Detective Meiki Asuka (Saint Tail 2: The Next Generation)

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Case 1: Alias.

Meiki Asuka has just entered middle school...

"Morning, Meiki," Seira said (It's not Seira Mimori, it's her daughter).

"Hey, Seira. How's the training going?" (She's not training to be a nun, she's training to be a martial artist)



"Meiki, someone came by yesterday...and--" Then, the boys enter the room.

"Time to check out the beautiful girls," one boy said. Every girl in the classroom heard that and looked at who would say such a thing. Then, they saw him: Flaming red hair, red eyes and his school uniform. Everyone couldn't help but stare at this sculpture of pure beauty.

"Oh my g--"

"Don't even say that," The Sister said, coming in after them. "If you boys are done, we have to get on with the lesson..." They sat down. Meiki went to her lesson and listened to what the teacher had to say.

"Can anyone answer this question on the board for me?" She gladly raises her hand and answers the question correctly. "Very good..."

"Thank you."

"You must have smart parents..."

"I do." Then, Meiki was on display throughout her class.

"You're kinda cute," a boy said. She looked at the boy and scowled her face. She then returns to her seat. iThe nerve of that guy.../i She thought.

After class, as she was packing up with her best friend, Seira, she was met by a pair of red eyes.

"Hey there," He said, nonchalantly.


"I'm Kurama, Minoru Kurama."

"Asuka. Meiki Asuka."

"Yes, I'm a big fan of your father..."


"Yeah. He once saved my sister's life..."


"I was wondering if--" Then, his cell phone rings. "Excuse me a moment." He walks off and answers the call.

"Seira, what do you think he was about to ask me?"

"You're the figure it out."

"Well, let's see...he might've been asking if he'd like an autograph, or if he wanted to meet my father, or--"

"Meiki, you're clueless sometimes, you know that?"

"Huh? What do you mean?"

"He was gonna ask you out, silly."

"You mean...the 'D' word?"

"Yeah." Then, he walks back.

"Hey. Sorry about that. Anyway, I was wondering if you could introduce us. I'd like to thank him properly...if that's Ok with you..." She looks at Seira and Seira just shrugs.

"So I was wrong..." She said.

"Huh?" He asked.

"Nothing," Meiki quickly answered. "I would love to, but my dad's kinda overseas right now..."

"Oh. Well, when he comes back, could you let me know?"


"Thank you." He leaves.

They were walking over to her house when Meiki collided with someone, forcing her to the ground.

"Are you Ok?" They said, picking her up.

"Yes...I--" Then she recognizes the boy. "You're that boy who..."

"Yeah. Sorry 'bout that. I didn't mean to offend you..."

"Whatever. Seira, let's go." They left.

"What was so bad about saying that you looked cute?" She asked.

"That's something your parents would say to you. I don't want a boy saying that to me..."

When they got to Meiki's house...Meimi, her mother answers the door.

"Hey, girls. Seira, your mother's here."

"Oh. Ok." They walk in. They see the nun in her white outfit with the fish Sawatari gave to her years ago. "Hi, mom."

"Hey. How was your first day at school?"

"It was great! I answered a question on the board! And got it right!" Meiki said.

"That's wonderful," Seira's mom said. "The board...doesn't that bring back memories, Meimi?"

"No..." She said, pouting.

"Meiki, you mother here was--"

"Seira, don't..."

"Oh, c'mon. You shouldn't be embarrassed by it now. After middle school, you were beating your husband's scores."

"Really? Mom, is that true?"

"Blame your father for constantly nagging me about work, work, work."

"Hey, I resent that," a voice said, walking in.

"Daddy!" She runs and holds him.

"Heh heh. Nice to see you, too. Hey, Seira and Seira."

"Hi." They both said.

"You two and that strange connection of yours...I'll figure it out and stay connected to little Mei here."


"Hey, honey," Meimi said.

"Meimi..." He walked over to his wife. "I missed you..."

"I missed you, too..." They get all lovey-dovey.

"Do they always do that?" Seira asked.

"Yeah. It's so sweet, but revolting, too."

