Disclaimer: D-gray-man does not belong to me, and it never will. The old Star Wars was great, and if it had belonged to me I would have stopped it with the last episode that featured Han Solo.

Story Summary

What would happen if D-gray-man were crossed with Star Wars (the old episodes)? Surprisingly, it all fits together remarkably well.

I don`t even think I need to give you a hint as to who will be playing Luke`s role... It`s kind of obvious... (And I`m not just talking about the last name.. :P)

To clarify some terms and links between Star Wars and D-gray-man in this story:

Noah = are the equivalent of the Sith

Exorcists = are the equivalent of Jedi

Innocence = is the force (kind of)

The Dark Order = consists of the Noah

The Exorcist Order = the name says it all (Linalee often forgoes the first part, the "E" word is kind of taboo these days.)

Altered Fates: Chapter 1 - Familiar Face

She ran fast, her boots clicking loudly on the steel floor of the now deserted corridors.

"Darling Linalee, why must we run away from the escape pods when everyone else is heading toward them? We need to get off this ship before the 12th Noah gets here!" called the metal droid chasing after her.

"First, I need to send a message to a member of the Order. After that I can worry about escaping," the tall girl called over her shoulder, long black ponytails streaming out behind her.

"Oh, yes of course. Whatever you say, Linalee my love! I will be right behind you every step of the way!" The robot called after her as he desperately tried to keep up.

"You there, the Technometa Campatinator unit!" Linalee shouted to a small TM droid that could be seen hovering about 10 meters ahead of them. Upon hearing her call out his full name the TM droid zipped towards them. The little winged golden ball with a feather-like tail sensor stopped just inches from Linalee's nose.

Giving out a few beeps and mechanical clicks it paused and waited for a translation.

"My beautiful Linalee, the little golf ball introduces itself as TM-Cam-P and awaits your further instructions." The humanoid droid informed Linalee, proud to be of use to her.

"Thank you Komu-E."

Ignoring the golden ball's rather rude sounding bleeps to the humanoid droid, the girl quickly set to work. By pressing a sequence of buttons on the golden sphere's outer casing, she opened an access panel on it's side and inserted a small reference chip into it's tracking system. Finally she activated the holographic recorder.

Just as she was finishing her message a shot rang out and fragments of the wall rained down on her.

"What the-" Linalee turned around just in time to see a level 2 Akuma taking aim at her head.

"Run!" She shouted and ran straight toward the Akuma, kicking out with her right leg.

Just before her leg made contact with the thick metal armor, Linalee tucked her knee to her chest, missing the target entirely. That was too close. I can`t reveal what I am, especially not here.

As she landed, Linalee whipped out the blaster that hung at her right hip and shot point blank at the Akuma's head. It collapsed in a metallic heap and didn't move.

Looking around as she slowly retreated in the direction that the droids had gone, Linalee spotted Komu-E waiting for her down the hall.

"Komu-E, I thought I told you to run." she called out, looking at him pointedly. Just then another level 2 Akuma emerged from around the corner. Following close behind was a level 3. Oh... God. Linalee whipped the gun around just as Komu-E leapt in front of her.

"I must save my precious Linalee! I can't live without her!" This heroic act would have been much more impressive if the leap hadn`t resulted in Komu-E tripping and taking her down with him. A blast sounded above their heads as the Akuma missed.

Linalee desperately shoved the droid off her and scrambled to her feet. The next second she threw herself back down again, barely avoiding two more shots fired at her.

Seeing Komu-E trying to get up to follow her Linalee stopped him. "No. You take TM and you two get out of here, now!" Then standing back up she rushed the two Akuma. Linalee knew that TM had the spaceship's floor plans in its memory; it would know where the closest escape pods were.

Meanwhile, she would focus on holding the Akuma here. Four minutes later Linalee finally managed to incapacitate one, however the Level 3 Akuma was much harder to hit. It's movements were a blur as it sped towards her, avoiding each blast as if it were in slow motion. Linalee ducked out of the way just as some kind of grenade shot past her. Her eyes went wide.

Pushing herself away from the wall she dived towards a door console that was mounted at the far end of the corridor. The Akuma followed close behind and the next second it crashed straight into her. Linalee threw her weight towards the console and at the last second she kicked off, using the Akuma as a springboard. With the additional momentum the Akuma didn't have enough time to stop. It rammed into the console where powerful bursts of energy erupted from it's interface and fried the Akuma's circuitry.

It would be a while before it could recover from that much damage. Linalee turned away and ran for the far corridor, away from the direction where all the Akuma appeared to be coming from. That's when she saw Komu-E's metal head sticking out from behind a corner. He perked up when he spotted her, even started waving. Little TM-Cam-P looked exhausted as he lay on Komu-E's metalic head in defeat. This was probably the farthest that he had managed to get Komu-E to go without her. That humanoid robot was so stubborn that it was a wonder he still remained in one piece.

"TM-Cam-P, are the escape pods nearby?" she asked the little golden ball. With a rather limp tail-like sensor TM pointed behind him and then to the right.

"Alright, then lets go."

It took them 5 minutes to get to the pods and Linalee was feeling restless. Someone would be here any minute, and by that time the droids had to be gone.

