Title: Crocodile On The Sandbank

Rating: K

Summary: Isis Granger comes to Hogwarts and meets one Teddy Lupin. Soon their both off on Isis first adventure, one that has many unexpected turns and might end up being deadly.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the Harry Potter characters, their owned by J.K Rowling, but I like to have fun with them.

The love of my beloved is on yonder side, a width of water is between us. And a crocodile waiteth on the sandbank.

-Ancient Egyptian Love Poem

Chapter 1: A Girl Named Isis

Isis Sekhmet Granger was what you called a no nonsense girl. She had jet black hair, green eyes (which was encased in glasses that made her look intelligent), and a thin frame. Isis's mother, Hermione, who worked for the British Museum, was as no nonsense as Isis was. Hermione restored artifacts that the museum managed to obtain and while a lot of pieces were sent back to their native country some ended up as pieces that would be enjoyed by the people. It was a very well-paid job and Isis loved it inside the stuffy museum, though she pretended that she didn't.

On the outside her mum looked normal with her digging in the sand, restoring objects of value, or even reading hieroglyphics but Isis knew a lot more then her mum thought she knew. Isis knew that her mum was magical. She had discovered this one day when her Godfather, a man that loved the past as much as Hermione did, was left with him. She had been looking through a lot of her mum's old things when she found a long stick and a photo album. Inside the album the pictures moved and she saw a boy that looked a lot like her and another boy with flaming red hair.

Tucked under a photo of a stern-looking woman was a letter. It looked as though her mum had intended on sending it but hadn't gotten around to do so. She opened it and read:

Dear Harry,

I'm sorry about all the crap that I'm going to put you through, with your wife to think about, but you got me pregnant. Her name is Isis Sekhmet Granger and she's the cutest thing that you've ever seen. Please don't come around and see her. I don't want Ginny to raise hell about it since we're no longer friends. I know what we did was due to the final battle and I'm sorry if I've ruined your life.



Isis had cried about it for an hour but she vowed never to tell her mum what she had found out. That, of course, wasn't the only secret that Isis had. Unknown to anyone Isis had a gift, a gift of seeing dark curses. The items that were restored had dark curses on them and she felt that it was her job to remove them before the pieces could be returned. Since Isis had almost been raised by the museum staff her Greek was unbelievable as well as reading and speaking Egyptian.

When her birthday had come around her Godfather had given her an amulet that had the Goddess Isis on it. It was from a Princess tomb and was used for protection against black magic. Isis checked to make sure that the amulet wasn't cursed and she was happy to find that it wasn't. She also got a copy of the Egyptian Book of the Dead from the curator of the museum, as well as several Egyptian scrolls that talked about the life of the Egyptian people. Her mother had given her statues of Isis and Horus, which wasn't going to be returned to Egypt. And then a few days later an owl landed on the dining room table, holding out something on its leg. Isis took it and saw that it was for her. She opened it at once.

Dear Miss Granger,

We are pleased to inform you that you've been accepted to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find enclosed a list of the necessary books and equipment. Term starts on September 1st. We await your owl by no later then July 31.


Professor Severus Snape,

Deputy Headmaster

Isis at once ran to her mother, showing her the letter. After nearly fifteen minutes of begging her mother told her that she could go. Isis jumped up and down in excitement and then wrote back, telling the Deputy Headmaster that she could go. The owl took off and disappeared in the distance. A few days later her mum took the day off and they went to Diagon Alley to get Isis her things.

Diagon Alley wasn't as impressive as the shops in Cairo but her mum knew where everything was and Isis allowed herself to be steered into the different shops. Hermione got Isis a cat that she named after herself and then they headed back home. On September 1st Isis boarded the Hogwarts Express to head off to Hogwarts. Before Isis had left she packed all her scrolls, her statues, and a couple of other things that she needed.

She was entering a new area and with that came new challenges. She kissed her mum goodbye and then placed a small fish charm in her hair. Her mum had told her that she would be crossing the Black Lake and she wanted to be protected. During the trip she met a boy named Teddy Lupin. He really liked her charm in her hair and Isis went pink.

"Are you related to Hermione Granger?" Teddy asked her.

"Yes," Isis answered, "How do you know her?"

"I don't but I've heard about her," Teddy told her. "So what's she doing now?"

