Chapter 31


Mary Lynette

We must have lost track of time because the next thing I knew, my phone alarm went off, jolting me awake. The loud bass of the song echoed through the bare confined cave walls while I abruptly search my bag for the phone to turn it off.

I let out a sigh of relief when the music stopped at the swipe of my fingers on the phone screen. The candle lit lamps were burning low by now, casting a faint but steady glow. Rubbing my eyes groggily, I scanned my surroundings and my gaze finally came to a halt on the face of the sleeping Ash Redfern. Slowly I let my eyes move from his closed eyelids, his slightly apart lips, his stubborn chin, to his sculpted shoulders, down to the arm that disappeared behind me and his fingers that was laid on the floor next to my thighs.

I realized I had fallen asleep on Ash's side and I faintly –no clearly- remember the warmness radiating off his chest not to mention the feeling his lean muscular body. Inappropriate thoughts found their way into my mind and for a brief moment there, I was extremely tempted to lie back down on that extremely firm body of his.

Finding myself staring at his body for too long, I feel my cheeks burning and quickly averted my gaze back to his face only to find him very much awake and a very self-satisfied smirk on his lips.

"I…I…thought you were asleep." I stuttered on my words.

His eyes were twinkling with amusement. "Go on," he said with a slight nudge of his head, "don't let me stop you from undressing me with your eyes."

I blushed even redder if that was even possible. "I was not."

"Oh yeah," Ash cocked his head to a side, "you were staring so intensely, you practically look like you would jump me any moment."

My mouth gaped open. "I was just…" I paused while I searched my brain for an answer.

"Just what exactly, Mare?"

No luck coming up with an answer, I accepted my defeat and sigh, "Fine, I was staring—

He grinned triumphantly, "I knew it!"

"BUT" I glared at him for cutting me off, "I wasn't undressing you."

Ash pushed himself up to a sitting position suddenly, his arm which was previously behind me snaked around my waist and yanked my body towards his chest. I gasped in surprise at the sudden proximity as shivers ran down my spine.

His breath tickled the nape of my neck and my heart rate increased rapidly. Then his voice dropped low and husky, "Maybe now you're not, but maybe in near future…" He nuzzled the back of my neck like a cat, his hair soft and tickling, he continued, "You might want to do more than just that."

Then his lips were at the bottom of my jaw, kissing it swiftly before he began peppering my neck with light feathery kisses. He was certain to never put too much pressure in the kisses, only leaving them soft and brief, obviously taunting and teasing me.

Ugh, he was so annoying.

Mary-Lynette, what are you doing there! Get up and away from that pervert! My logical mind hissed.

But…but…this feels kinda nice, said another part of my brain.

What! Are you crazy! The logical Mare roared. This is Ash we are talking about!

The softer side of myself whined, well this is the sweet Ash, he's different!

More like boundary-intruding Ash!

I was then snapped out from my inner turmoil by the absence of Ash's butterfly kisses. Oh and also the sound of his phone ringing. Ash released his grip on me and began to search his pockets for the phone.

Retrieving it from his back pocket, Ash winced at the sudden brightness of the phone screen and I tried not to stare at his cute scrunched up nose. God, he's adorable.

"Shit," the ash blond haired boy swore, however I spotted a faint smile on his lips.

"Hello," He spoke into the phone that was tucked between his left hand and his ear. Even though he was speaking to the person on the phone, his eyes never left mine. It made me a little uncomfortable with Ash staring so openly at me, but then he flashed me a lopsided grin and winked. I would be lying if I denied the fact that my heart skipped a beat.

After a several minutes of locking gazes at each other while he talked on the phone, Ash muttered a bye into the phone. Nonetheless, his blue orbs stayed where they were. And if I wasn't mistaken, I think his stare got even more smoldering. How did this happen anyway? A few minutes ago he was so adorable and all of the sudden, he became so extremely…sensual. His gaze just oozed sex. I kid you not!

Knowing that I would melt into a puddle if this went on, I broke the stare competition and glanced at my fidgeting hands. We were sitting across each other know, our knees almost brushing.

"So who called?" I asked as casually as possible, which was an obvious fail.

Either Ash didn't notice or decided not to press further, he replied, "It was Quinn. They got a bit worried because we are not home yet. And Jade tried calling you a few times but she said it all went to voicemail."

