"Oh, and Laura, if you see Gavin would you send him to my office."

"He's in reception talking Tim. Shall I go and get him?"

"No. No, it's just that it's young Tim I want to talk to Gavin about."

"Ah, right," said Laura feigning understanding.

"In fact, you may as well know. I'm rather worried about Tim," said Gordon.

"Well, he looked fine to me just now," said Laura.

"No, it's not that. It's just I'm a bit concerned about, well, he doesn't have a girlfriend, does he?"

"No," said Laura slowly.

"Exactly!" said Mr Brittas. "There we have the worry."

"You're worried because Tim doesn't have a girlfriend?" said Laura smiling. "I don't think you need be, I think he's quite happy without one."

"Right again, Laura. But are we?"

"Are we what, Mr Brittas?" asked Laura confused.

"Happy that Tim doesn't have a girlfriend?" said Brittas nodding in a significant fashion.

"I don't know, are we?" said Laura frostily.

"Well, between you and me, Laura, I'm a bit worried Tim might not be quite, erm, appropriate for a family leisure centre."

"Right," said Laura, clearly annoyed. She paused then said, " And you think a chat with Gavin will help?"

"He's a very good friend of Tim's," said Brittas apparently oblivious to Laura's tone, "and Tim spends a lot of time hanging around him, so I thought Gavin could keep an eye on Tim for me."

"Mr Brittas!" said Laura exasperated, "are you really suggesting that you're going to ask Gavin to spy on Tim?" She paused taking a deep breath then said smiling, "but Gavin doesn't have a girlfriend either."

"You can tell at a glance you don't have to worry about Gavin," said Brittas dismissively.

"Yes, I suppose you can, Mr Brittas, but I'm still not sure Gavin's the best person to ask."

"Not the best person!" Brittas said incredulously. "He's Tim's friend, they spend all their free time together, they share a flat, they have all the same friends," continued Brittas counting each point on his fingers. "It's noticing the small things like that which make all the difference when you're a manager. Perhaps you should remember that Laura."

"I'll try, Mr Brittas", said Laura.