Harry Potter was by no means a normal boy. He hated the summer for several reasons, one of them being the fact that he was sent to live with the Dursleys at this time of year. His room was filled with various objects that would never be found in a 'normal' house. Why would that be, you ask? Well because Harry was a wizard and a famous one at that.

Still his life wasn't charmed by any means, even if it was magical. He was always getting into some kind of trouble. For instance, in his first year he faced a crazy teacher with a face coming out of the back of his head that was none other then Voldemort he wizard responsible for the death of his parents. Second year he fought off a basilisk and lived though he should have died. Third and last since he was anticipating his next and fourth year at Hogwarts he had faced hundreds of Dementors to save his godfather.

Sometimes the adventures were thrilling though by no means safe or fun while he was trying to complete the task at hand. So the thrill had always come as he lay in the hospital wing safe for the time being. The adventures often made him tense and anxious. He hated it when his friends got in the way and ended up injured because he always feared that one day he would lose them for that very reason.

His biggest fear was Dementors but in truth it was only a cover for his real fear. You see his greatest fear was not only fear itself but the consequences of fear. If he was afraid that would distract him and he would be unable to save his friends and he could never live with himself if something happened to them. This also brought on the fear that someone might discover his secret and use it against him.

Harry at this time, though it was midnight, was lying on his bed looking as relaxed as can be but to anyone who knew him well they would see that his mind was racing. It wasn't that he wasn't receiving letters from friends and Sirius, that wasn't the subject bothering him; it was his secret that had just been reawakened. With that in mind he thought of something genius.

Dear Professor Dumbledore,

After last year it has become apparent that not only am I keeping things from you but you are keeping things from me as well. My suggestion is as follows: you tell me what you're hiding because it isn't helping either of us. I'm sorry to bring this up on vacation when I am sure you want nothing more then to relax and have some time off but this seems to be the only way to see if I can trust you with my own secret.

Hopeful trustee,

Harry Potter

After trying three times that was all he had but in his eyes he had done well. He sounded formal like he actually knew what he was talking about and not at all stupid like the others had made him sound. He sent it off with Hedwig at once and awaited an answer as he drifted off to sleep.

Dumbledore was at Hogwarts and it was around mid-morning when he received Harry's letter. It saddened him to think that Harry did not trust him not to mention the fact that Harry knew he was hiding something from him. He also found it disturbing that Harry was hiding things purposefully from him as if he wanted Dumbledore to pry so that Harry could snap at him.


I am afraid it is not that I don't trust you but find myself caring too much for you in my attempts to protect you from harm which I regret to say have not been very successful for which I ask you forgive me. I am truly sorry to hear you do not trust me to keep your secret. Is there perhaps another way to show you that I only have your best interests in mind? I do not ask you tell me your secret but I want to show you that indeed should you ever need someone to confide in and need to talk to that I am there to listen.

Always yours,


Dumbledore sent his letter off with Fakes since Hedwig had already flown off. He hoped that in due time Harry would share his secret or at least trust him.

Harry read the letter twice and still Fawkes had not left. "Are you waiting for a reply?" he asked. Fawkes trilled in answer. "Alright wait a moment."


Funny you should tell me such an answer. I gave you a choice because it was polite not because you actually have a choice. See what I meant was tell me or I'll kill you………sorry being locked in a room all summer has gotten to me for a moment. Just a second……alright now as for proving that I can trust you, well to be honest I'm not sure you would still like me in any way shape or form. When I tell you I want it to be face to face, away from Muggles. So unless that happens I won't tell you.

Fawkes took the letter and came back with a piece of paper. On it was written: Harry, this is an updating piece of paper whatever you write on it I'll see and whatever I write on it you'll see besides our own writing so we don't send Fawkes back and forth. Now what happens at the Dursleys?

Harry smiled. He just loved magic. However he swallowed wondering how he would answer that question. As he began to write his hands shook.

Albus…..can I call you Albus? Yes? Well I will anyway because whether I like it or not you are a nice friend, and old friend, but a friend. I must ask why you want to know, why do you think you have a right to know what happens here? Hermione and Ron don't even know the full goings on here. Uncle Vernon would kill me if he even found out I was writing to you. Hedwig is at the Weasleys now since she can't get back into the window with all the bars on it.

Dumbledore chuckled at the beginning of the note but became somber as more of it was revealed. Surely Harry was exaggerating. Yet the bars thing was worrisome and he was never one to exaggerate especially about himself. For now Dumbledore just wanted to keep Harry talking. Really? Are they there to keep you from falling out?

I wish. That would be the first time anyone in this house showed any form of concern for me. No, it's to keep the owls out. They were there in my second year but the twins took care of them…… my uncle reinstalled them just this morning. I've got to go……Aunt is yelling for me……I'll write when I get back.

Dumbledore thought over the information. He decided if one more thing was wrong with the Dursley's he would take Harry from there whether the protection spells were needed or not.