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Seven years had passed by, seven long years of living a life that most would never understand. A life that has no time limit or boundaries to stop you from doing things. It was hard to mix two worlds without causing a major catastrophe but Patrick Jane was managing. He could control the thirst that coursed through his veins whenever somebody stood a tad too close but he couldn't control his thirst for revenge against the man who had taken the lives of his family and turned him into a ravenous beast. Working with the CBI was one way to catch the man known as Red John and when he did, he was going to make him suffer. Of course he'd need to find a way to make him suffer first, what the people he worked with didn't know was that Red John wasn't human. He didn't see things the way they saw them. The world was his playground and women were pawns he could use for his own pleasure. Jane hadn't known it either until that night he came home to find his family butchered - so to speak. He hadn't known that Red John was waiting for him, that he wanted to see the look on his face before turning him into an immortal soul who would be doomed to roam the Earth forever in misery.

Nobody knew, Jane kept it that way. They would call him crazy if he even tried to explain it, especially Lisbon. There was no way she'd believe he was something out of a fictional horror novel and he didn't like showing anyone the proof simply because then they saw him for what he truly was. There would be a day when he would confide in her but not until he knew he could trust her and he wasn't sure of that yet. If somebody had told him seven years ago that something so surreal and supernatural as vampires existed, he would have laughed in their face. There were times when he would wake from his little naps and forget all about it himself until a certain dark haired feisty Agent walked by. He could smell her from a mile away which always reminded him of what he had lost. He wouldn't be able to smell anything like that if he wasn't some sort of supernatural being.

The air was a little fresher than it had been lately, and the sun was warm against his skin. He'd found out that the whole bursting into flames thing was all fake, Hollywood's way of spicing things up. He didn't sparkle either, he just looked like a normal human being. Although he had invested in a copy of Bram Stoker's 'Dracula' and learned that it never states anything about vampires combusting into a pile of ashes because of the sun. Legend was easily forged. He did enjoy night more than day but he was pretty sure that had nothing to do with his current predicament. One day he might share his secret with someone. He already had the certain someone in mind, even if she did consider him crazy afterwards.

Jane had went into work early, carrying an extra bagel and coffee in his hands. It was a thank you, but he would never tell her that. He couldn't open his mouth and tell Lisbon that she made him feel human even though he wasn't. He left the gift, as he liked to call it, on her desk before she even made it in but he could tell that she knew he was the one to bring her things like that. He'd just managed to get comfortable on his couch after drinking a cup of tea, when Lisbon decided to kick the lovely piece of furniture.


"Yes?" There was something about the woman next to him that he found intoxicating. Despite her fiery attitude she actually smelled rather sweet with a hint of cinnamon mixed in. Cracking open one eye to acknowledge her presence, he waited for her to state exactly what it was that she wanted.

"We have a case. Care to join the land of the living long enough to hear about it?" He almost laughed at her question, if only she knew. There was so much he really did long to tell her. He was still technically a young one, but he'd learned to control his hunger quickly. He made a few friends in high places who provided him with cows blood every week. It was enough to keep him alive but it was too little to strengthen any of the so called abilities he was capable of. All he had was his sense of smell, his hearing and the uncanny ability to piss people off. It was a gift. If he were to drink human blood he'd be stronger, more alert, and his senses would be heightened even more. There were times he was tempted, mostly by everybody except the one he was staring at now. Lisbon's pulse fluttered underneath her skin, her heart beat steadily in her chest but he never had to struggle around her, he just knew to leave her be. Sometimes it crossed his mind, occasionally he wondered if she tasted as sweet as she smelled but he never took it any further than that.

His teeth would show how different he was if he let his thoughts get carried away, and he couldn't let the world see that. The fangs would lengthen after the first few minutes of thinking about a soft neck at the mercy of his mouth. He couldn't let the team or Lisbon see him for what he truly was. A monster, a wolf in sheeps clothing. He despised Red John for this, for taking away the ones he loved and making him into the same species that had killed them. It was undoubtedly some type of sick psychological warfare and he'd be lying if he said it wasn't torture.

He hadn't been paying attention to the briefing on the new case, but he had been paying attention to the way Rigsby shifted closer to Van Pelt every chance he got. Also to the way Cho watched Lisbon with an admiration, a sort of brotherly love and of course he noticed the way his favorite subject kept stealing glances in his direction. The warmth in her gaze was always so refreshing. Living a life cold and bleak was hell, having her around made it a little less so. Part of him wished he could love her, the other part knew he had to stay away.


"Hm?" The sound of his name had him snapping back to the reality of the situation. Lovely green eyes stared inquisitively at him, alive and bright.

"Are you coming or are you going to just sit around?"

"Can I drive?" Her laugh echoed in his ears as he followed her towards the elevator. It was worth a shot. The woman really did have a thing against him driving and he had no idea why. Her accusations of him driving too fast held no real merit. Anybody on the team could vouch for him, well almost anybody. Rigsby probably wouldn't have his back but that particular incident hadn't been his fault.

He couldn't deny that the woman in front of him was beautiful and if his heart was still capable of beating he was pretty sure it would go nuts whenever she entered the room. Red John had also taken away his only chance at ever finding love again. Jane couldn't even begin to fathom how he could ever hold a relationship with someone, it'd be impossible. At some point he'd have to explain to them what had happened to him and that couldn't happen. Not until he knew they wouldn't treat him any differently. It would kill him if the only people he cared about were afraid of him. If he lost the team or Lisbon because of this, he'd never set foot in public ever again. The CBI was all he had, it was the only thing that would help him and the people just meant too much to him. He couldn't risk it yet.

"Hurry it up Jane or I'm leaving you." Oh yeah, one day he'd let her in on his secret just not today.

"Yes ma'am." When he did find the courage to show her that he wasn't like most people, that he wasn't human anymore, he wouldn't ruin it for the other vampire lingering on their team. He wouldn't ever sell them out. It was easy for him to point out his own kind and there was one member of their team who was without a doubt the same as him. It wasn't Lisbon though, she was human through and through. He could tell by the warm blood pumping through her veins, the steady beat of her heart and the look in her eyes that told him she might have been exposed to demons but never any of the so called fictional variety. They weren't exactly fictional but if people wanted to believe that things like him didn't exist he wasn't about to burst their bubble. Whether he wanted to be or not, he was drawn to Teresa Lisbon and there would be no way for him to keep his dark truth hidden from her forever. He just hoped that when the ugly truth came out that she wouldn't be terrified of him.

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