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Canonicity and Setting: Future canon, Realmswalker mythos.

Snapshots Four-Jorna, Alana, Iliana, Selyn

Among the ranks of the Platinum Guard, one tale was told more than any other-the assault on the Platinum Keep. The day when numberless Kobolds attacked, fought back with sword and shield, with spell and steed, and with a healthy amount of luck-but none of them mattered as much as the one known to them as Jorna, Herald of Bahamut.

"Hold the line, Guard!" shouted a higher level Paladin. "Charge offensive spells! Activate buff magics, drink your potions! We need every stat boost we can get!"

The extreme usages were justified. Arrayed in front of them was an army of kobolds-unlike one they had ever seen. It was organised differently, equipped strangely-and there was artillery, catapults and ballista that were even now beginning to fire, the projectiles stopped by Disintegrates and Shields.

And then it happened. It was inevitable-like the sea, it would always approach down the empty land, towards the shore.

The charging Kobolds were fearsome. Sure, they were of Small size-but enough attacks from anything would bring down even the toughest of warriors.
The wave crashed down, and the bloodshed began. Fireballs launched from both sides, cries of Smite Evil and of hundred of spells split the air. Weapons clashed, arrows darkened the sky. In moments, hundreds were dead.

That number would reach thousands within minutes.

A spray of green liquid tore into the melee, agonised screams coming from that direction.
It was a dragon.

Paladin after Paladin charged, only to be torn apart by claw or spell. One of them was a golden haired boy, blue eyed, thin of face, short haired, wearing armour of blue and silver. His attacks were as pathetic as any of the others, the oversized eagle he seemed to have for a steed attacking from above equally useless.

He closed his eyes, and began to draw on energy, black power shining through his eyelids.

"Doom Blade."

A line of nothing slashed through the dragon, removing everything it touched.
In that instant, it all changed. The Kobolds broke ranks, and ran. The Paladins regrouped, slaying hundreds more. And the leaders of the order surrounded the boy with many, many questions.

"How long have you had this power, Jorna?"
"What is it? An obscure homebrew? A Prestige class?"
Jorna shook his head.
"I... I'm sorry." he said. "I can't stay anymore. I shouldn't have done that."
"What do you mean?"
"You're the hero!"
"I can't be a hero." he said, face flushing red. "I... I'm sorry." he said quietly.

There was a buildup of power that everyone for miles around felt, and a hole opened in the air. Jorna stepped through it, and it closed slowly, leaving behind the image of a handprint, a path changing into five-then each one changing into five more-before that too faded.

" avatar of Bahamut, sent down to aid us in our time of need." concluded one in amazement.

The eagle circling above laughed silently to herself.

If only they knew...

"Um. Excuse me... are you gardening?" said a confused, and slightly amused voice.
"Yep." came a cheerful reply.

"Of course you are..." muttered the first speaker, leaning down to look at the other.

The Gardener was a young girl, about fourteen, with long, green hair and brown eyes. She wore a green skirt, and then a bright blue t-shirt to go with it. She was too cute to be considered pretty-looking even younger than she actually was. The boy speaking to her was golden haired and blue eyed, wearing simple white and blue robes.

"Do you wanna help, nii-san?" she asked brightly, turning to him and giving as pleading look.
"Uh." he said. "Sure, Alana."
"You're the best brother ever." replied Alana happily. The boy blushed, and knelt down to help pull up weeds.

Alana only had to run her hands along the soil, seeds sprouting into flowers at the merest touch of her will. "Do you like it, Jorna?"
"It's very pretty." nodded Jorna. "Why don't you get Iliana to look at it?"

Alana scowled. "Iliana says she's busy training…"
"Well, we can go find her. I just finished what I was doing."

Alana yelped in surprise. She pounced on him with a hug. "You are the best brother ever!"
"Just… one question." said Jorna weakly, stepping out of the hug. "Why did you decide to make a garden on the moon?"

"Why do you seek to fight me?" asked the lean man, tying his hair back
"Because you're there." replied the girl, brown eyes flashing as she tied her own, pure black hair back as well.
"Stupid girl." he said, shaking his head with sorrow. "You do not know what form of being I am."
"You're a realmswalker." she said.

He blinked in surprise. That was all she needed.
When his eyes reopened, she had vanished, the only sign of her presence an instant later when her foot crashed into his head from behind, wreathed in an aura of fiery power, shimmering with metal.
He crashed into the ground, rolling and leaping up to face her almost immediately. She smirked, and blurred from sight. This time he was ready. Her attacks were seamless, flowing from strike to strike as if perfectly choreographed. His defence was equally astounding. Crushing strikes were dodged, lightning punches turned away, energy countered by it's opposite.
A final kick whiplashed for his stomach, and caught it-impacting on what felt like solid metal, cracking it. She used the force of her attack to leap backwards, landing on all fours before straightening.

He winced in agony, holding a hand on his chest, channelling white mana to it as he dispelled the metallic sheen.
"Maybe I underestimated you." he admitted. "I doubt it will happen again."

