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Kim Possible's legs burned as she ran; her footfalls light on the wet ground despite her growing fatigue. Even her breathing, heavy though it was, was nearly silent. All those years cheerleading, freak fighting, and now as a Global Justice cadet agent, had kept her in peak physical condition.

Her old mission attire had been replaced by a formfitting GJ field uniform. Her long hair was tied into a ponytail to keep it out of her face, and she wore a special headset that kept her in communication with the team leader, and fed her directions via the headset's eyepiece. "You're gaining on him, Kim," Dr. Director, who was leading this mission, said. "He's about half a click to the southwest of your current location."

"Acknowledged," Kim panted. "What's the sitch on his armaments?"

"Looks like standard villain fare," the veteran spy replied. "Handheld ray gun. It looks like one of those discounted knockoffs that the Despot Depot sells."

"Not a surprise," Kim snickered. "This is Frugal Lucre we're talking about. Those guns are still as dangerous as Hench Co. tech, though."

"And the cryo-detonator he stole is top of the line. It can freeze the whole of Colorado solid in ten seconds flat. It'll make Antarctica look like a tropical paradise!" Dr. Director closed her eye and shook her head. "All this because of a price hike on socks at Smarty Mart."

"A whopping thirty cents," Kim added. "No one said Lucre was MENSA material."

Kim pulled up a map of the area on her headset. She was in the woods outside of her home town of Middleton, Colorado. The nearly twenty one year old woman stopped by a tree to catch her breath. Her target had stopped moving, so she was good to take a breather. Things had gone about as expected for Kim after high school. She was accepted to colleges around the world, and decided to go to UCLA to pursue her degree. At the end of her freshman year, Dr. Director approached her with an offer. Train in the cadet agent program, a streamlined modification of the proposed Fast Track program, and gain full agent status after the completion of her undergraduate studies. Kim couldn't say yes fast enough. She had missed the thrill of mission work. Things just hadn't been the same since Team Possible was forced to split up in Kim's freshman year of high school. Even though she still went on missions, without Ron it just wasn't the same.

After getting a second wind, Kim took off again, using the darkness of night and the dense foliage as cover. "The target is still stationary," Dr. Director reported. "From our thermal scans, he's holed up in the old ranger station. He's still alone, and still armed with the one ray gun."

"Got it," Kim said. She slowly circled the old ranger cabin, checking for an traps that might have escaped the GJ scanners. She then climbed a nearby tree and used one of its branches to get to the roof. She had been at this particular ranger station once before, and remembered that a branch had been knocked down in a heavy storm and tore a hole in the roof. She also knew that the roof hadn't been repaired yet. That was her ticket in. She tapped the transmitter control on her earpiece, using the specialized Morse Code Global Justice agents use when verbal communication could be detected or overheard.

"Found a way in," the message said. "No sign of reinforcements or traps. Waiting for signal to proceed. Over."

"The signal is given," scrolled across Kim's eyepiece. "Proceed with caution. Communications lockdown in effect until target is apprehended. Acknowledge, over."

"Orders acknowledged. Over and out." Kim sighed quietly as she switched to lockdown. She was effectively cut off unless she activated her emergency beacon. On my own. Just like usual. Just like it 's been since before that last mission Ron went on. Since I left him on his own and he...... Kim shook herself out of it. No sense in reliving old mistakes. "Head in the game" was always what she told Ron. Now, without him backing her up, she discovered that she had to remind herself to do that very thing.

Kim adjusted her eyepiece to scan for heat signatures. Frugal Lucre was just below her. She could sneak in and use her watch's stunner to take him down. Kim slowly lowered herself through the gaping hole in the roof, and landed with the silence of a ninja warrior. She extended her arm and prepared to fire her stun bolt at the obsessed former retail clerk, but a sound from behind her got her attention. Kim spun and ducked out of the way, but not fast enough. A stun blast slammed into her right leg, instantly numbing it and making it practically useless. The person holding the stunner was one of Hench Co.'s rent-a-goons wearing a thermal camouflage suit. Kim had walked right into a trap.

"Well hello, retail snob!" Lucre declared. "I'll bet you never thought you'd see me again."

"I hoped I wouldn't," she replied through clenched teeth. "That last mission against you was all kinds of wrong. Trying to destroy the internet with the barcode from expired Vienna sausages was just dumb on so many levels."

