This is my very first vampire novel, I have been publishing the first chapers once before a few years back... Now it has undergone a few changes and I have taken up the writing more serious! With some edited old chapters, a couple of non-published textes and Im already working on the new ones to come.

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The year was 1823, London, England.

It was almost midnight when a young woman entered the street leaving a huge, dark building behind her. The heavy, cold mist caught her body immediately and she wrapped the shawl tighter around her body to escape the wet air. She shivered in the cold night air and toke several deep breaths to clear her head. The bad air in the dusty building made it hard to breath. Her entire body acted from the heavy work she had been performing and her right hand had a new sore flesh wound. She looked down the dark street in both directions before she started to walk. She preferred the Thames as her company during her nightly walks to the dark streets above the bar. She walked along the dark water feeling empty and exhausted. To keep herself company during her walks she often hymned on a lullaby, a lullaby from her childhood. It comforted her, somehow that little familiar hymn made her stand the miserable conditions she was under to have a brighter tomorrow among her loved ones far from this diseased city.

Suddenly sounds filed the surrounding silence and the dreaming woman screamed when she saw what had caused the commotion. A huge rat run a cross the walk and after it came a cat. Her heart raced in her chest. She grabbed hold on the cold, wet stoned wall that parted the street to the bar walk and instantly grimaced when the soiled water touched her flesh wound. The woman took a couple of deep breaths trying to calm her pounding heart. As she stood there dabbing her hand with her damp shawl, it felt... it almost felt like she weren't there alone. "It must be the cat coming back from a successful hunt." She thought to herself. Even though the young woman had found the answer to this odd feeling she couldn't help herself from looking in to the darkness. A chill ran up her spine, uncomfortable she decided to keep moving. But as she walked the odd feeling still hung over her.

She was about to cross the harbour, this was the only part of her way back she really disliked, the only part that had made her doubt several times if she wouldn't walk the dark streets instead of the river walk. This night was no different from any other night. The night Dockers where working to unload a ship. The pub, The Sailor, right next to the harbour, was as busy as always. Drunken voices filed the silence as a couple of Dockers that had ended their shifts earlier the same evening walked out from the pub. They seemed to be arguing, after them simple woman entered the cold night laughing at the drunken men. They began to fight and some of the workers stopped and looked amused at the both co-workers that were fighting over a whore. This made the woman hesitate even more if she would turn around and take the stony stairs that she had past by just 100 meters before she entered the dock. But the odd feeling that somebody was watching her from behind was as terrifying as the thought of crossing the dock and the group of workers and drunken men that was supporting the fighters. She looked over her shoulder into the darkness when her heart stopped. A man was standing in the shadows and was now walking towards her. She pressed herself up against the cold wall. The tall and slender man had broad shoulders that made him look like a cone. He was wearing a white shirt and a pair of black trousers underneath a fashionable short dark cloak that was frown over his left shoulder. His long dark hair was tied up in the neck and on the top in his head he wore a black top hat. The face was pale and even, which made him look like a marble statue, even though he must be at least twice her age. His eyes. They where indescribable, the woman had never seen eyes like these ones before. Dark and mysterious, with a depth that she didn't understand. Some how she felt erased like she was thinking clear for the first time in her life. The stranger's eyes, not only did they make her feel comfortable but safe at the same time.

"Good evening Miss"

"Good evening Sir."

"I'm sorry if I frightened you so Miss, but I couldn't help but notice that you seem to dislike the commotion in the harbour."

"Yes" She looked down at her feet. "I'm sorry Sir but I have to go."

"You are not crossing the commission alone, are you?"

She didn't say anything. As they stood in silence she looked up into the man's face and his eyes. She didn't know what happened, but she was not able to take her eyes of them, so dark and gorgeous they where. The man's eyes dragged the woman's focus and attention to them like a magnet drags a piece of iron to it. "Yes, I'm crossing the harbour alone." Surprised by her own answer she blushed and looked down at her feet once more.

"May I company you through it Miss? I would be heartbroken if you would get hurt if you crossed it on your own."

"That is very kind of you Sir."

He offered the woman his arm and they crossed through the harbour, they walked for another minute or so before the woman stopped.

"I'm turning right here" She looked up the stony stairs that would lead her up to the dark streets of London. "Thank you very much Sir. It was very kind of you." She smiled shyly at the man.

"It was my pleasure Miss. Are you sure that you will reach your destination safely?"

"Yes, Sir. I live just a couple of blocks from here. Thank you once again Sir. Good night." She curtsied before the man and he bowed at her. "Good night Miss."

She started to climb the stairs, she was confused, those eyes. Halfway up the stairs she turned around and saw that the man still was standing at the foot of the stairs watching her leave. He bowed once again before he entered the shadows. She continued the walk up the stony slippery stairs before she reached the top.

She lived three blocks away, she unlooked the door and tip toed up the stairs, her hostess would be mad at her if she did any unnecessary noises. Always threatening her that she would be kicked out from her room, if she did, there where plenty of people that happily would rent the room she stayed in. She entered her own small room only containing an old bed, a small drawer, a washing bawl and a mirror hanging on the wall. She walked to the mirror; it had a crack right trough it that distorted her face. She would have been a pretty twenty year old woman if she could afore to take care of herself. She had a slim but curvy body, small shoulders and a long slender neck that held up her head. Her hair was long and blond which she kept in a bun in her neck. Her heavy lidded eyes where grey and she had a small pointy nose. She was wearing stiff cotton cloths that needed a wash badly. She started to crawl out of them and washed off her dirty face while she silently hymned the lullaby to herself.


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