Title: Crocodile On The Sandbank

Rating: K

Summary: Isis Granger comes to Hogwarts and meets one Teddy Lupin. Soon their both off on Isis first adventure, one that has many unexpected turns and might end up being deadly.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the Harry Potter characters, their owned by J.K Rowling, but I like to have fun with them.

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Chapter 12: Conclusion

"So what I want to know is how did this whole thing get started," Dora asked.

"It started last year, when Professor Lime started," Isis told her. "It was in his journal and it clearly states when he started. Anyway, Filch heard that Lime was working on something that would restore the magic that should have been there. However anyone knows that this is impossible."

"How do you figure that," Remus asked.

"Because I suspect that magic is genetic," Isis told him. "And since he didn't have magic then that means that even if such a thing existed then it wouldn't have worked on him. Also last year was when Ron Weasley had arrived and he was looking for a way of getting out of teaching Flying."

"But he always liked flying," Harry said.

"True but he hated teaching it," Isis said. "He treated me like a slug right after he found out that I'm a Potter. He used who I was related to as a means of getting back at mum for dumping him. Anyway, Lime must have refused to give up his post so he tried to figure out a way of getting the position. When he heard that Filch was looking for a way of getting magic Ron found the perfect person to help him plot Lime's death. He knew that people knew that he hated the Caretaker so if they worked together then no one would have connected him with Filch.

"However none of them knew that Lime kept a journal and at the very end he told the reader the Filch was the one that would kill him and then Filch told everyone, under the Truth Potion, the truth. Both he and Ron moved the body to the tomb knowing that if the body was discovered then people would believe that Rowena had cursed the tomb and that Lime was trying to steal from it when the curse activated. I became suspicious of the whole thing when I noticed that there was no blood around the body. Lime bled through and of course the soles of his shoes had the look of dragging, as well as his clothes.

"Ron didn't use magic to get him there."

"Amazing," Dora commented.

"Well we should know soon what happened," Harry said and sure enough a man appeared and handed Harry something. "Thanks."

He took the letter and read it. Finally he folded it and put it down.

"Ron just admitted everything and Isis was right about everything," Harry said. "Ron planned on getting the Muggle Studies job and helped Filch dispose of the body after Filch had killed him."

"Amazing," Remus said; "To think that those two could get away with it."

"Well I'm glad that they didn't," Hermione finally spoke. "To think that people would have actually thought the tomb was cursed."

"Also Ron wants to sue Isis," Harry went on.

Everyone stared at him.

"For whatever for?" Snape asked.

"For assault," Harry told Snape.

"Well I should sue him for assaulting me," Snape told Harry. "He was the one that kidnapped me and brought me here. Isis was doing the world a favor by knocking the moron out."

"I don't think it will hold up," Harry said. "Well I think that we all should return to the school. I know that we're all missing the wonderful fridge weather."

"Not me," said Dora.

"Not me," said Remus.

"Count me out on that," said Hermione.

"I think I'll stay in Egypt for awhile," Lily said.

"As will I," Snape said. "Adam has invited me to go on a dig."

"I'll stay," Hermione said. "The Ministry is taking the crates and bringing them here. I think that I should stay for that."

"Well I'm going," Harry said. "My three children miss me and I want to spend time with them as well as Isis."

"Then I'll be seeing all of you back here when term ends," Hermione said. "I'm sure that Little Lily will like it here."

"Don't call her that, mum," Isis said. "Her name is now Maat, until she decides to return to Lily."

Hermione rolled her eyes. "Fine, Maat then," she said. "Has the boys decided to change their names?"

"No," Isis answered.

"Thank the Gods for small things," Hermione said.

Hermione paid for their bill and Harry, Isis, and McGonagall all headed back to England, back to the frigid weather and to whatever great adventure was next.

The End

A/N: I hope that all of you enjoyed this Mystery. The next one is The Curse of the Pharaohs and I hope that all of you will welcome back the spunky Isis Sekhmet Granger-Potter and her valuable assistant Teddy Lupin. See you then.