"It almost worked!" Lucre yelled. "If it hadn't been for that computer guy of yours doing whatever he did to get the net back online after my virus went off, I would have won!"

And if I'd had an extra hand when that sitch went down, it so wouldn't have gone that far, Kim thought sadly. Stop that, Possible! He forgave you, remember? You just need to forgive yourself. First things first, though; you need to get out of this mess! Kim quickly hit the distress beacon on her transponder.

"Sorry, Miss Possible," a voice said from the computer screen in the corner. On the monitor was the smug face of Jack Hench. "You're not getting away this time. Your transponder signal is being blocked. Global Justice won't know that you're down until after it's too late."

"Wait," Kim grunted as she tried to sit up. "You're working with Hench? I thought you said his gear was overpriced!"

"Don't tell me you really thought this was about socks," Lucre smirked. "Hench Co. is overpriced, but Mr. Hench recently took over the Despot Depot and offered to let me run it if I helped capture you. It'll be just like Club Banana and Smarty Mart. The high end and the discount. It's all the same; just the prices are different."

"Smarty Mart merch...... is so not the same........ as Club Banana." Keep him talking. Keep him talking and make sure they don't notice you activating the emergency transponder on your belt. You may be blocking GJ, but there's one guy in the world you can't block!


Fifty miles away, in a nondescript home in the Middleton suburbs, sat one Wade Load. A child genius, Wade had been in charge of running Kim's website up till she joined Global Justice. They still kept in contact, though. Even though the professional relationship was over, the friendship was still there. Wade had started to view Kim as the big sister he never had. He was writing lines of code for the new expansion pack for Everlot when the emergency signal on the mainframe he used for Kim went off.

Wade nearly dropped his Slurpster when he heard the beacon. "Uh oh!" He quickly dashed to that workstation and pulled as many images from passing satellites as he could. "Not good," he said to himself when he saw the image of an injured Kim with Lucre and a henchman surrounding her.

He quickly tried to establish contact with the Global Justice hub in that area. Nothing. All GJ transmissions in the area are being blocked, he thought. There's a dampening field disrupting all of their communications. Wade tried to contact Dr. Director herself, but the messages kept getting bounced back. They're on com lockdown, and her inbox is full. Perfect. I told her they needed to upgrade their servers so they'd have more memory! The direct approach was out. GJ signals were blocked, and all non GJ incoming transmissions weren't being accepted. Not only that, but Wade was under a preemptive court order not to hack into the Global Justice system; even in extreme cases.

If he was the only one at stake, he would do it in a heartbeat. But since he was still a minor, that meant Wade's parents would be dragged down with him, and they didn't deserve that. There was only one chance left, and it was a long shot; a long shot he wasn't sure would be successful. I just hope Dr. Renton's new modification apps have been uploaded to the onboard computer, otherwise he won't be able to maneuver on that terrain.

Wade quickly grabbed his cell phone and hit the speed dial. Each ring seemed to take longer than the last. To Wade, entire epochs were passing, when in reality it was mere ticks of the clock. His heart pounded harder with each ring. He hadn't called this number in years. He could never think of the right thing to say, or even where to start trying to make up for what happened. But this was an emergency. When the line was picked up, Wade's heart seemed to stop.

"H-hey," Wade managed to stammer out. "It's Wade. I have a favor to ask. A really big favor. I know we haven't talked since you got out of the hospital, but this is a matter of life and death! We need you right now! I can have a ride for you in five minutes."

"Don't need it, Wade," was the response on the other end of the line. "I got my own wheels, remember? Now where's Kim?"


"So what's the sitch then?" Kim asked, buying time. "What do you want with me?"

"Isn't it obvious?" Hench mocked. "Payback for all the times you thwarted us, and the best advertising my new Hench Co. Ultra Stun 500-X112 can have!" Both Lucre and the henchman showed off their weapons like they were in an infomercial. "It'll show up as a standard ray gun on all scans, but it has the capacity to be a stunner, or a lethal weapon. And right now, those babies aren't set to stun!"

"And the cryo-detonator?"

"Please, Kim, you're smarter than that. I'm going to have my people reverse engineer it and see if we can incorporate a freeze function into the upcoming Ultra Stun-500 X113. Always looking towards the next model!" Hench adjusted his tie. "Besides, good freeze rays are hard to come by."

