Bandit's Thrill

Summary: Kagome was hidden in the bottom of an empty well at birth; the Bone Eaters Well. She is soon found by a Bat Demon by the name of Kuronue, and then brought back to what would soon be known as her family...and as she gets older, possibly more.

Anime: InuYasha/Yu Yu Hakusho

Couple: Kagome/?

Genre: Romance/Adventure

Rated: M




"Fate Is an Inscrutable and Interesting Thing"

"En wa I na Mono Aji na Mono"


Yomi listened to the inscrutable sounds within the forest; Kagome was sitting in his lap, playing with his black hair which she was braiding flowers into...messily...mind you. At every rustle made by the wind, every snap made by a nocturnal creature...his ears, as well as the fox boy's across from him, would give way to a twitch.

"Yomi is quiet?"

Though it came out as a question, he understood what she meant. She wanted to know why he wasn't talking to either her or the boy across from them...why he was allowing her to play with his hair, when he was known for slapping her hands away from the long black locks...she understood very well why he was quiet; she wanted to hear him say it though...just so he'd talk to her. Kagome wasn't a complicated girl, she liked to talk with people, and she liked people to talk with her, even if half the time people didn't understand the meaning behind her was the thought that counted. "I'm listening, Kagome."

"Why is Yomi listening?"

Again, to hear him talk, to strike up a conversation; Yomi smirked despite himself. 'Youko's done wonders with this girls grammar, always correcting her must have finally struck a cord in that little head of hers...even though she's only three years old, she's learning much faster than any normal human child.' He mentally laughed at the prospect of a demon being able to raise a human child better than a human. "To make sure that no one is trying to sneak up on us."

"...Yomi...where is mine?" She asked, suddenly changing the subject on Yomi. He thought over her words, how she always worded the question, he guessed it had something to do with her always referring to the bracelet as 'mine', 'It's mine, not yours, mine,' or 'If Kuro's necklace is Kaggie's necklace mine?' He guessed, she got it in her head that the bracelet, was indeed called, 'mine'.

"I'm sure Youko has it and is on his way back with it," He stood with her in his arms and placed her next to the fox kit. "Watch her for a little while, I'll be back soon."

"What? But Youko said to stay here!"

Yomi glared at the boy who stood his ground and glared back, his deep stare unwavering. "Until you've been here long enough to know to whom you speak, don't question me again!"

"I'm not questioning you! I'm stating that your superior in status ordered that you stay put!"

"How old are you runt?" He frowned at the big words the boy was throwing out there. Prattling on like he was used to this situation or something.

"Old enough to realize when someone is deliberately disobeying orders!"

" the girl;" Yomi said one last time, "I'm going to scout the surrounding area."

The boy went to make another argument but Yomi took off before he could say anything further.

"..." Kagome took the kit into her arms, he was about her size, a little taller, "Yomi Puppy is gone?"

"Mm," The boy sat back down, ignoring the girl who now leaned against him. He kept his hands placed idly in his lap, not daring to touch the girl under The Bandit Fox Youko Kurama's protection. He'd rather not give the demon any reasons to kill him, and placing his scent anywhere on the girl without the older Fox's consent, was plenty reason to be killed. "Youko will return soon...he'll bring back your bracelet...and my mom."




Youko stopped in a clearing, his furry fox ears twitching ever so slightly and turning in the sound of tweets and rustling leaves, finally, catching the scent he was searching for, he took off, Kuronue keeping a steady pace behind him. "How much farther, Youko?"

"We're close...the half-breed really is a failure...he didn't even try to cover his scent."

Kuronue grinned, "I'm sure he tried...your senses are just more superior than that half-breed's, or any fleabag, for that matter."

"That's true...of course," Youko smirked, continuing until the familiar coppery scent of blood assaulted his nose. "We should hurry; we are probably already late."

Kuronue noted the tone of weight that was carried on his words and picked up his pace. A few more miles and he too could smell the distinct scent of blood.



(With Yomi)


Arriving back at the camp, he took a quick glance around, watching for a moment as the fox child's ears twitched atop his head. Asleep in his arms was Kagome who was most likely dreaming of the family she'd made in Kuronue, Youko and himself. "They aren't back yet?" He was more than slightly surprised that his leader and his leader's second in command, wasn't back yet.