Isis at once told Teddy about the work that her mum did and the fact that her mum hadn't told her that she was a witch. She didn't tell him about the letter, telling a man named Harry that he was a father, because she didn't know if Teddy would believe her. She also didn't mention her gift, as she didn't want to be labeled a freak, but she did like the idea that she had a gift that helped people.

He told her about his godfather, Harry Potter, and his god brothers and sister. Isis tried to ignore the fact that she knew who Harry was. She didn't want to cause any problems.

"James Sirius Potter is only five and he's already a practical joker," Teddy told her and then shocked her by changing his hair from brown to purple.

"How did you do that?" Isis asked.

"Oh I'm a Metamorphmagus," Teddy told her. "That means that I can change my appearance at will."

"I wish I could do that," Isis commented and it was Teddy's turn to turn pink.

They changed into their robes and then the Hogwarts Express pulled up. Everyone got out and a huge man called out for the First Years. Isis really stared at him and Teddy told her that his name was Hagrid.

"How come he's so big?" Isis asked.

"He's a half-giant," Teddy answered. "Your mother was friends with him."

Isis knew she would have a lot of questions to ask her mother.

When Isis saw Hogwarts for the first time she gasped. It was huge! She climbed into the boat, with Teddy, and then they set off. The charm glowed with a gentle blue as the boats glided across the water. The castle got larger and then Hagrid told them to duck. Isis and Teddy ducked with everyone else and they went under the castle and through a curtain of ivy.

They entered an underground harbor and one by one each student got out of the boats. Hagrid checked to make sure that none of the students had left anything behind and then they lined up and followed him up stone steps and onto the grounds, the castle towering over them. The charm had stopped glowing and Isis breathed a sigh of relief. Hagrid walked up to the oak doors and knocked three times.

The door opened and a very stern-looking man stood there. He had shoulder-length black hair, black eyes, and wore black from head to toe. He looked at the new students with dislike and Isis wondered if he liked anyone and who he was.

"The first years, Professor Snape," Hagrid said.

"Thanks, Hagrid," Professor Snape said, a sneer on his face.

He opened the door wider and motioned the students to follow him. They entered a small chamber and he then closed the door.

"Welcome to Hogwarts," Professor Snape told them. "In a few moments you'll be joining your classmates. Before you can join them you must be sorted into your house. They are Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin. Each has its own noble history and has produced outstanding witches and wizards. While you're here your house will be like your family. You'll have classes with your house and spend your free time in the house common room. Triumphs will earn you points while any rule-breaking will cost you points. Now wait here quality until we need you."

And he left.

"Boy Snape is in a sour mood," Teddy commented.

Isis stared at him. "You know him!"

"Sure," Teddy said. "He really knows his subject."

"What does he teach?" Isis asked him.

"Defense Against the Dark Arts," Teddy answered. "You'll really like how he teaches."

"What exactly does that entail?" Isis asked.

"Defense against things like curses, hexes, and stuff like that," Teddy answered.

At once Isis was looking forward to this class.

When Professor Snape entered he motioned the students forward and they entered a large room filled with students. Isis saw four tables that students and then a longer one that had teachers. They then stopped and an old hat and stool were placed in-front of them. The hat opened its mouth and started to sing. When it was finished the school clapped and then the first student was called.

"Adams, David."

A boy went before the hat and the hat declared him a Slytherin. The table on the far right clapped as he joined their table. The sorting continued until-.

"Granger, Isis."

Everyone muttered as Isis headed to the stool and the hat was placed on her head.

"Never thought I would see another Potter under me so soon," the hat said in her ear and Isis almost jumped out of her skin.

"How did you know that?" Isis asked.

"I know everything," the hat told her. "And I know where to put you…GRYFFINDOR."

The Gryffindor table cheered as the hat was taken off and she joined the Gryffindor table.

Isis watched the rest of the sorting and then it was Teddy Lupin's turn. At once the hat declared that he would end up in Gryffindor and Teddy joined Isis's side. She smiled at him and he returned it. When the sorting had ended the hat and stool were taken away and a woman stood up.

"That's Professor McGonagall," Teddy told Isis. "She's the Headmistress."

"I figure that much," Isis told him.

"Welcome to another year at Hogwarts," McGonagall told them as Snape returned to his seat. "Let the fest begin."

And the food appeared.

As they ate Teddy told her about the different Professors and what they taught.

