to stop and think about the answer. He wasn't sure when they had lost each other, when had they grown so far apart that spending time together had to be thought about and not readily excepted.

Softly she answered, "Maybe another time, right now I just need sometime alone to think."

"Of course I understand, but the offer is still good if you change your mind. Doesn't matter anytime," Derek returned put out that she had turned him down.

Penelope saw the flash of hurt before he covered it making sure to flash her a brief smile to show that he understood. Unfortunately it only served to make her feel awful. But right now she just wanted to be alone something she was good at.

"I'll see you later Derek, you take it easy," Penelope said turning to go.

"Pen?" he called and when she turned to look back at him, "call when you get home. At least I'll know you're safe."

A small smile tugged at her ruby lips, "I will handsome goodnight."

"Goodnight beautiful," he replied watching her walk away.

Once he saw her get into Esther, Derek turned to go his heart heavy with worry, yet he felt like he missed something, some crucial piece that she didn't say. True they hadn't been as close over the past year as they had been, but that didn't mean he didn't care, that the feelings he kept hidden weren't still as strong as ever, now more so than ever. Shaking his head, Derek turned back towards the building figuring a few hours of mindless paperwork would take his mind off of everything.

'Beside she had Kevin what would she need me for anyway,' he thought pushing the down button on the elevator.

Resting her head against the steering wheel, Penelope let out a heavy sigh. Part of her wished she had accepted Derek's offer that right now, alone was the last thing she wanted to be. But she hadn't and even though he had said the offer was a standing one she couldn't bring herself to call him back. Too much had happened, walls built up that held her heart captive now to keep out the pain. She figured she'd always be alone Kevin confirmed that when he took that job and left her and now the only person she had left she pushed away out of fear. Shaking her head Penelope started up her car and drove unsure of where she would end up.