"Waiting for me?"

A dose of adrenaline rushed through Mai, her golden eyes focusing to see the outline of a young man's silhouette directly beneath her windowsill. "I'm waiting for my knight in shining armor," she mused, pulling her robe tighter around her form. "He's late, however. You wouldn't happen to have seen him, would you?"

"Dark hair? Golden eyes? Devilishly handsome?"

"You've met him?"

"I have."

"Then I suppose you could give him a message for me?"

The figure bowed, his tone one of amusement. "Anything to please my Lady."

"Please tell him that I would be delighted to offer him my hand in marriage. I think it's rather urgent that he receive the news right away.

A breathless pause. "I'm sure he will be most thrilled." The young man lifted himself up and pressed his lips against hers for only a moment. Pulling away, he whispered, "Most thrilled indeed."