Another Side of the story.


She put her heart and soul into everything she did.

She always had. Work was done with the utmost effort, decisions weren't made half-heartedly and relationships were cherished till the very end.

Relationships...Every friendship had a special place in her heart. She loved unconditionally and with depth. A bond with someone was not to be neglected. She nurtured every positive relationship she had; tended to them and gave them love so they would grow into something beautiful. Something that would make both parties the stronger for it, from foundations built on trust, support, love and laughter. This was what she believed, what she had always thought. Perhaps since her youth the strength of this belief had waned slightly, but even when she grew older she did not forget it. When she was sad, or weary, the very essence of this fact helped her to keep going. The people that she loved experienced the good times with her and supported her through the bad.

Then she met someone who would change her forever. At first, she merely saw him as a respected, important Master. However, it soon became clear that he was more than that. The Chosen One, Anakin Skywalker.

He shifted her perspective; she loved her friends but this, he was...Special.

He was the light, the sight of light at that end of the rock-strewn tunnel she'd been stumbling through; As she'd been choking on clouds of ash from the air, the light had shone on her. Angelic in quality, making her smile with relief and her heart swell with hope. He had been the embodiment of all that was beautiful in the world, passion, hope, kindness, and trust. All the things she admired. The world had been full of these things when she was little. Her Master illuminated her world.

Anakin Skywalker became her world.

She put her heart and soul into becoming a Jedi, she worked, and worked, and worked, until she became his padawan. It was all worth it. She was proud to be the one under Skywalker. She was proud to serve him and fight under his command with everything she had. He was, in her eyes, perfect. Almost too perfect, sometimes, but he was real, wasn't he? The way he smiled warmly at her, she saw it. The way he spoke to her with respect and kindness, she heard it. The way held her that night, when they changed their relationship forever...He was real...

Then came the time when it all changed.

What do you do when the world is ending?

Ahsoka Tano screamed. She gave a scream that didn't adequately convey the horror of that moment, the feeling of all her world shattering and crashing down around her. They were being betrayed, the clones meant to protect them turning to deal death and torment. Her friends...The sight in front of her...dead. Dead. No, no, no, no...! It couldn't be true, it just couldn't-- but there it was, the blood staining the wall, the smoking holes...It was imprinted onto her mind forever.

But her mind snapped into action, panic being overcome with anger. Anger has always given her more focus than calm and with it she could think clearly. She lead the younglings she could find to the council chambers and intiated the security lockdown before beginning to stand guard. No clone would pass her, and if they tried she would use all the training her Master granted her, and they would feel Ahsoka Tano's wrath.

She threw everything into accomplishing this task. She would succeed and stop at nothing to keep her friends safe. A part of her heart had broken at the betrayal but she had to be strong and protect the younglings. The darkness of night had suddenly lost it's beauty, gaining a muffling quality, bearing down upon her like everything else. It was so hard, so hard to cope...but she had to be strong.

Again, her emotions were to be thrown into turmoil. She had heard the footsteps down the hall and had hidden herself, waiting to strike her adversary. And when he'd stepped into veiw she'd charged blindly only to be rebuked by the blue blur of a lightsaber. There, standing in front of her...Master! The one person who she knew could stop them, no clone army could ever hope to measure up to his power. "I'm glad I found you here, Snips." She heard his voice, as softly-spoken as ever. Her nickname was music to her and she felt her cheeks flush.

"Thank the Force it's you Master..." They were safe, he would protect them with his life. Then he patted her head. Real...This was real, this was really happening! His hand was as warm, as big as she remembered it. It eased her heart and washed everything away...Her grief, the darkness, the misery and confusion of her mind...Gone. The light was back in her life again, lifting her spirits, granting her warmth and hope. The nightmare was ending and her world was piecing itself back together because he was here. He was her world and he was here. Everything was okay again, it soothed her as she looked at him, taking in his familiar appearance, never wanting to be parted from him again...She was mending. She was healing...

Even his smell, yes, yes, she was more convinced by the minute that this really was him. Anakin Skywalker. Tears started streaming down her face as the relief, the happiness set in. She didn't have to be alone in this. He was here. Now it seemed so simple. Of course he would come, he could never leave her to die, it was impossible. He couldn't live without her either, Not without her! Never...It was not an option...This light was eternal, it lasted, that brief darkness had been a lie. An insult to The Chosen One, he was here and so very, very, real. It was a balm to her wounded heart.

Anakin Skywalker was here.

The world was wonderful again.

He spoke, his gentle tone as welcome as a soft breeze against her face on a sunny day. Ever kind.

"The Jedi have betrayed the Republic."

The world exploded; smashed, shattered and shot into the void of nothingness, never to return. She registered something, but not the truth. That would come later...Her brain had frozen into a state of shock, disbelief. She looked up, uncomprehending.

Was that...Skyguy? He had changed, he was frowning at her...He was different, his eyes were a sickly gold. What...

What do you do when the world has ended? When the world has shattered, taking a great portion of your heart with it? Ahsoka Tano put everything into maintaining the important relationships that she had forged. What happened when you put too much into the wrong people?

She came to accept it over time. they had been decieved from the very start. The younglings that she had murdered that night had turned on her first, it was only fair for her to defend herself...Her Master was still the the embodiment of the ideal person, but he was no longer as kind or trustworthy...He remained strong, never showing the misery she felt in his heart. And though she knew he would never admit it, even outright lie about it, she knew he needed her now more than ever.

Broken vases could be repaired, buildings rebuilt...But could hearts be healed and new worlds be reborn? She thought so. After all he helped her take her first few steps into the true Light, helping her out of the darkness and deceit of the Jedi. So she knew she could remain by his side, ever ready to be whatever he required of her. What part of her that had revolved around the Jedi was now dead. She would never be the same; she was changed forever.

Ahsoka Tano, perhaps, was proof of Anakin Skywalker's greatest sin.


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