"The thin man next to the Headmistress is Professor Longbottom, he's the Herbology teacher and Head of Gryffindor House," he started. "The man next to him is Professor Potter. He's the Potions Master and is here only for a short time. He said that he would be gone by next year."

"Is that your Godfather?" Isis asked, hoping that the man was her father.

"Yes," Teddy answered.

Isis tried to hide her excitement and thankfully it worked.

"So what muggle school did you go to?" Teddy asked.


"Someone that doesn't have magic," Teddy answered.

"Oh I went to a regular school but I learned a lot from my mum and the people at the museum. I know Greek and Ancient Egyptian. I can read, speak, and write in Ancient Egyptian and read in Greek."

"Wicked!" Teddy said. "Is it hard to learn that stuff?"

"Well I was around it a lot and there are tons of artifacts at the museum," Isis answered. "I was named after the Goddess's Isis and Sekhmet."

"Who are they?" Teddy asked.

Isis smiled at him. "Isis is the wife of Osiris, the God of the Dead, and Sekhmet is the Goddess that protected the Pharaoh. Her arrows could drive down enemies. She had the head of a lion and the body of a woman."

"Seems to suit you," Teddy commented.

"Thanks," Isis said, smiling at him.

When the feast had ended Isis knew almost everything about Teddy. She was jealous that her parents, both of them, had accepted him before their death. All she knew about her father was that he was Harry Potter and that she didn't want him to know about Isis so that his marriage wouldn't be ruined. She hoped that he didn't figure out who she was and end up finding his life ruined. Professor McGonagall got up and told the students that the same items as last year were banned and that no magic was to be done in the corridor between classes.

The Gryffindor Prefect stood up and led the First Years out of the Great Hall and up a series of stairs. Finally, at long last, they reached the Gryffindor Common Room and Isis and Teddy separated into their different dorms. When Isis entered her dorm she saw her trunk waiting on her as well as Isis, her cat. She took out her stuff and placed them on her table. She then changed for bed and quickly fell asleep.

The next morning Isis and Teddy left Gryffindor tower and tried to find their way down to the Great Hall. Isis thought she knew where it was and thankfully even her small amount of memory placed them in-front of the moving staircase. They followed it down and thankfully ended up in the entrance hall. They entered the Great Hall and sat down at the Gryffindor table.

"Thank God you remembered," Teddy told her.

"Thanks," Isis said.

As they ate Isis thought about what her mum was doing right now. She missed her mum dearly but she knew that, at some point, she would have to leave her mum all alone. Professor Longbottom came around with the timetables and when Isis got hers she saw that she had Herbology, with the Hufflepuff's, first.

"This is wonderful," Teddy said. "We have Herbology first."

"Is that what yours says?" Isis asked.

Teddy nodded and Isis felt better that she was having classes with him.

When they were done eating they took their book bags and left the castle. It was a nice warm day with a clear blue sky. Teddy helped her find her way to the greenhouses and Isis had a feeling that he had been here before. The Herbology lesson took place in greenhouse one and Isis found Professor Longbottom to be delightful. He really knew his plants, like she knew her Egyptian dark curses, and Isis wrote a ton of notes on everything that he had said.

When the lesson ended she wrote down her homework and then joined Teddy as the students filed out. However Professor Longbottom kept Isis back and Teddy told her that he would wait for her.

"Thanks," Isis said and the door was closed.

"Miss Granger are you related to Hermione?" Professor Longbottom asked her.

"Yes," Isis answered.

That made him smile and she wondered if he and her mother had been friends.

"I was friends with Hermione when I was in school," Professor Longbottom told her. "She really gave me self-confidence as well as taking blows for helping me out in Potions. What's she doing now?"

"Well she works for the British Museum and sometimes goes to Egypt to help out in digs," Isis told him.

The Professor looked confused.

"The what museum?"

"The British museum," Isis said. "Haven't you ever heard of the place?"

"No, I'm afraid not," Professor Longbottom said.

"Well you need to go," Isis said. "It's located in the heart of London. In-fact I'm going back there this winter and if you want to come and see my mum then I'll help you get on your way."

"That would be great," Professor Longbottom said. "I really miss seeing Hermione."

Isis smiled at him. "I'm sure she misses seeing you as well," Isis commented.

The Professor signed a note for both she and Teddy and she left.

