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"Mrs. Follet, I have an important announcement to make." Mr. Follet said while he polished his spectacles during the desert after a delicate supper. The bored woman on the other side of the dining room table looked up from her cake at her husband. "A very important guest will be arriving within two days to our home. Count Vandaariff and I have been doing business for quite some time now, he is going to stay with us in order for me to seal a deal or two." The big man placed his spectacles on the bridge of his nose and waved his hand in order for one of the servants to refill his plate with some more of the fruitcake, one of many delicacies that parted the wedded couple from each other at each meal.
"This Lord Vandaariff sure is one strange man, Mrs. Follet, he looks like a very sick man and he claims that the sun will harm him! Therefore he is only up during the evenings…" The man barked with laugher. "So don't count on him during one of your little social events."
Mrs. Celeste Follet was sitting across the dinner table in the dime room barely listening to what her boring husband was saying. She played with a piece of dried fruit from her desert. She would never understand her husband's love for these fruitcakes and why he insisted on having them as desert almost every single evening. Celeste found them both dry and dull, just like her husband. He would have been a nice husband if he weren't so full of himself all the time. Mr. Follet enjoyed to pat his own ego and took every opportunity he got to do so. I guess this is what you get when you marry 'too young' she thought to herself. Her mother had not been happy when it was announced that her precious daughter Celeste would marry the already old Mr. Follet. The fifteen year old girl had been swept away by the estate that Mr. Follet owned and the size of his wallet. He had promised her more jewels then the world owned. Her own vanity had caught her into this dull, boring life.

She just assured him that she would inform the maids to prepare the finest guestroom for the Count and order some special exotic food for the time to come.
"No! Since he is very ill, he has his private chief making his meals for him; obviously some kind of diet will make him all healthy again." Celeste yawned and excused herself to oversee the nannies putting her five children to sleep. She sure had to come up with a better excuse soon to leave the dining room earlier, the children was about to grow old enough to take care of themselves not needing a nanny to get put into bed.

She opened the door to the bedroom chamber belonging to her two oldest daughters, Teresa and Marie. Eight and seven year old with their mother's fair skin and their father's sharp jaw line, each of them making a pretty picture. She kissed each of the girls goodnight before she closed the door. The nursery was right next to the girls' chamber where her three younger children were already asleep. The five year old Henri was Mr. Follet's favorite and heir; he had been in school for almost a year now. His four year old sister Eleanor was sleeping in a bed next to his; she was mumbling something in her sleep which made Celeste very touched. She would grow up to become a very handsome woman, Celeste was sure of that. The youngest of the Follet children was Celeste's own favorite child, Raphael. A son, of two years; the most adoring child. Celeste stroke his hair, she like the scent of babies, it made her oddly calm. She just nodded at the nanny in chair reading next to the fire watching over her children on her way out. The children were the only thing that gave her any meaning to life…


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