Pressing a button, she opened the hatch revealing a rather spacious interior. TM-Cam-P slowly made his way inside and promptly collapsed on a chair. His little tail-sensor drooped off the edge in a sort of defeated manner.

"Komu-E, get in."

"But Linalee, I -"

"Listen Komu-E, TM-Cam-P has very important plans and an immensely vital message hidden within his codes. If you don't get him off this ship in the next 2 minutes then I will be dead along with the rest of the people here, followed by every human that opposes the Dark Order. So for once, please be quiet and do as I tell you." She looked into the droid's mechanical eyes with a burning determination. Komu-E blinked twice. It appeared as if nothing would change her mind.

"Your presence here is a danger to me Komu-E. If you truly care for me then you will take TM with you and escape."

"You could come with-"

"No. They are destroying all escape pods with life forms on them. I wouldn't get off this ship alive. Don't worry I'll be fine. I'll think of a way to - "

She was out of time. Hearing a sound behind her, Linalee shoved the still protesting Komu-E into the escape pod and hit the eject button. It shot away immediately. Not even 2 seconds had passed when her sigh of relief suddenly turned to a feeling of dread. Her feet were no longer touching the ground. As the impact of what this meant registered in her mind she was swung around with a tremendous force and left hanging in mid-air. Facing her was an approaching figure. It was a man cloaked in darkness, his black clothes almost appeared to be made from shadows rather than cloth. No matter how hard she tried, Linalee couldn't glimpse his face, which was concealed in the shadows of a strangly disturbing black hood. Disturbing because it appeared to pulse and shift with an unnatural dark energy.

This was most definitely the 12th Noah. His presence filled the room to the point where it felt stiflingly crowded. Raising a gloved hand the demon-like figure motioned her body forward, which obediently floated toward him and the cluster of Akuma that flanked him.

Linalee tried to steady her breathing. If she ended up hyperventilating she might pass out and be killed by them without a second thought. No, she had to make the 12th Noah believe that she was valuable enough to be kept alive. Without handing over any crucial information, that is.

"How curious. Now why would the niece of a prominent government official be on board a strictly routine flight between Alderan and Cantelian? " The calm voice held reproof as the hooded man turned to look behind him. Two Akuma came forward dragging a terrified officer between them. His face was bloodied, she noted, most likely an Akuma's handiwork.

"I don't know!" he cried desperately "I swear, I didn't know who she was! She looked just like a civilian."

"Indeed? So she was not accompanied by an escort? No bodyguards, servants, or personal droids of any kind?" His tone sounded mildly surprised while at the same time mocking.

"She had one humanoid droid with her, but that was all. There was no way of knowing that she was anyone special!"

Linalee tried to send him a pointed look, one that warned him to shut up. The officer was giving too much information away!

The 12th Noah turned to look at Linalee just in time to catch her worried expression. Not realizing that she had bitten her lip, Linalee desperately tried to think of a way to steer the conversation away from Komu-E.

As if reading her mind the 12th Noah slowly and deliberately made his way towards her. His movements were measured yet precise. She was being stalked.

"Tell me, where is your droid... Linalee?" The dark voice was incredibly compelling. She fought its pull with all her strength, refusing to get sucked into that mind numbing void as it reached for her thoughts with caressing fingers. She blinked and found herself staring down at the ground below her as she continued to float in the air. She took a steadying breath. That had been both incredibly disturbing and terrifying. She never wanted to experience anything like that again.

Suddenly Linalee realized something that made her gasp out loud. Her eyes flew to the hood that hid his face as she stared at him in shock. He had just used her name. He had no way of knowing her true given name, she never used it in personal logs, it didn't even exist on any governmental records!

And yet, his voice...there was something very familiar in the way that he said her name.

"How...how do you know my name? Who are you?" she demanded with only a small quiver betraying the intensity of her emotions.

"I am the 12th Noah." Reaching back he pulled down the black hood, revealing his face.

The ship's lights put his face in sharp relief. Elegant features, a proud nose, unsmiling lips, and one raised eyebrow. An expression that dared her to respond.

She stared down at the face of the last person she ever expected to see working for the Earl.

"Kanda?" she whispered brokenly, disbelief plain on her face.

And that's it for chapter one. Let me know what you think, although keep in mind that this is just the introduction. I have a rough framework with which I'm working, so the plot builds on itself.

What to expect and not expect from this story:

- do not expect the family relations to directly follow one of the two plot-lines. The family connections are sometimes quite different and often warped. It works better this way, trust me.

- There will be no light sabers. Having fully potent innocence is enough firepower as it is. Both Noah and Exorcists will use innocence in battle although the Noah`s has been corrupted by the 'dark side'.

Pairings? I fear that the pairings are out of my hands. It seems that the story has taken the reins so to speak.

Character Death - Is quite probable, but not definite. However, I already have 4 characters in mind who might not make it to the end. We`ll see.

Clarification - in case you haven't noticed, the Akuma in this fanfiction will be more humanoid than in the manga. Think of droids that can regenerate body parts, have immense firepower and cannot defy a Noah's direct orders (even if they want to).