This is going to be a series of oneshots purely about characters of mine, some of which you may not have seen and some of which you're unlikely to see anywhere else.

I just need personalities for the ungodly amount of pokemon I now have on Platinum. Don't you love Action Replays?

This means there will likely be an abundance of pokemon, later anyway.

Disclaimer-I own only my original characters, as well as everything about realmswalking save that taken from Planeswalking.


Number One-Felix the Realmswalker

"Hey! Hey! You're here!" he said, excitedly.

Across the multiverse, the sigh of a girl with long, curly brown hair, deep brown eyes, a very revealing black shirt and skirt, and a very 'free' attitude towards romance was becoming very common.
But to the shock of anyone who knew 'her', the girl was currently a boy. Which really shouldn't be surprising. That was what he had started as, anyway.

There was little difference in his appearance. Hair was slightly shorter, and only curled at the ends. Still slightly chubby, and not fond of it being mentioned-though he normally got rid of it with magic anyway. And he swapped the skirt, for obvious reasons, for trousers, and the shirt for a dark t-shirt with a seven pointed star design on it.

He was holding an odd notebook, and a pen, and gazing delightedly at a girl who had just appeared. She had green hair in a very long ponytail, green eyes and wore a long blue dress, split at the sides for mobility. There was a long katana sheathed at her side, and she also wore a very, very confused expression.

"Who are you?" she asked eventually, guarded, her hand on her sword.
"That's a good question." replied Fee, tilting his head as he apparently put some thought into the answer.

"I'm Fee, and Lixxy, and Adam, Erin, Elix, Elyssia, Jake… whichever you want." he eventually decided.
"Not what I meant." replied the girl dryly. "Not what is your name, who are you? And where am I?"

"Oooh." he said with a nod, and a look of comprehension. "In that case, I am Felix Lorn of the many titles, and you are in the Lorn Sanctum. Sometimes known as the bishie plane. I'd like to officially welcome you here, Lyn!"

The girl, Lyn, blinked slowly, mouthing the words 'bishie plane' to herself
She snapped out of it, and, hand still on sword, asked
"So, basically. You bought me here… to join a reality spanning harem?"
"Essentially, yes."
"And what gave you the idea I'd agree to this?" she said, glaring.

He tilted his head again, and almost immediately replied.
"Because I trawled a good fraction of an infinity of realities searching for the version of you with the freest attitude to sex."

There was a brief silence as Lyn considered his response.
"Fair enough." she said. "Do I get my own room?"

* * *

If you hadn't guessed, I am bishieclaiming this version of Lyn. Nya.
Lyn is a main character from the first Fire Emblem game to be released in America and Europe. She looks as I described, but I'm pretty sure her personality would differ, as I haven't actually played the game. :P