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One would think that resetting and restarting time would be like hititng the rewind button on a VCR. In reality, it's more complex than that. Time must be unraveled and rewoven to the desired moment. It is not exact, especially when the one doing the weaving is not a native of that timeline. Tempus Simia, the time monkey and a living part of time itself, had hoped to restart the timeline of the Supreme Empress from the moments leading up to the Centurion Project bracelet finding a home on Kim Possible's wrist, but came to the pivotal moment instead.

Kim Possible, who in the future would crown herself Supreme Empress Kimberly the First after becoming one with the Centurion Project, was in her bedroom on the phone with both Ron Stoppable and Monique Davies. Before, this was the moment that her tranformation began. The stresses of lying to her best friend, and then to her parents, caused the biometrics in the Centurion Project to come on line, and for the armor to start deploying. After the stress became too much, the armor fully activated and wired itself directly into Kim's brain. Her path towards world domination began at that moment.

Tempus Simia had brought both her and her world's version of Ron Stoppable back to their timeline, allowed then to again become part of time's flow, and restarted everything, hoping that one or both of them would carry a spark of memory of future events. The diminutive monkey prayed to the Monkey King that his gamble would pay off.

"You're sure that Josh will show?" Kim asked Monique, hoping beyond all hope that her crush wasn't as confirmed an appearance as Monique had said.

"Yeah," Monique confirmed, "deal with it."

"I am." Kim switched back to Ron's line. She really didn't want to miss Josh by trick or treating with Ron, but she didn't want to disappoint her lifelong best friend, either. Kim stammered for a few moments while her brain came up with a way out of this. There is a way out of this, right? I mean, there has to be! Mom wanted me to help out with the hospital's haunted house. I could just tell him I'm doing that!

She was about to lie to her best friend when another thought entered her head; an image of an armor clad oppressor with her face. As quickly as it entered Kim's mind, it vanished, as did her desire to lie. There was a way out of this sitch, but it wouldn't be an easy one. "Look... Ron, I, uh, I think I'm going to opt out of the T or T action tonight."

"What?" her crestfallen friend asked. "Why?"

"We're in high school, Ron," she said as gently as possible. "We're a little old to be begging for candy. Even the Tweebs decided not to trick or treat this year."

"But," Ron protested, "this is what we always do!"

"Maybe it's time to do something else," Kim suggested. "I'm gonna be honest with you right now. Josh's band is playing at Monique's party tonight, and I'd like to see him." Kim's eyes widened when she realized what she said. "Them! See them. Play. Because I like their music."

"Yeah, right," Ron said dejectedly. "It's all about the Mankey."

Kim's heart sank when she heard Ron's tone of voice. "It's not like that, Ron. Monique invited you too, you know. And you're always saying how bondigetty a dancer you are. Why not come to the party and show off your moves?"

"I don't know, KP."

Kim was getting an idea. "Tell you what. If you really want some fun Halloween action, why don't we swing by the hospital's haunted house before we go to the party. There'll be candy there, and you can see all the neat scary stuff."

"I'm still not sure, KP," Ron sighed. "I'll, uh, I'll think about it and let you know." With that, he hung up the phone.

Kim collapsed back on her bed and sighed. "I hated doing that," she said aloud. "But he deserved the truth."

Tempus smiled and watched the rest of the night progress. Ron eventually relented and agreed to go with Kim to Monique's party, in exchange for a week's worth of grande sized naco combos at Bueno Nacho. Drakken and Kiligan had been listening in, as they had before, and follwed Kim and Ron to the hospital to reclaim the Centurion Project. During the ensuing battle, the armor remained inert and in bracelet form. It wasn't until it was removed the following Monday that Kim learned the truth about the Centurion Project, and what could have happened had it activated on her.

Even though he was sheathed in a pocket of his native timeline, Tempus felt his strength starting to wane. "I will leave them for now," he said to himself. "But I shall return to see how they progress. I am curious about how this timeline will play itself out now." Tempus reopened the pan temporal vortex and stepped through, confident that this time, Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable had bright futures ahead of them.


"Wait a second!" Shego shouted when Tempus and Mad Dog vanished into the swirling blue portal. "Just what are we supposed to do until you get back!? Come back here, you stupid little monkey!!!" Shego turned in a huff and gave her son Nogo confused and annoyed look. "That little primate ditched us!"