The boy child gave a feeble laugh, "Don't sound so surprised...Inuyasha may be a half-breed...but he has strength enough to take on most any full blooded demon..." He glanced down despondently, "Youko will be fine...I'm certain, that they will both return unscathed."


(With Youko and Kuronue)


Kuronue stared at the sight before him with slightly widened eyes, his face distorted in repugnance. A woman lay before him, covered in her own blood that still flowed from her body. Her eyes pleading for help as life was almost drained completely from her. Her shrill cries of pain had led them the rest of the way to the clearing that they now stood in.

Youko wasn't pleased with the situation at all, add the fact that the woman was a fox demon and he was furious that one of his own was now lying on her death bed. The half breed was staring at her with a wild look in his eyes, a twisted leer on his face as he laughed a baleful and hollow laugh.

"You watch? Heh...TO WATCH HER DIE, RIGHT!" He laughed harder, an echo sounding around the clearing of the blood tainted forest they stood in.

Kuronue stared at him inanely, "He's insane,"

"Clearly..." Youko scoffed. "Get the woman, and get out of here. This mutt needs to be taught a he won't easily forget...killing him...would be easy enough...but having the Demon Dog Lord on my tail because I killed his baby brother...doesn't fit to my liking."

"Will you use your Rose Whip?"

"I haven't much choice, I don't want to waste any of my precious seeds on a half-breed, but he's too unstable, be dealing with blindly."

"..." Kuronue stared for a moment before nodding and moving forward towards the woman, only for a set of claws to slash his arm viciously. Kuronue jumped back and gripped his arm, now wet and sticky with the warmth of his blood. "Damn!"

"Rose Whip!"

He turned to see Youko now holding onto his signature weapon. "Go!" Youko watched him take the woman into his arms and when Inuyasha made to tackle him again while releasing an uncultivated growl, Youko snapped his Rose Whip at him, causing it's thorns to bite into his arm painfully as it wrapped tightly around the half-breed. "Hanyou...your fight is with me!"

"No...DON'T TOUCH HER!" He seethed, "SHE'S NOT DONE DRAINING! Master won't be please if not complete...Just a little longer...heh...heheh...LET HER BLEED! HAAA~!"

" help...hanyou...perhaps your brother would show mercy and end your existence."

"...? I don't need help...I'm doing fine by myself. I even have acquired a friend..."

"I'm sure you've got a few...however, you shouldn't always listen to those...friends..."

"..." Inuyasha yanked his arm free from the whip, the thorns tearing his flesh as he did. He stepped to the bloodied grass and bent down, taking the hand of a skeleton that lay covered in the woman's blood, on his bone wrist was Kagome's now blood stained bracelet. Inuyasha held his bleeding arm over the skeleton and let himself bleed on the bones.


"The bones need to be soaked in the blood of a Necromancy Fox..."

"She was a Red Fox, a Fire Fox...known for their illusions, trickery and fox fire...she was not a Necromancy Fox."

"...A Necromancy Fox...also known as a Shadow Fox, have the ability to use the abilities of others of their race. As a fox...she has many choices...she chose a fire breed...but her blood is still that of a Shadow..." He gave a dark chuckle, "Aside from her blood, the soul of an innocent is needed...and...The life of a servant..."

"...fool..." Something caught his attention, the choice of words, soul of an innocent, caught his attention, "Who's soul?"

"Haha~! The girls! Her soul clings pathetically to this silver bracelet!"

Youko's eyes widened a fraction, "What!" He shot forward to take the bracelet when Inuyasha through his hand out and caught Youko by surprise, his claws digging painfully into the fox demon's throat. Youko's eyes were ample in shock as he became limp, incapable of moving as something began spreading through his veins. "W-wh-a...t─ah~!"

"Brother isn't the only one with a unique ability," he laughed darkly, tightening his painfully taut grip on his neck. "Master taught me, he taught me how to posses an ability, one all my own, using his miasma."

"..." Youko's eyes began to blur, and when he finally thought his life would fall victim to the half-breed before him, his breath was returned and the half-breed's pained yell shot through his ears before he was met with silence. Now, lying on the ground, weak from the poisonous miasma, he could hear the light steps of someone near him, but he couldn't move to look, he could only smell the metallic scent of blood and decayed scent of rotting flesh on dusty bones. "K-Ka...go-me~" He managed to whisper, before darkness took him into a pair of arms.


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