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"I can't believe you could possibly think my sister did it," Sharona yelled

"Well I mean I saw it. 300 people saw it. Can you blame me for thinking she's guilty"

"Yes. Yes I can"

"You want to know why"

"That's what I just asked"

"Okay I'll tell you why. I'll tell you why. Oh I will TELL YOU WHY"

"Sharona are you going to tell me why or are you going to tell me you're going to tell me why?'

"Yeah I'll tell you why. Because if it were Trudy that was in the situation MY SISTER is in I don't give a good rat's ass what you or 300 or even 3,000 people saw you wouldn't believe there was any way she was capable of committing that crime."

"But that's different Sharona"

"Different. It's different because you don't like my sister"

"I never said I don't like your sister"

"Yeah but you make you clear you don't. You are sarcastic around her all the time"

"She would never do something like that. Your sister on the other hand does have a motive"

"Her boyfriend was a jerk yeah but my sister wouldn't do that any more then your Trudy would do that"

"Sharona you can't compare your sister to Trudy"

"I'm not comparing… I'm pointing out that my sister is innocent"

"But your sister's made mistakes before"

"Right… unlike your perfect sainted wife who never had a care in the world"

Adrian sighed. As much as he hated to admit it he couldn't stand Sharona's sister. Truer words were never spoken