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Chapter 1


My name is Mary-Lynnette Carter. I have straight brown hair and eyes as blue as the Caribbean Sea. You see, I lived by the sea. I was a straight A' student and Astronomy was my life, sort of. I have a loving family, me, my brother Mark, my mom and dad. I was seventeen when my perfect little world changed.

It was a Saturday, around seven in the morning. As usual, I would be sleeping –who wouldn't—and possibly dreaming about discovering a new planet and working for NASA. Laugh at me if you want, but that was my dream job.

Then I was woken up by the sirens of the police car and the next thing I knew, I was getting the shock of my life.

I groaned with annoyance as I stretched lazily. God, who rings people's doorbells in the early morning? I put on my bunny slippers –hey, don't laugh—and slowly walked out of my room. The door next to mine creaked open softly.

"Who's that?" My brother asked groggily, rubbing his right eye.

"I don't know, I am going to check, stay here okay?" I gave him a slight warn and trudged downstairs. He ignored me and walked along. However, I let him follow me anyway. (Stubbornness runs in the family.)

I twisted the knob and opened the door, only to find two police officers standing on my doorstep. And let me tell you, finding them on your doorstep is not something you want to happen in the morning.

"Can I help you, sir?" I asked the black haired officer, while his auburn haired friend looked around.

"Are your parents by any chance Nicholas Carter and Tanya Carter?" He looked at the file in his hands and muttered.

I didn't like where this was leading. I could feel Mark tensing up behind me.

I, however, replied curiously, "Um, yeah. Is there something wrong?"

Their faces were full of pity instantly. "I am sorry, but I need you tell you this. You parents were involved in an accident and they left. We already informed your aunt Katherine."

"Thank you." I murmured flatly and slammed the door in their face.

My heart stopped. Numbness took over my body, and everything was a blur. I felt Mark's body collapsing into mine, crying into my shoulder. Instead, I feel nothing. The tears just wouldn't come out.

We stood there for a long time, with Mark crying and my arms around him.

Mark had stopped crying and was staring at the photo album. Me? I was eating lunch, but tasting nothing. I had already changed out of my bed clothes and was dressed in a white blouse and black shorts. My hair was combed out of their tangles and tied into a ponytail.

I glanced over my shoulder at Mark. His brown hair was in a mess, his blue eyes puffy and red from crying and his shirt wrinkled. He looked like his life had been sucked out of him.

I walked over to the stove and filled his plate with the pasta I cooked. I placed the plate in front of him, motioning him to eat.

Mark glared at me, anger in his eyes. "How could you?" He growled.

"How could I what?"

"How could you act like as if anything hadn't happen? How could you do that to mom and dad?" He snarled.

"Because Mark, that would be what they want us to do! They wouldn't want us to just ignore everything else because they died okay! They wouldn't want you to starve yourself because of what happen, so eat!" I yelled at him. "Please, eat." I added softly later.

Mark eyes soften. "I am sorry." He muttered and shoved a forkful of pasta into his mouth.

Katherine came three hours later from Oregon. She had definitely been crying. She hugged us both and we watched movies for the rest of the day.

Three days later, we had mom and dad's funeral. We had a little gathering and everyone cried, except for me. Everyone wore black, except for me. I showed up in a light greenish-blue sundress with the brightest smile I could put on and everyone stared at me as if I was crazy. Mark and Katherine did to at first but they let me be.

We went home and scattered their ashes into the sea. They first meet each other there. A week later, Katherine became our legal guardian and we moved to a little town in Oregon. One thing I was excited about was that I could see the stars clearer.

We had been driving for quite a while now, from the airport to highways, then to smaller roads, more trees… This town sure was isolated. Katherine, however said, it wasn't as horrible as I thought. They had pretty much everything like my old place have.

Except for the sea, but I didn't tell her that.

"So, what school are I and Mark going?" I asked, peering at the shops that we were passing by.

"Well, you both would be going to Winston High, it's a private school actually, but I know the daughter of the principal so you guys get to enroll."

"But aren't private schools expensive?" Mark popped in, leaning closer to hear our conversation.

Katherine laughed. "Well, they are. However, as for Winston High, as long as you both would either help out in the library or the school café, you guys get it free. And your grades must be at least no lower than a C."

Well that sounds fine to me. Mark groaned.

"Are we walking to school?" I asked.

Katherine nodded. "For this few months yes, until I found a car or transport for you both." She added, stopping her car in front of a two-storey house with a huge lawn. It was painted pinkish-brown, a brown door suited in the middle, with white roses planted on each side of the door. A huge tree was planted nearby, a swing made from a wooden plank and ropes hanging from the branches.