"I did no such thing," Tempus curtly replied from the exact same spot he vanished from. "Really, Shego, I was gone for but an instant. There was nothing to worry about."

"I hate time travel," Shego grumbled.

"Well?" Dawn Stoppable, the future doughter of Kim and Ron asked. "What happened?"

"The Supreme Empress will never arise," Tempus happily replied. "While I failed to restart time from before Lady kimberly gained the Centurion Project, she herself prevented it from activating. She was truthful with Master Ronald about her Halloween plans, and thus, did not endure the stress that first activated the armor. They have a new future ahead of them."

"What happens to them?" Hana Stoppable asked.

"I do not know yet," Tempus said. "I was beginning to tire, so I departed before I could view their futures. But rest assured that they are in the best of hands. Their own."

"So what happens to us now?" Kim Possible asked.

"Simple, Lady Kimberly. Now you return to your proper places in time."

"But we won't remember any of this, will we?" Dawn asked in a sad voice when she saw her aunt and Nogo join hands.

"Bits and pieces at best, Dawn," Tempus said. "That is as it should be. One really should not know too much of his or her own future."

Dawn was about to go over to Hana and Nogo to tell them about what they could expect when her brother stopped her. "Don't sis," he whispered. "If we've learned anything from this sitch, it's not to go messing around with time."

"No need to whisper, young Ronald," Tempus said. "I have halted time for the others. Dawn, I know that you wish to spare the Han and Joseph heartache, but those trials are a part of life. You and your brother both will face the joys and pains of love, as all men and women do. As I said, it is a part of life. But do not despair for your aunt or her loved one. They will again find happiness."

"With each other?' Dawn tearfully asked, remembering the hurt on Hana and Joey's face in the days after they split up.

"That I should not say. You may remember it if I tell you, and then you might try to alter their futures. Trust in them to find their paths in this world, Dawn, as they trust you to find yours. The Han and Joseph are very strong people, as are you and your brother. Do not mourn for them, but celebrate the love they shared; the love they still share. Their separation was not due to anger or betrayal, but due to distance. They do remain on good terms, do they not?"

"It's not the same," Dawn sadly replied.

"No, it is not. Trust them, Dawn, and have faith in the future."

In the blink of an eye, the others picked up where they left off, unaware that time for them had stopped.

"Bro," Hana said, "could... could I say goodbye to Rufus?"

"Sure, little sis," Ron repleid, right before Rufus jumped into Hana's waiting hands.

The teenage super ninja tried to stifle a sob as she hugged the naked mole rat, but couldn't hold it back. "I've missed you so much, Rufus," she cried. "It was good to see you again."

Ron was confused. "Why do you miss Rufus?"

"When we're from," Nogo said, "Rufus has.... passed away."

"H-how?" asked in disbelief.

"From the one enemy Grandfather said no one could defeat," Hana answered. "Old age. He had a long and happy life, Bro. You and Sis should be proud. And he has a legacy. Roxy and Rachel aren't his only grandkids." The two female naked mole rats, Rufus's descendants, popped out of their respective pockets and nodded, right before scurrying and leaping into Hana's grasp and embracing their grandfather. "Just wait until his mate Ramona shows up," Hana said. "Then things get interesting."

Kim rolled her eyes and smiled. "It figures that Ron would get another naked mole rat."

"Ramona's not Uncle Ron's," Nogo said.

"She's not?"

"No, Mom," RJ added. "She's yours."

"I think that is enough for now," Tempus said, trying to keep the flow of information at a minimum. "I think it is time for you all to return home."

Nogo quickly hugged his mother. "Bye, Mom," he said. "Thanks."

Shego pulled away and looked her son in the eyes. "Your dad and I did all right, didn't we?"

"Better than all right. Lisa and I have the best parents ever."

"Lisa," Shego said. "I can't wait to meet her."

"It'll be in four years," Hana said. "Not too long after my nephew gets here. I should warn you that she takes after her father. A lot!"

Shego scrutinized Hana a little. "You be good to my boy now," she warned.

"Don't worry, Sheila," Hana smiled. "I love Joey. I'm not going anywhere." No one noticed Dawn and RJ wince at the comment.

Ron and Kim, meanwhile, were embracing their own children. "See you in four years," RJ said when they released each other.

"And I'll be here in seven," Dawn added.

"You're sure that I'm a good father?" Ron asked again.

