The Son's Loss

A Star Fox story

By Raymond M. Sienkiewicz

Author's Note: This story is not only my first Star Fox story, but it's also one of my stories that are meant to make you think a little bit, in other words put yourself in the characters position to make full sense of it. It doesn't contain too much action, but rather answers the question of Fox's feelings after his father's death, it looks into the "emotional hell" he went through. I've seen far too many stories that are like "Fox, your father is dead." "Waaaahhhh!! (runs away and cries) (Next day) " How are ya Fox?" "Im fine, father wouldn't want me sad". Come on, what is that? I basically added depth, enough depth to where it makes me think a bit about the whole thing, and know what's going on. .Wait…that was too poetic…whatever. Anyways, just a warning for action seekers. I hope you enjoy this. Please do review. The more compliments I get, the faster ill try to finish the story, I promise ^_^ This story is also a bit long, so you if you want to read the whole thing, you may want to put it under favorites.

Legal stuff: I don't own the original star fox characters and ships, but everything else is mine (Mr Stripeton, Master Chan, High Flying Dinin Café, Cornerian Motors Firestar XCR 7, etc.) Essentially, anything Nintendo didn't have in the original SF or SF64story is mine. If you wish to use any of my ideas in your fics, please e mail me at along with a sample of your story and what purpose the idea will be used for. Copyright 2002 Raymond Sienkiewicz (little circle c thing)



3 Prologue: The Elder's fall

James McCloud was silent, as he sat in the cockpit of his Arwing. Silent, because he was going into uncharted territory, territory in which anything could happen. This place was the planet Venom. About 1 week ago, General Pepper of the Cornerian sent him and the Star Fox team on a mission to investigate some mysterious signals. He had reason to be suspicious. Not only was Venom uninhabited, but also it is where the mad scientist Andross was sent into exile for his biological experiments that turned Corneria into a partial wasteland in certain populated areas.

The standard Cornerian fighter pilots were most definitely not up for a task of that magnitude, so General Pepper hired the Star Fox team to investigate. This team consisted of James, Peppy Hare, and Pigma Dengar.

So far, there had been nothing happening. It had been noticed though that the planet that was not in so bad a condition before, is now a barren wasteland, with not a single plant on the craggy surface, and not a inch of air untouched by the putrid yellow atmosphere. Obviously, something strange was going on. James was beginning to grow suspicious by the second, as there was not a thing out there that was capable of sending signals, nor was there even anything to begin with. He decided to talk to his wing mates to see if they noticed anything.

"Peppy, have you noticed anything?"

"Sorry James, I haven't see a thing on my scanners."

"Pigma, what about you?"

"Eh…Nothing at all chief, nothing at all….."

"What? Just what the hell is going on here? Well…keep sharp boys. We have no idea what happens in these parts anymore."

They continued flying for about 5 minutes, noticing nothing but what had already been noticed, how toxic the sky looked, and how barren the land was because of something which they have yet to discover. Then something happened. James noticed that Pigma was breaking away from their formation and head away, all without warning nor provication. He began to grow very suspicious now.

"Hey Pigma, what's goin' on? You see something?" questioned James.

"………." Pigma said nothing.

"Pigma what's going on?"

Then out of nowhere, among the eerie silence, came Peppy's voice, carrying a heavy air of shock.

"James! Up ahead! A few squads of fighters!"

"What?! Why didn't we detect them?"

"I- I don't know! They must've hidden away somehow! But what in the hell are fighters doing here?!"

That's when the fighters began to fire upon the team, sending red beams of hot light past their Arwings. James knew what this meant, a battle to the end, no escape considering the numbers, and how nimble the enemy ships seemed. Focusing, he spoke to his wingmates.

"Alright guys, lets go kick some tail!"

The battle began to rage on for minutes, with both sides pulling daring stunts, enemys quickly falling, only to be replaced again by another. But to James, something just simply didn't make sense to him. For one thing, the fighters never went in the direction of Pigma. Speaking of Pigma, he hasn't done anything more than flying every this way and that, not even running, nor engaging. Before he could think about it any further, James had some bogeys on his back sending lasers past him, just about cutting through his wings.

"Crap! Peppy, I need some help!"

"I'm having trouble myself!"

"Grr…Pigma! Get over here, now!


"Pigma what the hell are you doing?!"

Pigma made a snigger, a very unnatural sounding snigger. Before James could ask what was happening, he got his answer in the form of a very odd response from Pigma.

"I'm sorry James, but helping you just simply isn't in my contract."

"What?! What goddamn contract?!"

"You're so gullible. Andross needed info on you guys if he wanted to overcome you!"

Between James and Peppy was utmost shock. Pigma showed his true colors. A spy.

"You bastard traitor!" shouted Peppy.

"Ain't Andross supposed to be powerless?" questioned James.

Now Pigma became even cockier, and ranted on as if he had all the right cards.

"Gullible gullible gullible! He's back, and better than before! Now excuse me. I have business to attend to. All fighters, Star Fox is yours, ahahahaha!"

"You traitorous bitch!"

Before James could finish cursing out Pigma, the fighters were on him again, faster than ever. After that, Pigma disappeared from view into some distant part of the planet, hiding among the orange clouds. James and Peppy were flying their Arwings like cats on fire as the fighters chased and fired more furiously, many times coming within inches of their fighters. The two tried their best to overcome the fighters, yet they were being swarmed as if they had busted a hornet's nest. However they wouldn't give up just yet. James decided now was time for a special maneuver of his own design.