Kim took a deep breath and steadied herself. Her right leg was still numb, but she could somewhat move it. I can't do the 100 meter dash, but I can at least get out of here. I'll think about staying alive after I get out. Kim had been feeling around the ground for anything she could use, and found a golf ball sized rock that must have been trekked in by Lucre or his goon. She held it tightly in her left hand, trying to take aim without looking like she was. Desperate throw with my left hand, she thought. I'm so glad they went over this in survival training.

With the swiftness of a cat, Kim threw the rock at the overhead light, shattering the lone bulb and plunging the cabin into darkness. Kim's eyepiece automatically went to night vision mode, giving her a much better look at her surroundings than her foes had. She quickly aimed her watch at the hole in the ceiling and fired the grappling hook. She was pulled from the cabin and onto the roof before anyone could move. Kim did a one legged hop to what she hoped was a sturdy branch and hoisted herself up. She had to rely on the grappler more than she wanted to. She had no choice. With one leg, there was no way she could perform her usual acrobatics.

Trying to play Tarzan Girl is so out, she thought, trying to figure a way out of this. And moving along the ground isn't going to be much better. Communications are jammed, and we're in com lockdown. I just hope Wade found me some help, otherwise this is it. Taken down by Frugal Lucre. That is such a humiliating way to go out!


The cyber robotic wheelchair shot through the air like a bullet. Its pilot wore a special pair of night vision goggles that were linked into the satellite feed Wade had been monitoring. He could see that Kim had escaped, and let out a sigh of relief. She can keep those guys off her back, he thought. She can do anything! I just hope I can get there in time. He opened the throttle up full, pushing the chair's propulsion system to its limits.

A readout by his joystick told him that the engine was starting to redline. He probably wouldn't be flying out of there, but a flying wheelchair in the woods wouldn't work anyway. The trees were just too much of an obstruction. He looked at the new controls on his chair. I hope this works. For Kim's sake. "Hang on, KP," Ron Stoppable said to himself. "The Ron-man is on his way!" Ron's ever present naked mole rat Rufus, wearing a small pair of aviator's goggles and a scarf, popped his head out of Ron's cargo pocket and squeaked enthusiastically. He'd missed going on missions, and he'd missed Kim. Ron felt the same way.


Kim limped through the forrest. All attempts at stealth were impossible with her leg essentially useless. She couldn't put much weight on it without it buckling, and it was still numb and hard to move. Kim was certain that she didn't have very much time, and she was starting to give up hope that Wade's help would arrive in time. Kim did what all GJ agents do when it looked like the final curtain was going to fall. She found as secluded a spot as she could, and set her headpiece to voice recorder mode at its highest sensitivity so she didn't have to talk very loud.

"This is the final mission report of Global Justice cadet agent Possible, Kimberly A. Dr. Director, Jack Hench is behind this. He has a new weapon that shows up in scans as a regular ray gun, but it has a kill setting. He called it the Ultra Stun 500-X112. And he plans on using the cryo-detonator as the basis for a freeze ray upgrade for the next model. He bought the Despot Depot, and is having Lucre run the place. I recommend that you list Lucre as a Class A threat. Yeah, I know how stupid that sounds.

"Thank you for believing in me," Kim continued. "Thank you for giving me this chance." Kim took a deep breath and resumed her message. It was time to say goodbye to those she loved most. "Wade, I know you tried, but I guess some things are just beyond both of us. The day you found me and offered to run my website was the start of a great adventure, and a great friendship. I can't thank you enough for everything. You rock, Wade; you rock harder than anyone or anything ever could.

"Mom, Dad, I'm sorry I couldn't say goodbye in person. I know the mission work scared you at times, especially when Ron got hurt and he couldn't come with me anymore. I don't know if him being here would have changed anything or not. Don't blame yourselves for letting me do this. It was my decision, and it was my calling. I love you guys. Thank you for always encouraging me to do my best, and to not settle. All the good I've done is because of you.

"Jim, Tim, if I find out you're going through my diary, I'm coming back and haunting you for the rest of your natural lives! Then I'll make your afterlives miserable." Kim let out a weak chuckle. "You guys may be pain in the neck Tweebs, but you're my baby brothers. I love you guys so much. I know I didn't say it enough, but it's the truth. Do me a favor and keep an eye on Mom and Dad for me.