"Your mother told me her parents were the same way," Seira recalled. Then, they hear the sound of a car horn. "C'mon, Seira, your father's here to take you to Karate practice."

"Ok. See ya, Meiki."

"Later, Seira." They leave.


"Yes, honey?"

"There was this boy in school..."

"Boy!?" Her father said. "Who is it? Did they hurt you? Where can I--"

"Calm down," Meimi told her husband. "What happened, Mei?"

"Well, he...called me 'cute'."

"But honey you are cute. What's the problem?"

"That is the problem!"

"Oh. I get it," her father replied. "Since we call you cute, when the boy said it, it reminded you of us saying it, thinking of it more of an insult than a compliment."


"That's my detective," Meimi said, holding him.

"Heh heh."

"You two belong together," she said, making her way to her room.

"Well, when she's right, she's right," Meimi said.

As Meiki and Seira are getting used to the school their parents were attending years back...

"Hey, Detective Girl," a boy said.

"What?" She shouted.

"Figure this out." He hands her a Rubix Cube. She places it behind her back and plays with it a little. Then, she gives it to him.

"Here. Satisfied?" He looked at it. All the colors were where they should be.

"Wow...that was amazing," a familiar voice said. "for a girl..."

"What's that supposed to mean!?" She said, outraged.

"I'm just saying, that was pretty good...and kinda fast."

"So what? Are you saying I cheated somehow?"


"Why you--"

"Asuka! Saila! Outside, now!" They both go out slowly, with the buckets of water.

"Great, you got me in trouble, Saila!"

"It's Seiji. Anyway, we wouldn't be out here if you weren't so loud..."


"See? You're doing it again..."

"Oh..." Silence. Five minutes later...

"All right, you two, no more foolishness..."

"Yes, Sister," They said simultaneously and took their respective seats.

During lunchtime, Meiki sat down with Seira and a bunch of other girls as they go along talking about boys, when Meiki looked across the lunchroom and saw the delinquent, Seiji, at the table with Minoru. iHe knows Minoru? Oh yeah! I should tell him that my dad had came back from overseas!/i She gets up and walks over to the boys' table.

"And so--"


"Yes? Oh...hello."

"Hi. Um...just to let you know, my father came back from overseas...if you still would like to thank him..."

"Yes. I would. Will you wait for me after school today?"

"Ok. See you then."

"Later," Seiji said, but she said nothing and walked away.

"Bad with the ladies, Sei?"

"Oh, shut up..." They boys laughed. As Meiki was walking back over, all the girls from the table ganged up on her.

"Did you ask Minoru out?" One girl said.

"What did he say?" Another girl said.

"What are you all talking about? What I went over there for is none of your businesses..."

"Hmph!" They said, moving away from the table, leaving only her and her best friend.

"So what happened?"

"I'm waiting for him after school so he could go to my house and thank my father for saving his sister's life."

"Oh. That's nice. What about the other boy? Did he say anything?"

"I don't know...I don't care, either."

Bell rings for the ending of school, and Minoru waits for Meiki at the door.


"Hi. Ready to go?"

"Yeah. I'm a little nervous, though."

"You'll be fine," Seira said.

"Oh, I'm sorry. Minoru Kurama."

"Seira Saruwatari."

"Nice to meet you." The girls notice that Meiki was walking with Minoru. They all are shocked and snuck behind the gates.

"Did you see that?" One girl said.

"That girl...she's such a liar!"

"Don't worry, girls," A tall girl said. "Tomorrow, we'll make her pay."

"Yeah," The girl, whose name was Chika, came up with a plan, but they didn't know that someone overheard their plan.

They all walk to Meiki's house. "Do you go with her often?"

"Every day, yes." They walk to her door.

"We're here!" She said, opening the door. "Dad?"

"Yeah?" He shouted.

"Someone wants to see you..."


"It's someone special..."

"Is it your mother?"

"No." He comes down and sees them. "Hey guys. Are you the special one she's referring to?"

"Yes, sir..."

"You listen here, buddy, if you ever hurt my sweet Meiki..."