"Dad, look at us," RJ said. "We follow in your footsteps instead of rebelling and becoming super villains. That should tell you something."

Hana and Joey came up to Kim and Ron. "You guys take care of each other now," Hana said as she embraced her siblings.

"Same to you, little sister," Kim smiled.

"Hey, Joey, you treat my sister good," Ron warned.

Nogo swallowed hard. "Yes, sir. I will. No need to demonstrate the MMP on me!"

"I never make that threat, do I?"

"Yes, you did," RJ, Dawn and Hana said in unison.

"I won't tell you what you did the first time a boy asked me out," Dawn added. "Grandpa James would have been proud."

The sound of Tempus clearing his throat halted the conversation. "Please, I must return you to your lives so that time may restart."

"Kind of in a hurry to get rid of us, aren't you?" Shego said as she examined her clawed gloves.

"As a matter of fact, I am. I do not want you knowing too much of your futures, just in case you carry substantial memories with you. Not to mention the fact that I am more than a little fatigued. I need to commune with time to replenish myself. I cannot do that fully while this pocket of time is separate from the linear flow. You will all see each other again, but you must wait until the proper time."

"He's right," Hana said. She reached behind her neck and started untying her time necklace. "Wait a minute, what about the necklace we gave Wade?"

"You mean, this one?" Tempus held up a cord with a fragment of his old physical form. "I removed it just before we went to face the Empress. Young Mr. Load has already reintegrated with the timeline."

Dawn and RJ gave her 'rents one more smile. "Take care of yourselves," she said. "We'll be here before you know it."

With that, the necklaces were removed, and for the various members of Team Possible, the world faded to white.

Tempus Simia was left alone. With a sigh of relief, he scattered the fragments of his old body throughout history, allowed those few seconds of time to rejoin the normal ebb and flow of events, and then he himself faded away, becoming one with the timestream. He had earned his rest.


Epilogue: Fast Track Universe, two weeks before the start of Kim's final semester at the University of Upperton; two years after graduation. The Stoppable home.

Kim Stoppable awoke with a start. She'd had what had to be the most freaky dream she'd ever had. She and her husband Ron had never been married, and then they had to team up with...... Who did we team up with? And against who? Looks like that dream's already fading. But it seemed so real!

Kim looked around her dark bedroom and recognized it as the bedroom she shared with Ron, only he wasn't in bed with her. In fact, his side of the bed hadn't been slept in at all. A quick glance at the alarm clock told her that it was almost three in the morning. Ron wasn't home, and neither was Rufus. She was about to call him on his Ron-link when she heard the front door close.

Kim quickly got out of bed and made a bee line to the living room. She saw a very tired Ron Stoppable hanging his keys on the hook. "Rough night?" she asked, remembering that Ron had to work the 4:00 pm to midnight shift at the Mega Smarty Mart; a definite drawback to working for a store that was open 24/7.

"You could say that, KP," Ron yawned. "I should've been home a couple hours ago. One of the new guys got caught with his hand in the cookie jar, and I don't mean in the bakery section." Ron gave his wife another look, and in the blink of an eye, gathered her into a crushing hug. "I don't know why, but for a while there it felt like I'd never see you again."

"I know, baby," Kim replied. "I thought we'd never gotten together when I woke up and you weren't there. It was major freaky. I guess we've been burning the candle at both ends, lately." Kim pulled away and gave her guy a quick kiss. "Come to bed, Ron. I could use some cuddle action from my hubby."

"Sounds good to me, KP."

"Will you two please go to bed and shut up!?" the irate voice of their house guest and good friend Monique demanded from the doorway of her bedroom. "I have to be up early for my first day at Club Banana Elite in the morning, and you guys having a loud Kodak moment in the hallway isn't helping me sleep!"

"Sorry, Mon," Kim chuckled. "Goodnight."


Epilogue: Fast Track Universe, the same evening. The Lipsky home.

Sheila Gordon Lipsky, the woman formerly known as Shego, looked in on her son Joey as he slept. She had never expected to give up her life of crime, get married and start a family. But that's exactly what happened after the first Lorwardian invasion.

"He's been sleeping in the big boy bed for over a week now and he hasn't fallen out," her husband Drew, the former Dr. Drakken said. "I think he'll be fine."

"I think he will, too," Sheila said almost her herself. "I don't know why, but I just needed to check in on him."

"That's because you're a good mommy," Drew smiled.