"Nana, I wish I'd found out about your military adventures sooner. Maybe we could have connected before I was a teenager. These last few years have been great, Nana, and I've learned so much from you. I'll never be able to thank you enough for that. I'll say hi to Grandpa for you when I see him."

Kim was fighting to keep it together. "Joss, I left instructions that all my old mission stuff goes to you. Don't do the world saving thing because I did, or because you want to honor me. If you want to honor my memory, just keep doing the Joss thing. That's all I ask. I know Uncle Slim will make sure of it. Speaking of, I'll need you to keep an eye on Dad, Uncle Slim. I think he'll need his big brother during all this. I'm sorry I'm leaving like this, but, well, as the chicken said, 'I knew the job was dangerous when I took it.'" Kim smiled when she realized what she'd just said. "That's a Ron line if ever I heard one. He loved watching that on TV Trash Heap."

Kim sniffled at the mention of her childhood best friend. "Speaking of Ron, Monique, you were right. I should have listened to you. I should have forgiven myself and not cut Ron off, but I was afraid. I knew that I'd be reminded every time I looked at him. I was a coward, and now, well, that's my one regret isn't it?

"Ron. I know you'll hear this too. And I know you've heard this all before, but I'm sorry. I'm sorry I didn't know that Wade sent you to Monkey Fist's castle. I'm sorry I didn't forbid him from using you to test that stupid Holo-Kim." The tears were now flowing freely, and Kim's voice was audible. "And I'm s-sorry that the hologram failed after you got there, and you were left alone with no one to help you. But I'm proud of you. You tried to stop him. You broke the idols before Monkey Fist could use them. I don't know if all that mystical monkey mumbo jumbo was legit, but if it was, he was the wrong person to have it.

"I'm sorry you got hurt because of it. But most of all, I'm sorry I turned my back on you. The truth is, I was afraid. I was afraid of seeing the chair and not you. I know Monkey Fist paralyzed you when he plunged that dagger into your lower back and severed your spinal cord, but sometimes I think what I did hurt you more than that. I betrayed you and broke our promise, Ron. 'Best Friends Forever' included when said best friend becomes a paraplegic.

"I don't think I could ever have a friend better than you. You're weird, but I like you." Kim thought about that for a moment. "I take that back. You're weird, but I love you. It's not the head over heels romantic variety, but I get the feeling that, if we had gotten the chance, there so would have been fireworks."

"Aw, KP, you're making me blush!" a voice from out of nowhere said. Kim looked up with a start.


"In the flesh!" the blond haired young man said. He was seated in a cyber robotic wheelchair designed by the mother of his best guy friend Felix Renton. Kim noticed that the wheels looked like something one would find on an off road vehicle. "Wade said you needed help, so I came running! Well, wheeling, anyway."

A small pink blob leaped from Ron's shoulder and landed on Kim, squeaking her name. "See that, KP, Team Possible is back in da house!"

Kim was about to tell Ron that he didn't belong here, that mission work was why he was paralyzed in the first place, but stopped herself. It was fights like that after he got out of the hospital that made her start hiding from him. "Tell me that this thing is like Felix's and can fly!" Kim said as she ambled over to him. She was about to climb on to the back of his chair when he stopped her.

"Nothing doing, KP," he said with is serious face in full effect. "Looks to me like you're not doing so good on the mobility front. You get the best seat in the house!"

Kim smirked and took a seat on his lap. "You're pretty sure of yourself, aren't you?"

"The ladies love the Ron-man," he said nonchalantly. "As for the other question, I kinda burned out the jets getting here. I wanted to make sure you were still breathing when I showed up. Besides, there's a low canopy in here. I don't need any repeat performances of my last trip to the park." Ron saw the questioning look on Kim's face. "Don't ask. Let's just exit stage left and hope the bad dudes don't find us!"

"Too late!" Frugal Lucre announced. He was covered in mud and leaves, but his ray gun was still in one piece and was pointing right at the reunited Team Possible. "That chair looks expensive. You could've gotten that for a quarter of the price-"

"Um, hello, you gotta have a prescription to get a wheelchair, genius!" Ron pointed out, "so just going out and buying one isn't happening. My buddy's mom tricked this one out. She needed to test out another prototype design, and I stepped up, so to speak. Yup, this baby has some tricks. Like this!" Ron closed his eyes, clamped a hand over Kim's eyes, and flipped a small switch next to his joystick. A pair of spotlights deployed from the back of the chair and and bathed both Lucre and his goon in white light as bright as the sun.