The next class was History of Magic, which was taught by Professor Binns. After giving Binns the note they settled down in their seats. Isis took out her book and started writing down everything that Binns had said, like in Herbology, and found what he was talking about fascinating. By time the lesson was over Teddy was begging her for the notes that she had written.

"I'll let you copy off of them but that's it," Isis told him.

"Thanks," Teddy said, sounding relieved.

They dumped their books and grabbed the one they needed for Transfiguration and then headed back down to the Great Hall for lunch. As they ate Isis once again thought about her mum and the fact that twice she had been asked if she was related to Hermione and that really made her start to wonder. Would the man that didn't even know she breathed air recognize her as well?

She knew her last name got everyone to ask if she was related to Hermione what else would someone ask. A tap on her shoulder brought her out of her thoughts and she looked at Teddy, who had been the taper.

"Isis, I don't mean to ask you this," Teddy said. "And I don't want it to sound like I'm prying into your business but you have my Godfather's eyes."

Isis went white, a lot whiter then you could imagine Isis in getting.

"You must be mistaken," Isis quickly said. "I bet a lot of people in this world have green eyes."

"True but you have his shape," Teddy told her. "And you're wearing glasses."

Isis sighed and then grabbed Teddy. "Come with me and if you breathe a word of this I'm so going to hex you."

She led him outside where she told him about finding the letter and about how this was, along with finding her mum's wand and the photo album, how she had found out a lot of her mum's secrets.

"So she has no idea that you know that you're my Godfather's daughter," Teddy told her.

"Yes," Isis said. "And if she ever found out she would never trust me again. She didn't want to cause problems in their marriage."

"I understand," Teddy said. "I mean, a lot of people got drunk after Tom Riddle was defeated. Personally I think it's cool that you're related to my Godfather, makes you part of the family."

"I'm not part of your Godfather's family," Isis told him. "I'm an illegal child that will be more accepted inside a museum then with the Potter family."

Isis sighed. She had really wanted a father and now she knew she would never have one. Teddy put a hand on her shoulder.

"Look, things happened and there's nothing that anyone can say that will change that," Teddy said. "Your father will pick up that you have his eyes and that will cause a lot of questions to be asked."

"Then I'll skip it," Isis told him.

"Not a good idea," Teddy said. "Your father is friends with Professor Snape and Snape will naturally come looking for you."

Isis bit her lip. "I shouldn't have asked mum to let me come. Now I'm going to ruin his marriage."

"No, your not," Teddy said. "Personally if Ginny doesn't understand that this happened then she doesn't deserve to be married to your father."

"Thanks," Isis said.

"No problem and I promise that I won't tell anyone," Teddy vowed.

"Thanks," Isis repeated.

In Transfiguration Professor Willow had them changing a match into a needle. It seemed very complicated, though it was the most basic of what they would learn, and barely Isis managed to change it from a match into a needle. When Teddy asked her for help she told him that she wasn't sure how she had done it.

"Can you at least try," he asked.

Isis pointed her wand at his match and that's when Professor Willow pounced on them.

"Miss Granger," she said; her tone cold. "Your mum might have been a little know-it-all but that doesn't give you the right to show that particular trait off. Let Mr. Lupin do it himself."

Several of the students glared at her and Isis went red.

Teddy ranted and raved about Professor Willow all the way back to Gryffindor tower. Personally Isis disliked the woman. Professor Longbottom and Teddy didn't seem to have a problem with her mum but Professor Willow seemed to. When they dropped their books off they headed down to the Great Hall for dinner.


"I'm telling you Harry she has green eyes," Neville told his friend, Harry. "Are you sure that you didn't do it with Hermione?"

"I'm positive, at least I think I'm positive," Harry said.

"Why don't you talk with Severus about a potion to prove that you aren't Isis daughter," Neville suggested.

"Neville, I think I can brew such a potion," Harry told him.

Neville went pink and muttered something under his breath.

"Neville, what are you talking about?" Harry asked.

"Well Ginny won't like this if she finds out," Neville said. "I mean, James is your heir and he's supposed to inherit everything when you die."

Harry sighed. "Look, Neville, I don't even know if this child is mine," Harry said. "And if she is then I'll try and figure out what happened. So is she smart?"

Before Neville could answer Professor Willow burst into the room and she looked mad.

"That Granger girl is a little know-it-all!" Professor Willow told them.

"What are you even talking about?" Harry asked.