Sheila looked over at her husband and kissed his cheek. "I don't know about that, but I'm trying. Besides, you make a pretty good dad. It's a team effort."

Drew scrutinized Sheila a bit. "You're being a little too nice. Are you feeling all right?"

"Just tired," Sheila yawned. "Come on, let's go back to bed. For some reason, I feel like I just went twenty rounds with Kimmie back in the old days."


Epilogue: Fast Track Universe, fourteen years after graduation during summer vacation. The Pit Stop Diner.

Hana Stoppable had felt on edge all day. All through the train ride from Middleton to Upperton, she was fidgety. That feeling only got worse when they got to the Pit Stop Diner in Upperton. She'd half expected her boyfriend Joey Lipsky to try to calm her down, but he was a bit on edge, as well.

"I actually went out of my way to be nice to my sister before we left," he confessed. "I don't know why, either! She was being a bigger pest than normal. She grabbed my ponytail, phased it through the wall, and left it there. And I was still nice to her after my mom made her set me loose! I think I'm getting sick, or something."

"I've been off, too," Hana said. "I just want to go see my brother and the fam, right now." She looked down at her Kimmunicator watch. Kim, RJ and Dawn would be there soon to drag Ron out of the kitchen for lunch.

"I'd ask if this was one of those monkey power things I wouldn't understand, but I'm feeling it too."

Hana gave Joey a weak grin. "Maybe it's one of those Team Possible things neither of us understands yet."


Epilogue: Fast Track Universe, twenty four years after graduation, one month into the Spring semester of RJ Stoppable's freshman year of college. The Stoppable home.

Dawn Stoppable sat at the breakfast table and fidgeted with her toast. Her pet naked mole rat Rachel was eyeing the food item with great interest. "Go ahead," Dawn told her pet. "I'm not all that hungry right now."

"Good morning, fabulous family!" Ron Stoppable announced when he walked in the kitchen. He was almost knocked off his feet when his daughter tackle hugged him. "Whoah there, Dawnie!"

"Sorry, Dad," Dawn said sheepishly. "I'm just really glad to see you is all."

"You saw me last night before you went to bed."

"I know. I can't explain it. I did the same thing with Mom when I saw her this morning."

"Don't worry about it too much," Ron smiled. "Where's your brother?"

"He was out late last night with Lisa Lipsky," Dawn said with a mischievous grin. "Maybe he's not back home yet."

"I'm home," RJ Stoppable yelled from the living room. "I got back at ten last night!" RJ, fully dressed and ready for the day, came into the dining area. "And I wasn't 'out' with Lisa," he said, using air quotes around the word "out."

"Then why were you out so late?" Dawn pressed.

"Class project." Both RJ and Lisa were students at the University of Upperton. RJ was living at home since he already lived in Upperton, while Lisa stayed in the dorms.

"Dawn, leave your brother alone," Kim Stoppable said as she came up beside her husband. RJ came over and gave his parents a big hug.

"Am I missing something here?" Ron asked. "You kids haven't been this lovey in years."

"We're all right, Dad," RJ said with a lopsided grin similar to his father's. "It's just, it's a good day, that's all."

"Speaking of good days," Kim said, "Sheila told me last night that Joey's coming back to Middleton for good."

"Really?" Dawn and RJ asked. "Jinx!" they proclaimed in unison.

"I hate that," Dawn grumbled. "Neither of us ever wins."

"Neither of you lose, either," Ron pointed out. "Take it from someone who used to lose a jinx all the time. A tie is a good thing. So what was this about Joey, KP?"

"He'll be teaching biology at Middleton High in the fall," Kim said as she sat down. "He's finally coming home."

"Now if only Hana would come back," Dawn said sullenly. "I mean, she graduated from college how long ago?"

Kim put an arm around her daughter. "Dawnie, honey, you know why Hana left for Japan after college. She wanted to learn more about her birth family."

"I know," Dawn said. "It's just, with Joey coming back...."

"Them both coming home at the same time doesn't mean they'd get back together," RJ pointed out.

"I know Hana and Joey breaking up was hard for you to accept," Kim said, "but that's life sometimes. Hana was in New York and Joey was in Nevada. Time and distance did their damage."

"They're still friends," Ron added. "They're just not what they were."

"I always thought they'd be like you and Dad," Dawn said to her mother. "I mean, Joey was always like family. I was hoping that they'd make it official and he'd be my uncle for real."