"Peppy, flight maneuver Omega!

This was a special attack formation used only in the direst situations. The team would form up, and fly in a zigzag like pattern, along the way launching all of their Smart Bombs into the enemies. James and Peppy were in formation and ready to pull off the attack, but then, something happened. James was about to go into his position, but suddenly, the ship came to a frozen halt, and James was just about thrown out of his seat. Not knowing what was happening, he slammed his foot onto the accelerator, only hearing the engine groan with effort.

"Peppy I can't move!"

"What? How?!"

James looked all around him, and when he looked up, he saw a gigantic ship, bigger than a Cornerian battle ship, and a green beam engulfing him that came from a hole in the bottom of the hull. Slowly, James realized just what the beam was.

"Oh no…a tractor beam."

"Hold on James I'm coming!"

"No! It'll suck you in too!"

"I'll try anyways! I'll come in from an angle!"

Theoretically, it would work, as the tractor beam was not wide spread but to Peppy's demise, he was attacked on the way to rescue James, and his portions of his wings were blasted clean off. The craft began to maneuver horribly because of the loss of wings, and the G Diffusing systems on the wings. Knowing that he was greatly hindered, Peppy started becoming desperate to save his friend.

"Sorry James! I'll have to find another way!"

James now was silent. His wing mate was in horrid shape, and he himself was trapped. Something suddenly caught his eye from above. A bright light, from the same area as the tractor beam, except from a turret, a really big turret. He quickly realized what it was, a beam cannon, designed to blast larger ships. James knew he was in a near inescapable situation. The tractor beam had his ship frozen, and the cannon had a free shot. No matter what, the cannon would destroy the Arwing instantly if it made a direct hit.

He sighed, and looked down from what was above, not wishing to see the tool of his ultimate destruction. It was then he saw something glittering on his control panel. The object was something he hadn't looked at in a long time. It was a picture of him and his son Fox that he taped into the cockpit. The picture was from the time some time after he entered the Cornerain Defense Military Academy, in hopes of becoming a great pilot like his father. It showed Fox and James standing on the Academy grounds right after the welcome speech.

James was in his usual flight gear, Fox in an Academy uniform, no medals or anything, just the usual Military badges and symbols and one stripe on each shoulder bar indicating he was a first year at the Academy. That was 4 or 5 years ago, on a beautiful sunny day, but for both of them, it was one of their finest hours.

James couldn't help but smile a little. His son made him so proud, quickly becoming one of the Academy's finest students. He also couldn't help but cry after thinking about that moment, sending hot tears down the fur on his face for the first time in many years, and having a couple held back sobs finally escape his throat, knowing that his death would be very traumatic for his son, unleashing all hell upon him emotionally.

But still, James knew there was nothing he could do about his situation, he was as good as gone, even though he didn't like admitting it. He didn't like it at all that all this was happening. But he took a deep breath, recovering from his bit of crying, and talked into his com-link.

"Peppy, code Omega Zulu 7. You know what to do."

"Wha! B-but James! You can't be serious! There must be a way out!"

Code Omega Zulu 7 was a code Peppy never wanted to hear as long as he lived. This code was the code that indicated the leader was going to die, and that all others must retreat. He didn't want James to give up, especially like this.

"Peppy look at this. Could you get out if you were here? Hell no! You have to go. You're the only one that can get the news to Fox! I can't jeopardize your life because of me! Just go! That's an order!"

"James! What will Fox do?!"

"I say you know what to do. We've been over this. I'm…so sorry that this had to happen.


"Thanks Peppy, you've always been a friend."

"Goodbye James, friend…god speed."

"God speed…Dah-!"

The beam was shot. And right before Peppy's very eyes, James' Arwing disappeared in a large flash of light. Nothing was left, and there was not a sign at all of ejection in any way shape or form. It was confirmed, James McCloud breathed his last breath.

"James…ah shit!"

The fighters managed to regroup, and they were on Peppy. Already, Peppy's shield was just about shot from all of the combat. He had to get out right away, otherwise he would be joining James. He quickly turned around, and was boosting out of there as much as his ship could take, but the fighters kept coming and shooting as his ship rattled and groaned with the great stress the boosts caused.

"C'mon baby, don't fail me now. I have to get home. I have to tell Fox."

Peppy knew he must not fail, he knew he was all that was left of the team. He kept going and going, and finally by some dumb luck as he flew through the atmosphere, the fighters gave up figuring he was not worth the effort.

Even then Peppy didn't stop. All he could think about was getting home ASAP to tell Fox of his father's fate. He knew it wasn't good news, but he had his final orders that he had to fulfill…

Because he was constantly boosting, the weeklong trip was reduced to about 1 day. He made it. He was home. It was about 3:30 in Corneria City when he was finally in orbit. He wiped the sweat off his brow and breathed exhaustion as the rush of fear left him. Now he could stop and think for a moment instead of acting upon adrenaline.

*James…he's gone. Oh…goddammit what will I ever tell Fox? James said tell the straight truth, to just to say it and not to sugar powder it. He'll be so devastated …...there's going to be some major changes round here. *

With those thoughts, Peppy proceeded to contact the port authorities that he was coming in on an emergency basis. He also requested an immediate meeting with General Pepper, that James McCloud gave the "final orders". On the way down, Peppy had a deep, sad feeling within him, accompanying a feeling of dread at how Fox was going to take it…

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