Hearing the screams, Ron killed the light, turned the chair around, and threw it in high gear! His wheels kicked up more mud and debris, splattering all over their pursuers. "Hang on, KP, 'cause we are motoring!"

"Come back here!" Lucre screamed. He fired stun bolts wildly, hoping that one of the blobs of light dancing in front of his eyes were Kim and Ron. Lucre hit is rented goon in the legs instead, sending him face first into the mud. "I said come back here! I'm not done with you yet!"


Ron's chair weaved its way through the thick forest terrain, kicking up mud with its off road tires. Kim was amazed at Ron's mastery of the chair, but realized he'd had a lot of time to get used to it. She also noticed how right it felt to be this physically close to Ron. The phrase "absence makes the heart grow fonder" kept going through her mind. "Any idea how far the jamming field goes?" she finally asked.

"It was either twenty feet or twenty miles," Ron replied. "I was kinda prepping the chair when Wade gave me the rundown, you know."

"I can imagine," Kim said. "Well, actually, I can't. But I'll let your lack of an attention span slide this time."

"Hey, I have an attention span," he protested.

"Only when it comes to nacos and bashing zombies!" They hadn't bantered like this in years, and it felt good. It was almost like no time had passed at all. "So, does this thing have any defensive capabilities? Like those robot arms that Felix's chair has?"

"We kinda had to take those out to make room for the spotlights."

"Why do you have those, anyway?"

"I wanted to go as the Ferretmobile for Halloween," was the reply.

Kim smiled at her old friend. "Always full of childlike wonder, aren't you, Ron?"

"Hey, I am what I is," he smiled. "And it looks like we is getting close to getting out of here." In the distance Kim and Ron could see a clearing; just big enough for them to get through. Several ray gun blasts started to shower down on them. One hit the wheelchair's battery pack, shorting it out. The chair came to a slow stop. "Hey! Do you know how much those batteries cost?"

"They probably cost less at Smarty Mart than they do where you get them," Lucre taunted. He was wearing a personal jetpack and was weaving wildly between the branches. "You snobs are all the same! It has to be name brand or it's not the same. Well it is the same and I'll prove it!" Lucre continued to dart around the trees like some kind of deranged bird trying to find a place to roost.

"Uh, dude," Ron said. "You might want to-"

"Don't interrupt me when I'm gloating," the disgruntled Smarty Mart employee warned. "Now where was I? Oh yes! I'll prove that there's no difference between name brand and discount merchandise!"

"No, seriously, you might want to wa-"

"Do I cut in on your melodramatic speeches?"

"No," Ron conceded, "but I'm not the one whose gonna-" Ron was cut off by the sound of Lucre flying face first into a nearby tree. "Yeah, y'see, that's why you don't go flying around where there's a lot of trees."

Kim couldn't help but chuckle. "The park incident?"

"The park incident," he sighed. Rufus started laughing hysterically at the memory.


As soon as Lucre was down, Kim was able to get his jamming device and shut it off. Within minutes, Global Justice was on the scene, taking Frugal Lucre and the henchman into custody, confiscating what equipment they had, and getting Kim to the nearest hospital. Two hours later, Ron was wheeling himself into Kim's hospital room. The Doctors Possible were at their daughter's bedside.

"Well hello, Ronald!" James Possible said when he noticed the young man. "Thanks for helping Kimmie-Cub out."

"As KP would say, it's no big," Ron said with is trademark goofy grin. "How's our girl doing?"

"No permanent nerve damage to my leg," Kim said from her hospital bed. "I should have full use of it back within a day or two."

"Booyah! KP is on the mend."

Anne Possible stood up and smiled at Ron. "We'll leave you two alone." As soon as Kim's parents were out of the room, Kim spoke.

"It was a big, Ron. It was a huge big. Even though I turned my back on you, you still came to help me."

"Kim, you never-"

"Yes I did, Ron," Kim insisted. "When you were paralyzed in that fight with Monkey Fist, I blamed myself, and I shut you out because I didn't know how to deal. Monkey Fist stabbed you in the back literally, but I did it figuratively. I can never apologize enough for that. I was hiding from you, Ron. I saw what happened to you as my greatest failure. I almost stopped doing missions after you got hurt!" Ron wheeled close enough for Kim to lean in and embrace him. "I missed you so much, Ron. It was like a part of me was gone!"

