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Angel stood and watched the remains of her orphanage burn to the ground. A single tear dripped down her face at the thought of losing the only home she'd ever known forever. Behind her, the crowd of survivors clutched each other and sobbed pitifully, whilst police men made their way through the gathering of on-lookers, questioning everyone, trying to piece together how the fire had started. Angel's eyes skimmed over the crowd aimlessly, until startled, her own emerald eyes met a pair of vibrant crimson ones. She shook her head. Crimson? Who has crimson eyes? She looked back at the pair of glowing red eyes, yes they were definitely red. Her eyes took in the rest of the strange person's face. She saw that he was a man, that he had a shock of red hair, the colour of dried blood and that his skin was a deep purple. The man smiled manically and held a finger to his lips. Before Angel could react, the purple man ran forward, faster than humanly possible and broke the neck of the lady in charge of the orphanage. There was silence for a few minutes. Then everybody screamed.

Chaos broke loose. Everybody ran in different directions, trying to escape from the purple assailant.

Angel stood there frozen with fear, watching her life fall to pieces around her. She watched helplessly as the purple man grabbed her best friend, Marion and slit her throat. Angel screamed, unable to move to stop the man, who was now...hang on...what was he doing? He looked like...surely not...yes he was...he was drinking her blood.

Angel looked on in horror as the man proceeded to drain her friend's lifeblood. The purple man looked up, right into Angel's wide eyes. He started towards her, smirking evilly. Suddenly, she felt someone grab her round the middle and shove her to one side. The force of the person's shove made Angel fall. She landed on the ground with a thump, winded. She looked up to see who had pushed her, it was a man. He looked to be in his early twenties and had jet black hair that fell half-way between his chin and his shoulders. He had extremely pale skin and was dressed head-to-toe in black. He looked down at her, frowning slightly. She noticed that his eyes were a dark onyx colour.

'Move!' he barked, 'Get out of here if you want to live!'

Snapping to her senses, Angel scrambled up and ran for it, looking behind her she saw the purple man leap at the man dressed in black.

Angel fell against the wall, she had been running flat out for almost twenty minutes and had reached her breaking point. She looked around her, she was in a deserted alleyway in a part of town she'd never been in before. She was lost.

Angel refused to allow herself to think about all she had lost in the past half hour. Her home, her friends, everyone she had known and trusted. What would happen to her now? She shook her head, knowing that if she allowed her self to think about it, she would break down and she did not need that right now, she needed to think. She needed to think of away to get herself out of this mess. The sound of a dustbin lid spinning on the floor, broke her train of thought. She craned her head, straining to see into the mouth of the alley. She could just about make out the silhouette of a figure, emerging out of the darkness.

'Who, who are you?' she asked, trying and failing to sound brave.

'Your worst nightmare!' the figure hissed, moving into the light.

Angel froze.

It was the purple man.

The man moved forward, faster than any living thing Angel had ever seen before and slammed her against the wall.

'Dinner time!' he chuckled, his right hand closing around her throat.

'Not if I can help it.'

The man in black leaped gracefully down from a nearby roof top. The purple man wheeled around, letting Angel slide to the floor.

The man in black strode forward, brandishing a wicked looking sword, he had the overall appearance of an angel of death. The purple man went into a crouch and snarled animalisticly.

'You got away from me, I was going to kill you.' stated the man in black.

'That's why I got away!' retorted the purple guy.

'You won't escape again.' the man in black said, coldly.

'We'll see.' replied the purple guy.

The man in black lunged, swinging his sword in a deadly ark above his head. The purple man rolled away, coming up in a crouch and unsheathed the knife he used to cut Marion's throat. The man dressed in black paused, watching the purple man with his hawk-like gaze. The purple man leaped at the man in black but he just raised his sword and stabbed the purple guy in the stomach. The purple guy fell, landing on top of the man in black, bleeding heavily, the wound was not fatal but enough to weaken him. The man in black pushed the purple man off of him and stabbed him in the back, his sword piercing the purple man's heart. The purple man shivered, slackened and died.

The man in black wiped the blade of his sword on the purple man's clothes, removing the blood.

Mika re-sheathed his sword and stared down at the dead vampaneze for a moment. Suddenly remembering the girl, he turned around and studied her. She was staring at him with wide emerald eyes. She must be scared witless! He stared at her awkwardly for a few minutes, unsure of what to do. She'd seen to much, he should do what's best for the clan and kill her but...he couldn't do it. There was something about this girl, something unexplainable. He felt the overwhelming urge to be with her, to get to know her. He'd never felt anything like it in his two centuries of being on this earth. Regardless of this, the girl had seen to much of his world, she had been exposed to vampaneze and had seen him fight and kill one of them. He could just leave her but only knowing a little about the dangers of the world was worse then knowing a lot. He was broken from his reverie by the sound of approaching footsteps. He turned and spotted one of his fellow princes, Vancha March.