Flashing us a smile, she beamed happily, "Well, here we are guys, your new home."



I stared boringly at the television screen in front of me. They were showing some lame vampire movie called Full Moon or something like that. Jade love it so such. Jeez, what was so interesting about it anyway? I was so much more entertaining.

They made the werewolves much more entertaining than the vampires which I, Ash Redfern, did not like. But if I was a girl, Jacob was so much hotter than Edward but no one could ever be hotter than me.

"This is what I get for moving to this dreadful town." I grumbled angrily, squeezing the red rubber ball in my hand. Quinn gave it to me if you are wondering; he said I got anger issues. Well look who's talking.

"Well we didn't force you too. You are free to leave y'know." Kestrel plopped down beside me, munching on what I think was a cookie. The only problem was that it was red. (Like Eww, what is that?)

"Well dad forced me, I can't leave." I narrowed my eyes at her.

"Well nobody told you to waste all your time on gambling and flirting with girls in Las Vegas. And surely, no one told you to get grounded." Kestrel smiled, reaching for another cookie.

"Um, what are you eating?" I questioned.

"Blood cookies, Rowan made them earlier, she was experimenting with blood and human food." She laughed at my expression. "Want one? They are pretty good."

"Eww, I think I'll pass." I wrinkled my nose with disgust. Real blood was way better than this blood in cookie thingy.

"Okay then." Kestrel laughed and pulled Damon outside. I should explain, Damon was her boyfriend aka soulmate *enter barf*, and was a vampire. He looked okay I guess, with a mop of bright auburn hair, cool blue eyes and the usual pale skin.

"Hey what's with the frown?" Quinn fist punched me before plopping his ass beside me.

I sighed. "I hate this place. It's so boring. Nothing ever happens."

"Don't say that though. Maybe your soulmate would appear here." Quinn smiled genuinely.

"You are kidding right?" I laughed. He must be joking. Come-on, this was John Quinn we were talking about, Quinn the heartless vampire, Quinn the horrible.

"Nope, I found mine you know." Then he had that mushy love-sick expression on his face which sometimes Kestrel had on when Damon was mention.

I stared at him with disbelief. "Oh Quinn, not you too! I thought you were joking on the phone!" I groaned. Jeez, what was with people turning mushy and cheesy like a love-sick puppy?

"It's true okay. Believe me, someday you will find that girl and you won't be laughing anymore." Quinn patted my back and stood up. He practically danced –yes, dance—towards the coat closet, smiling dreamily.

"Where are you going?"

"To find my soulmate, call you soon." He waved and walked out of the house. "Ahh, Rashel."

"Pff, soulmates," I scoffed, crumbling a blood cookie in my hand.

What was with the soulmate thing anyway? Like as if it was real. It was so sad that someone like my sisters and best-friend would believe there was such thing, just plain disgusting. Yuck.

I felt my long sharp fangs growing longer, extending to their perfect length. At the same time, I knew my lips were turning redder by the second, and my eyes would have a tint of silver.

With that, I pierced my fangs into the neck of the deer, draining the life out of it.

I wiped the blood on my lips with my sleeve. This was the third deer that I had drained tonight; guess I was just a little hungry. I smiled with content as I stood up from my crouching position. The silver moon shone brightly on the dark purplish-blue sky while stars twinkled. Looks like I was late for a date.

Nah, she could wait. I was going to break up with her anyway.

I walked home slowly, humming a little tune under my breath.

"Bop, bop, bop, bop to the top…" A little figure with slivery hair sung and danced on the porch, looks like someone was high on sugar again. Imagine a hyper Jade, and then add in a spoonful of sugar, equals not good. Once Jade was high on sugar, she could go on for days, even weeks, depending on how much she took. Let me, the mighty Ash Redfern tell you, an over-Joyful Jade equals Annoyed Ash. And Ash didn't like to be annoyed, because when he's annoyed, he couldn't be Awesome/ Amazing. Got it? Good.

Jade's green eyes lit up as soon as she saw me coming up the porch, "ASH!" She squealed.

Just ignore her, just ignore her, reach for the door, the voice in my head said. I happily obliged.

"ASH, ASH, ASH, ASH, ASH!" Jade squealed, blocking the door.

"What?" I sighed in frustration.

She giggled and hiccupped. "HI!" She yelled and giggled more.

"Whatever, just move!" I shoved her away. Haha, look she fell!

I dashed into my bedroom, and pulled on a clean black shirt. Winking at myself in the mirror, I grabbed my car keys and headed downstairs towards the back gate.

"Where are you going?" Rowan asked.

"On a date with Brittany," I smirked.

"Don't hurt anyone okay?" Rowan said in her motherly tone.

"Yeah, fine."

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