"Dad! He's not my boyfriend...he's here to thank you."


"You saved my sister a few months ago from that rapist. I just came over to thank you..."

"What is your sister's name?"




"So you must be Minoru..."

"Yes, I am."

"I was just doing my job, Minoru. Protecting those who need protecting."

"Thank you again, sir."

"Don't mention it."

"Well, I guess I'll see you girls tomorrow?"

"Oh...Ok." They said. He leaves.

Next morning, when they arrived at the school, Meiki noticed a piece of paper on her desk.

"Huh? What's this?"

"Read it," Seira said.

"Detective, be careful after school...huh?"

"What's wrong?"

"The rest is in numbers...figure it out before lunchtime or this message would have been of no use. Alias?"

"Alias? Who's that?"

"There's no one in the class named Alias..."

"I know. Who is this person?"

"Well, whoever he is, he seems to you know you a little. He knows of your detective ability of figuring stuff out, and he's given you a secret code for you to crack."


"Can you crack it?"

"Let's see..."

81 42 32 93 91 43 53 53 81 63 74 74 23 21 73 81 63 62 74 63 33 61 43 53 52 21 81 93 63 82;74 63 43 91 63 82 53 31 74 82 41 41 32 74 81 81 42 21 81 93 63 82 21 62 31 93 63 82 73 33 73 43 32 62 31 42 21 83 32 53 82 62 23 42 63 62 81 42 32 73 63 63 33.

81 42 32 73 32 , 93 63 82 91 43 53 53 33 43 62 31 21 62 63 81 42 32 73 61 32 74 74 21 41 32.

During class, she couldn't figure it out at all, then...she saw Minoru checking out his cell phone. Then it hit her... iThat's it! These numbers are actually letters used on the telephone! The first number represents the digit pressed and the second number represents the letter's order on the telephone!/i She pulls out a sheet of paper and writes down the number encryption. iOk...81...8 digit, first letter...T. 42...H. 32...E. 93...Y. T-H-E-Y, They!/i She soon figures out the rest of the code and when she did, coincidentally, the lunch bell rang. Seira was about to head out, when Meiki stops her.

"Huh? Meiki, is something wrong?"

"The message. Look." She shows her the message deciphered.


"I think we should take their advice...let's have lunch on the roof."

"Ok." They go up to the roof and ate lunch.

Meanwhile in the lunchroom...

"Where is that girl? She's supposed to have been here by now..." Chika said, madly disappointed.

"She must've went home or something," a girl named Ren said.

"Yeah, she got scared," her twin, Ten, agreed.

"Ladies, calm down...she can't hide forever..." As the girls were speaking of another plan, the boys walked by and they stopped their conversating. "Hi, guys..." They all said.

"Hello, ladies..."

"Hi, Minoru..." They all said.

"Talking about me?"

"Oh, no..."

"We would never..."

"I'm touched. Oh, twins," Minoru said. "I've never seen twins before..."

"I'm Ren."

"And I'm Ten." They said.

"Ren and Ten. Catchy. And who's this beautiful girl?"

"The name's Chika. It's actually Chikara."

"Such a powerful name...right, guys?"

"Yeah. It's got so much meaning..." Seiji quickly said. "Power to be rich, controlling, obnoxious..."

"Sei! That's rude! Chika, please forgive my best friend. He can be a bit sarcastic..."

"It's Ok."

"Thank you. Let's go, guys." They go back and sit at their seats.

Meanwhile, on the roof...

"This is nice," Seira said.

"Yeah. We should have lunch here everyday..."

"Ok." Then, Meiki remembered the rest of the note. She starts looking around. "Meiki?"

"The note said that there would be another note some--" Then, she sees it, inside one of the holes at the gate. She takes it and opens it. "Good job figuring out the code. Memorize it. For any other messages I give you will only be in that form. Now get to class. Alias." Then, the bell rung. "Huh?" iWhoever this person is...they're good...a mystery within the mystery...mark my words, Alias...I will find out who you are. Even if it takes me years...I will figure out who you are./i

End of Case 1