"That's how it was for me too, KP," Ron said quietly. "For a while, I thought you were disappointed in me for screwing up."

"I was the one who screwed up, Ron." Kim pulled away and looked her best friend in the eyes. "But let's start over. Rebuild the friendship. I mean, if you want to."

"Wanna hit Bueno Nacho when you get out of here?" Ron suggested.

A genuine smile graced Kim's lips. "Deal! But you're buying this time."


The sounds of a friendship reclaimed filled the hospital room and filled the heart of an unseen observer, who couldn't be perceived by anyone since she was a few milliseconds out of phase with the surrounding timeline, with white hot rage. She continued watching Kim and Ron; the passage of time playing like a movie in front of her her cold green eyes. The watcher's control over time let her see all the possible outcomes for this version of Kim and Ron, and most of them involved Kim becoming a full agent, and her renewed friendship with Ron eventually leading them down the aisle. This reset had failed like all the rest. Once again they triumphed over whatever separated them and found each other again.

"What are they, magnetically bonded?" the woman shouted to herself. "I split them up but they keep coming back together!" She'd lost count of how many times she'd reset the timeline and tried to permanently split Kim and Ron up. Every time it was something different that caused a rift between them; Kim being taken in by a pretty face and throwing Ron by the wayside, them just drifting apart naturally, even a betrayal that kept them from speaking to each other for the next fifteen years, but somehow they always found their way back to each other. They always found a way to beat the odds.

This whole plan came about after the watcher first escaped into the timestream. She discovered a parallel timeline where the Stoppables never moved to Middleton. Because of this, Kim never became a world saving hero, and Ron just drifted through life. Their paths inexplicably crossed when they were both thirty years old. Kim was now a bitter scientist in the midst of a nasty divorce, and Ron was a fast food manager dealing with the fact that his naked mole rat was dying of old age. Even then, without a lifetime spent at each other's sides, they still became friends, fell in love, and got their happily ever after. But if a life without Stoppable could make Kimmie that mean, then the watcher was sure a Ronless life could, under the right circumstances, wake Possible up and make her accept her true destiny. The watcher then found this timeline, and the experiment began. So far, after at least a few dozen resets, it hadn't worked. The only success she'd had was in preventing Stoppable from obtaining the Mystical Monkey Power. Fighting Stoppable with super powers the first time was bad enough, she thought.

It made her sick. She'd thought of killing the sidekick or preventing his birth, but she just couldn't bring herself to do it. She convinced herself that Stoppable was instrumental in forcing Kim to accept her true destiny. But there was one thing she hadn't tried. It was always Kim who ended things with Ron; the manipulator of time wanted Kim to be the architect of her own rebirth. Unfortunately for her, the buffoon was just too blasted forgiving! But if Ron ended it, if he was the betrayer, then just maybe it would be the straw that broke the camel's back.

He wouldn't do it on his own, the woman thought. Something would have to make a jerk out of him and drive Kimmie away. The right something should bitter her up enough for my plans. A misadventure she'd witnessed when she first entered this timeline came to her memory. He gets big headed easily enough, she thought, and his head got really big when he got rich. Stoppable, this time you're keeping that 99 million dollars. A devious grin came to her lips. There was a lot of work to do, but it was work she was going to enjoy.


This lone caped figure was not the only observer of events. From another pocket containg a few split seconds of the unaltered timeline stood a being who looked like a small monkey. The clothing he wore was constantly shifting in style and color, jumping between different regions and periods in history. "The Supreme Empress is going to change the past again," the monkey said. "I fear that this may be all that it takes to cause the fabric of the universe to unravel completely." He turned and faced a quartet of teenagers he had gathered from different points in this timeline's future before the first reset. "You know what you must do. You must reenter the timeline and cease these temporal disruptions once and for all! Otherwise, all that is, has been and ever will be will never happen. It is time, my young friends, to save time."


Author's note:

Big thanks for MrDrP for letting me reference his story "Nacho Boy and the Dragon Lady." If you haven't read that, I suggest you do it. Right now. Go. It's a great read! I'll still be here when you get back.

Who is the shadowy figure trying to change the past, present and future, and what does she want with Kim? Who are the four teeangers with the monkey? And for that matter, who is the monkey? Some of those questions will be answered in the next chapter of "Reset."