"He's family in every way but blood," Ron said in one of his moments of insight. "Nothing's gonna change that. Now come on. I'll drop you off at school on my way to the diner." Ron looked over at RJ. "Did you still want to work the late shift tonight, son?"

"Sure!" RJ happily answered. "I've been wanting to help cook for the dinner crowd."

"Booyah!" Ron exclaimed. "That's my boy!"


Tempus Simia smiled at the sight before him. The future was unfolding as it should. He thought about venturing to Las Vegas and to Mt. Yamanuchi to see how Joey and Hana were doing, but decided that could wait for another time. Instead, he returned to the timestream and sheathed himself in its energies. He then opened a pan temporal vortex and floated through. He had another future to check up on.


The timeline of the Supreme Empress, three weeks before the start of the Fall semester at the University of Upperton; two years after graduation. The home of Dean and Dana Stoppable.

"Hello?" Dean Stoppable said into the telephone receiver.

"Hi, Mr. S," was the reply.

"Kimberly!" Dean smiled. "When did you get back from England?"

"I've been home for a few days," Kim Possible replied. "But between a few missions and trying to get over some ferocious jet lag, I haven't been out and about much. Is Ron home?"

"I'm afraid not," Dean answered. "It was such a nice day that Ronald decided to take Hana to the park."

"Why am I not surprised," Kim said. "Thanks, Mr. S. I'll go look for him there."


As Kim walked from her parents' house to the park, she couldn't help but think about how much things had changed in the two years since she graduated. More like how things have changed since junior year, she thought. Around the time of the junior prom, she and Ron thwarted a particularly nasty plan of Dr, Drakken. Using a toy design he had stolen from Mr. Nakasumi, he had planned on taking over Bueno Nacho, and then the world. All he needed was a project Kim's dad had been working on called Hephaestus. Fortunately, Kim and Ron stopped Drakken before he could put his plan into full effect. His L'il Diablo plot was foiled before it could really start.

It was a good thing, too. Kim later found out that Drakken was planning on creating a synthodrone with the ability to perfectly mimic a teenage boy and use it to prey on her emotions. As Ron would say, wrong-sick, she thought with a shudder. With the junior prom coming up and Bonnie spewing on about the food chain and a prom date making a statement, Kim was certain she would have gone for it hook, line and sinker.

Instead of being played, she wound up going to the prom with Bobby Johnson, who she later started dating. She started drifting away from Ron after that. We drifted away from each other. Which was so weird since I thought Ron would stand by me no matter what. I always had this feeling that he'd be there for me, even if I went all psycho evil and became a super villain. But then again, I guess I didn't give him much reason to stick around.

Bobby didn't get the whole "male best friend" thing, and decided that it was his job to accompany Kim on missions. Bobby liked th excitement, but he didn't like being the sidekick or the distraction, so eventually he bowed out. Monique became Kim's new sidekick after that. It just wasn't the same, though.

The only time it felt right were those missions about Ron's baby sister, and when Ron came to my rescue when the aliens invaded. Not even Bobby came to help me, and he was supposed to be my boyfriend. That relationship didn't survive too long after graduation. To be honest, Kim wasn't sure how it lasted for more than a year. After graduation, she was London bound, having turned down an invitation to join Global Justice's Fast Track program, and Ron stayed in town to attend Middleton Community College. They hadn't seen much of each other since then. Kim was determined to put a stop to that pattern today.

A friendship that's lasted since pre-k isn't going to end now. Not if I can do anything about it. And I'm Kim Possible. I can do anything!

The sound of a little girl happily giggling is what drew Kim to the swing set. There she saw Ron Stoppable, pushing his adopted baby sister Hana on one of the swings.

"Who's a boo ba?" Ron asked the laughing little girl.

"Me!" Hana squealed. "I'm a boo ba!"

Kim couldn't help but chuckle. The times that she saw Ron with Hana, after he got over the initial resentment of his parents adopting her behind his back and relocating him to the attic, were always a joy to watch. He is so ferociously good with kids, she thought. I bet he'll make an amazing dad.

Kim was pulled from her thoughts by a happy little voice yelling, "KP! Look, Brother! It's KP!"

Ron Stoppable's eyes lit up when he saw his childhood best friend walking up to him. "Kim!" he exclaimed. As soon as he had Hana out of the swing, he went up to Kim and gave her the biggest hug he could. "Boy have I missed you!"

