Brothers and sisters are as close as hands and feet. ~Vietnamese Proverb

Who doesn't need a little brotherly love? And for all those who are a fan, MJAlikat is proudly sponsoring a new contest promoting this feat of nature.


All stories must be canon couple one-shots that fit easily into the plot originally set out by Stephanie Meyer.

They can be any pairing between the Bella and the Cullens (Not BellaxEdward), but they must share BROTHERLY/SISTERLY/PARENTAL LOVE ONLY!!!

They can be any genre, but must be rated K+ and under.

They must be focused around an event (such as Jasper helping Bella study for a test or Carlisle stitching Bella up for the hundredth time).

No AH/OOC fics allowed.

Fics that have obviously not been proofed/beta'd will be immediately disqualified.

The winner of the contest will be able to choose a topic for my next one-shot and will also get first rights to the reading of it. He/she will also get a majour shout-out in the next story/chapter I post!

The first and second runners-up will get their shout-outs also!

I will up date when I decide when the deadline is, although I am considering ending it just before the New Year so you have time to get those Christmas-themed fics in!

Review the story if you are interested in participating.

I will update this as new entries come in. They will also be added to a special community.