They had a mutual, unspoken agreement. They hated each other. It was not really something they needed to tell each other, after all, actions speak louder than words. They had plagued each other for 145 years, an endless game of torment and pain. They knew the game by heart. As vampires, it was all they ever had known. But, it was one of the only things they ever agreed on. They hated each other.

They hated each other, so Stefan struggled to understand why someone who hated him would kiss in this all-consuming, demanding way. Stefan didn't think much of it as his brother had pressed him up against the wall, initially out of fury, attacking his mouth ruthlessly, but he did wonder if perhaps it was one of Damon's new mind-games. A mind game that including driving Stefan absolutely crazy with this horrible teasing, rubbing against him, kissing him desperately, grasping at his clothing frantically.

"Why are you doing this?" Stefan moaned out, as Damon licked and kissed his way down Stefan's bare chest, marking the skin with small bites.

"Because I can, little brother," Damon whispered back, his husky voice laced with hunger and want. He kissed Stefan's bruised lips roughly, nibbling at them and Stefan closed his eyes, giving in completely.

Damon's lips hovered over Stefan's neck, licking at the still and soft skin, sniffing the delicious scent. Stefan's hand automatically tangled in Damon's dark locks as his fangs pierced Stefan's tender neck. Stefan gasped, expecting pain, and not the uncomfortable, but pleasurable sensation that spread throughout his whole body, originating from Damon's fangs buried in his neck. Stefan couldn't understand why this felt so good, so right, when he was supposed to hate the person on top of him.

Damon tugged roughly, yet still with an almost gentle touch, at his neck and white dots danced in Stefan's vision as his brother drank from him with deep gulps. Stefan moaned quietly, pulling at Damon's shoulder and Damon pulled back, his fangs glistening from the red blood, leaning his forehead against Stefan's. Damon smirked down at him.

"Why?" Stefan repeated in a quiet voice, opening his eyes.

"Because I want you." Damon tilted his head, staring down his little brother, a sardonic smile forming on his lips. Stefan sighed softly as Damon's lips once again descended upon his, his tongue parting Stefan's lips, exploring inside. "Because you want me," Damon whispered against his brother's lips.

Of course, they hated each other. Damon turned around and walked out of the room, leaving Stefan panting and aching and hard. This was just another session of torture for both of them, but a different kind of torture. Another game, Damon's game to see if Stefan would take the bait. For a moment, just a moment, Stefan considered following his brother and take bait.

He didn't. But that didn't make him want Damon any less.