"Oh she did?" I fished my phone out from my bag, realizing it was on silent mode.

Ash chuckled. "They must have thought I had drugged, kidnapped you and did unmoral things to you." He wiggled his eyebrows as he smiled in a creepy perverted manner.

Deciding to play along, I shrugged and pretend I was afraid. "Who knows, maybe while I was asleep you took advantage of my trusting, kind nature." Feigning thoughtfulness, "I am the weaker being after all."

"A girl who finds joy in kicking and hurting me is absolutely not weak or innocent."

"Well, I take that as a compliment." I beamed happily. "Anyways, what time is it?"


My eyes widen as huge as saucers, "What?" I half screamed.

"Jeez, calm down woman." Ash covered his ears, "I have very delicate hearing and I would like not to be deaf."

I smacked his shoulder, glaring at him icily. "Now it's not the time to joke, Ash!" trying to keep my voice steady and low, "I was supposed to hang out with Nathan, I missed the movie!" I checked through the messages and missed calls in my phone. He left me five missed calls. FIVE!

So absorbed with my guilt and freaking out, I did not notice the look of jealously on Ash's face. "It is just a movie, no need to freak out." His voice laced with annoyance, "Ugh women."

"It is not about the movie, it is just that Nathan is such a nice guy and great person and what do I do?" I laughed miserably, "I ditched him. He's probably mad at me. "

Ash was undoubtedly getting more irritated at this point. "I don't even know why you care about his feelings so much." He said haughtily, "It is not like you would die if he hates you."

Just as Ash's annoyance was increasing, I was growing extremely infuriated with Ash. I thought we were passed this. Where was the sweet, friendly Ash I have come to know? Now it was as if he reverted back to the old arrogant, egotistical, uncaring Ash Redfern I first knew.

"He is my friend. Friends do not take each other for granted and I don't want to be those people who let their friends down." I retorted. "I actually care about the trust and confidence people placed in me."

With an eye roll, he scoffed. "I guess I should have expected this from you." He looked at me with disbelief. "For once, will you stop trying to be in good graces with everyone? Stop trying to earn approval from everybody. So what if you disappoint someone? You can't please everyone in this world, screw them. So will you stop? It is desperate and in other words, completely useless. And frankly, it is sometimes fucking annoying. What are you trying to prove anyway?"

My lips were dry as I remained motionless. My breath felt constricted in my throat as I tried to prevent my tears from spilling. My eyes were stinging and I was sure my voice would crack if I speak. The worst part was the unbearable pain I feel in my chest. It felt as if someone tore my heart out, squeezed and stomped it beneath their feet. If this came from anyone else, it would hurt less. However, with this spoken by Ash, the pain was indescribable. Throughout my silence, Ash spoke nothing as well; he wouldn't even meet my face, boring holes into the wall with his glower.

Finally regaining my voice, I spoke with all the strength I could muster, "I guess I wouldn't expect you of all people to understand why I do what I do." I walked towards the entrance of the cave, "Thank you nonetheless."

Turning around I tore one last gaze at the beautiful boy, the invisible hand around my heart clench slightly, "Goodbye Ash." I whispered with my cracking voice.

He never did spare a single glance at me, I found myself thinking.

The sounds of the forest drifted through the wind while I ran as fast as my feet could carry me, my hair blowing in a disarray mess behind me.

I peered at the sky through my soaked eyes. The night sky was painted with the universe, and if this was on any other day, I would be completely thrilled with the sight of the secrets of the universe displayed openly in the vast skies.

However, on this night, even with all the beauty surrounding me, I never felt more alone.

The colors of the vast sky above me reminded me of Ash, discovering similarities between his eyes and the night sky. The mysteries and beauty they hold… the beautiful boy and his beautiful eyes.

I guess I had to learn it the hard way…

Beautiful things hurt you the most.

A/N: PLEASE DON'T HATE ME FOR THE ENDING. I was planning to end this chapter on a lighter and happier note but somehow the story wrote itself and ended this chapter with such pain and stuff. But I guess the sad part is needed as well, they can't be always having RAINBOWS AND CUDDLES. THAT'S NOT LIFE. NEXT CHAPTER will not take that long I promise. LOVE YOU GUYS! FEEL FREE TO ASK ME STUFF ABOUT THE STORY!