"Same here, Ron. Same here." Kim pulled back enough to kiss her friend on the cheek.

"Awwww," a happy little voice said. Kim and Ron looked down to see Hana looking adorably innocent. They both blushed furiously.

"So, uh," Ron stammered, "how long are you back for? I mean, the new semester starts up for me pretty soon."

"I'm back for good, Ron," Kim smiled. "London was too far away from the people I love, so I spent the last semester getting as far ahead as I could and getting my units transferred to Upperton. I'm home, Ron."

"Booyah!" Ron and Hana both shouted.

"I have so missed that," Kim laughed. It's now or never, she thought. "So, uh, Ron. Are you, you know, seeing anyone?"

"Nah," Ron answered in a nonchalant sort of way. "Too busy with school, work, and Hana patrol. Besides, now that yours truly has also managed to get transferred to Upperton, I'll have less time, what with the commuting and all."

"We're going to the same school?" A huge smile grew on Kim's face. "Ron that's great! We so need to celebrate."

"Coolio! We can go hang out like old times. Before Bobby."

"Yuck, Bobby," a voice from Ron's cargo pocket spat. A bald pink head popped out, and a very happy Rufus squeaked, "Kim home!"

Kim happily caught the naked mole rat when he leapt into her hands. "I've missed you, Rufus. As for Bobby, that train has left the station. I never should have let him push you away like that."

"Yeah, well, that was kinda my bad, too," Ron said, rubbing the back of his neck. "I mean, yeah it hurt, but I wanted you to be happy. And I thought that, if you knew how jealous I was of the guy, it would make you think you had to choose between us."

"You were jealous?" Kim asked, getting confirmation on something she'd long suspected.

Ron reached down and picked up his little sister. "Yeah, big time. And I kinda knew that I didn't stand a chance. So, I just let you go be happy without me."

"That wasn't fair to you," Kim pointed out. "Or to me. I needed my best friend there with me. No one can take your place in my life, Ron. No one."

"Thanks, KP. So, what was this about celebrating?"

Kim's smile returned, although this time it had a sultry aspect to it. "I was thinking you and me. Dinner at a place that's not Bueno Nacho, and then a movie. After that, maybe a nice romantic stroll through the park."

Ron's eyes went wide. "Uh, KP, are you feeling okay? That almost sounded like a-"

"Date?" Kim asked. "That's because it is. I'm asking you out on a date, Ron Stoppable. And before you ask, no I don't have a Moodulator on the back of my neck. This is me asking a great guy I've really missed out on a date. So, are you gonna give me an answer, or stand there with your mouth hanging open?"

Hana giggled and pushed her brother's mouth closed. "Uh, well, uh, I, uh..."

"Yes!" Hana giggled.

"Han! I can answer for myself, you know."

"Well," Kim asked with a cocked eyebrow.

Ron gave her his trademark lopsided grin. "I think a date with you would be the bondigettiest!"

"Spankin'!" Kim walked over and gave Ron a chaste yet lingering on the lips. "That's a sneak preview of later," she said in a sly voice. "I'll meet you at my place at seven. Don't be late." Kim then turned and walked off with a huge grin on her face.

"Booyah!" Ron shouted to the heavens. "I've got a date with Kim Possible!!!!!!"


Tempus Simia, the time monkey, smiled as much as his simian features allowed. They are not on the same path as their counterparts just yet, but every journey begins with a single step. I think they took several steps in the right direction.

Tempus reopened the pan temporal vortex and prepared to return home. I will have to return someday to check on their progress. But for now, I will leave them in peace. Tempus took another look at the happy Monkey Master. You confided to your counterpart in my timeline that he had what you always wanted. It seems you may yet get all that your heart desires. Good luck to you, Master Ronald. I have no doubt that your future is a bright one.


Author's note:

I know I'm leaving a lot open, but that's just in case I decide to revisit this someday. I've been asked if I plan on doing a spin off that goes back the now altered timeline of the other Kim and Ron, and I don't know for sure right now. I guess I'll have to see if the inspiration hits me.

I also know that some people were wondering about the breakup of Hana and Joey. That I will be expanding on in a future story.

Big thanks to all those who read and reviewed. If all goes well, I'll have one last one shot ready before the end of the year. Until then, thanks for hanging in there with me!