"Well, Potter, she was helping Mr. Lupin with his match after she had fully transfigured hers into a needle," Professor Willow explained. "I told her exactly what I thought about her, the little bastard."

"Hay, you stop talking about Hermione's daughter like that," Neville said.

"And you, Neville, need to stop having a comment," Professor Willow told him. "Anyway, she doesn't have a father and I know why. Her father probably knew that his daughter was going to be a know-it-all and left. Men are turned away from smart people."

"Well I don't care, you have no right to call her that," Neville told her.

"Yeah, whatever," Professor Willow said and then left for dinner.

When Neville left to go to dinner in the Great Hall Harry headed down to the dungeons to brew a simple Paternity Potion. He gathered his ingredients and started at once. Harry knew there might be a chance that the child was his and he knew that Ginny wouldn't understand. However he would come to that when the time came. The potion took several hours to brew and while he waited he asked Winky to get him something to eat.

"Winky will do this for Professor Harry," Winky said and then left.

When the house elf returned with his food and ate it and then added the next ingredient. Once it was done he bottled it and then would wait until tomorrow, when he would send a letter to Isis, requesting her presence. 111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111

The next morning an owl delivered a message, telling Isis that Professor Potter wished to see her. The letter told her how to get there from the Great Hall and that she was supposed to knock three times on the door. Isis went pale and told Teddy about the letter.

"You should go," Teddy told her. "If you don't go when a Professor requests you then you'll get into a lot of trouble."

"Okay," Isis said and started back on her breakfast.

When she was done Teddy told her that he would tell Professor Snape why she would be late and then Isis headed down to the dungeons. The place was cold and dark but thankfully it had been lit and so she was able to see. Personally she felt as though she had stepped into the Underworld and would me Apep at any moment, ready to devour her. She found Professor Potter's door and knocked three times on it.

"Enter," a man's voice called out.

She walked in and saw a thin man that wore glasses, just like she did, standing behind an oak desk. Wall after wall of ingredients were displayed and at once Isis wondered what ingredients might help her out.

"Miss Granger," said Professor Potter's voice causing her to turn.

"Yes, sir," Isis said.

"I need you to do something for me and then I'll let you off to go to Defense Against the Dark Arts," he told her.

"What is it?" Isis asked.

"I want you to drink this potion," he told her. "I'm doing this for everyone since Madam Pomfrey is out. This will assess your health and that will tell Madam Pomfrey if treatment is needed or not."

"Sure," Isis said and she took a vial of the potion and drank it.

At once she went slack and the parchment that had been treated with the potion glowed and golden writing appeared.

Child: Isis Sekhmet Granger

Mother: Hermione Jean Granger

Father: Harry James Potter

Conceived: May 2, 1998

Magical talents: Natural Egyptian Dark Curse Breaker. Others are unknown at this time.

Harry couldn't believe what he was reading but the parchment and potion didn't lie. Isis was his daughter, a daughter conceived on the night of the final battle. How could Hermione keep her from him? And what in the world is an Egyptian Dark Curse Breaker? He knew this meant a trip to see Severus, as he knew everything about anything.

Harry poured the antidote down Isis throat and she woke with a start, looking around. Harry told her that she had done a good job and gave her a note for Defense Against the Dark Arts. Once she was gone Harry asked his assistant to watch over his classes and decided to go and talk with Severus, even though he knew the wizard would be teaching. When he arrived he knocked on the door and a very cold voice told him to enter.

"Yes, Potter," Snape said.

"I need a word with you, it's important," Harry told him.

Snape nodded and told the class to just write the notes down. "I'll be back soon."

When they were alone Harry told Snape what he had discovered and the fact that Isis was a natural Egyptian Dark Curse Breaker. This seemed to get Snape's attention.

"I know that Bill Weasley was a Curse Breaker in Egypt," Harry told him. "So what's the parchment saying that Isis is a natural curse breaker?"

"It means that she was born with the talent to break curses of the darkest kind," Snape told him. "It's a very rare talent in someone this young. So are you going to tell Hermione that you know the truth?"

"I don't even know where Hermione's at," Harry told him.

"I believe that she's working at the British Museum," Snape told him.

"Then I'll go there," Harry said, "And thanks for telling me."

Snape nodded and Harry hurried off.


A/N: Well this is going to be interesting to say the least. Next up: Harry confronts Hermione and who Isis's father is somehow leaks. Oh and I'm adding a cursed item, this time sent by Gringotts.