Reaching over his shoulder, he drew a longsword, ornately carved. With a muttered word, it lit, igniting into a fiery maelstrom of energy as he span it once or twice.

She held out her hand, and a black bladed sword fell into her grip. A hand-and-a-half sword, sharp only on one side, and she span it for a moment, blocking her body from view with her speed, before stopping it, pointing directly at him, a hum of energy glowing over its surface.

They both vanished from sight in the same moment. Several loud clashes, blades colliding in the air faster than the untrained eye could see. Neither was struck yet.

The girl span in the air, slashing her sword for the man. He went to block it, and it vanished. The girl held out a hand, black mana flaring behind her eyes.
"Doom Blade." she commanded. A slash of power seared through the air, purest void removing it all until it struck him.
It hit with a hissing noise, leaving a welt on his skin.

"Burn." he said simply, sheathing his sword.

She lit on fire. She screamed once, and muttered something unintelligible, the flames vanishing. She looked severely hurt by that single attack, but by the darkening skin of her opponent, she had hurt him far more than he had let on.

Almost in synchronisation, white mana began to flow through them, lightening the injuries they had taken.
The girl finished first, stopping when she was still lightly injured. She held her hands in front of her, an orb of power spinning between them.

She clapped her hands together, absorbing it, and pointed a hand at him.
"Hyper Beam." she said. A blast of red energy shot out, and he leapt sideways, striking the ground and rolling as the beam followed him, until it dissipated.

He smiled slightly. She landed on the ground.
"It will take more than these simple techniques to defeat me." he warned.

"Sigil Flare." said the girl. In a moment, the ground around her lit with power, scorching lines and symbols. She changed her stance, pressing a hand down.

The ground shifted under her, the ground splitting. He blinked again, in confusion, before two immense hands of stone formed from the ground and grabbed him. He shattered them with a glance, but it was too late.

She grabbed him by the throat.
"Consume Spirit."

Black energy flowed from her to him, and vitality flowed the other way. His injuries reopened, cuts forming and bruises darkening. Her injuries lightened and vanished, until she was as fresh as when the fight began.
"Isei Yuukai (Power Fusion)." she said, as a finger pointed to the ground, a new series of sigils forming. They flowed across the earth, onto her opponent's body. They flashed blue-black, and reappeared on the girl's skin, in the same spots.

They slowly faded, and she dropped him.
"Who... are you?" he muttered, panting slowly, in pain.
"I am Iliana." she replied, turning to go.
"Why did you fight me?"
"To gain your power." she said. Moments later she was gone, a strange sign hanging in the air, a path splitting into five, and doing the same again onto infinity.

In the distance, a green haired girl and a silver haired boy were motionless.
"I don't think we should bother her, nii-san..."
"Maybe not, imouto. Maybe not..."

"Sel-" started a loud, angry voice, before being cut off.
"No." said another, female, quiet, low. Somehow, after she spoke, the silence seemed absolute.
"Why not? I'm strong now." she said. "I'll beat you, and then I'll beat mother."

The speaker was brown eyed, with hair of darkest black. Her eyes shone with focus, a dark desire.
The other girl sat in the shadows, eyes closed underneath the bandages that covered them. Her hair was long, all the way down her back, blue shot through with streaks of black.

"Leave." she said.
"No! I've come this far." she replied angrily.
"Leave, sister." said the blue haired girl, not showing emotion. The force of her words physically pushed the other back.
"Selyn. You never do anything." mocked the other. "How are you still as good as you think? Never practicing, just sitting in the dark on an empty plane. I could take you."
"Iliana." said Selyn.

A jolt of psychic energy, subtle but strong.

Selyn stood in front of her sister, the blindfold missing, eyes still shut, almost serene. Her facial expression was somewhere between irritation and pain.
"Go away, Iliana." she said quietly.
"No." smirked the other girl. With incredible speed, she punched.

Selyn merely moved. A second attack was dodged the same way. Every one.

Iliana growled. "Stop reading my moves from my mind, you cheating little bitch!"
"Very well."

Selyn opened her eyes and stared at Iliana.

Iliana stopped moving.

Her sisters eyes were wide, pitch black, and in agony. Power was in them. So much of it.

A trickle of blood came from Iliana's nose.

Selyn's eyes were like pits, infinitely deep and terrifying.

Another trickle, from her mouth. And then her ears.

They stared past Iliana, into her mind, piercing through everything.

Blood dripped from Iliana's eyes as they rolled backwards in her head.

Selyn looked past her sister at last. Iliana's head lolled sideways, unconscious, held up as if on a cross. A hole opened in reality.
As if struck by a cannonball, Iliana flew backwards through the hole, landing in what looked like a flowerbed.

Elsewhere, watching through a scrying pool, Jorna and Alana wordlessly decided to ask their -relatively- sane parent.

The portal closed behind the unconscious girl, as the scrying ended. The portal formed the familiar shape, a single wide path splitting into five, like a handprint, each finger becoming another hand, another five ways forward, and on, and on, into infinity.