'I see you killed the guy then, the vampaneze won't like that.' Vancha stated, pausing to spit on the corpse. Mika turned towards the girl, she was still cowering there against the wall, looking terrified. Vancha followed Mika's glance and spotted the girl, he frowned.

'Who's this?'

'The vampaneze was trying to kill her, I couldn't just stand by and...' Mika trailed off, Vancha was giving him a funny look.

'Mika, in all the time I've known you, all you've ever done is sulk, you've never shown an interest in humans before, why start now?'

Mika had no answer to this, he didn't even know himself why he had felt compelled to save the girl.

'Um...excuse me...' piped up a small voice, Mika and Vancha turned to see the girl trying to put on a brave face, 'Err...do you know how I can get back to the orphanage?'

'You can't go back, not only is there no orphanage to back tobut you've seen to much.' Mika said, feeling realy bad for what he was about to offer her, 'Your only option is to come with us, you could become my assistant...'

Vancha looked at Mika sharply, 'Are you mad, Mika? She's only a teenager, you can't induct her into the world of vampires!'

'It's either that or killing her! I don't know about you but I've seen enough death tonight!' Mika snapped.

'Aye...taking her with us does sound like the best solution...' Vancha didn't look very happy about it.

Mika turned to the girl, 'Well? What do you think?'

The girl stared blankly at Mika, 'You guys are...vampires?'

Half an hour later, Mika and Vancha had finished explaining to Angel about the world of vampires and vampaneze. It was time for her to make a decision.

'So Angel...are you going to come with us?' Vancha asked, 'Life as a vampire is very hard, most people can't handle it. We live rough most of the time, we have no need for comforts.'

'If you come with us, we'll have to blood you, the world of vampires is no place for a fragile human.' Mika added, looking Angel in the eye.

'It's join you or die, isn't it?' Angel questioned, timidly.

'I'm afraid so.' Mika replied gravely.

'Then...I guess I have no choice...I'll...I'll...I'll join you.' murmured Angel bravely.

'So be it.' muttered Mika, his feelings all over the place.

The trio left the outskirts of town and crossed, the wide expanse of wheat fields to get to the forest, which formed a border between that town and the next. By mid-morning, the two vampires and one very tired human were staggering up to the front door of the nearest hotel. The automatic door slid open and Mika approached the front desk.

'We'd like a room please.' he stated, wasting no time on niceties like 'hello'.

'Just one room?' The receptionist looked sceptical, looking from Mika to Vancha several times before spotting Angel.

'Yes, It's my sister's birthday, so my father and I are taking her here to celebrate, we only want one room because father doesn't like to let us out of his sight.' Mika smirked a little and lent forward, 'He's a little paranoid.'

The receptionist smiled, fooled by Mika's lie and typed something in on her computer.

'Room 72 is free, straight up the stairs, ninth room on the left, enjoy your stay!'

'Thank you, we will.' Mika smiled back, before turning and walking over to Vancha and Angel.

'Father? Paranoid?' Vancha asked as they ascended the stairs.

'It was the best excuse I could think of. Anyway, you are old enough to be my father.' Mika smirked, dodging a swipe from Vancha.

'I am not!'

'Are too! I'm only 200 years old, you're ancient compared to me!'

'Only 200?' Angel gasped.

'Yup, he's 400!'

'And I thought the lady who ran the orphanage was old...' Angel said, shocked.

The threesome entered the room, only to spot one slight drawback.

'There's only one bed.' Mika said, horrified.

'There's a sofa, someone could sleep on.' pointed out Angel.

'The question is, who has to share?' Vancha asked, looking at the other two.

'We could draw straws?' suggested Angel.

'We haven't got any straws.' Mika stated.

'Um...we could flip a coin?' Angel put forward.

'We haven't got a...actually...will a 2p do?' Mika said, producing a two pence coin from the pocket of his trousers.

'That'd be perfect.' said Vancha, 'ok, we all flip the coin, the two of us who get the same side, e.g. Tails, will share the other person gets the sofa.'

'Ok...who flips first?' asked Mika.

'I think Angel should, as she's the youngest, then you should flip it, then I'll flip it, everyone happy with that?' Vancha suggested, everybody nodded.

Mika handed Angel the coin, who tossed it up into the air.

'Heads.' she called, passing the coin back to Mika.

'Tails.' he uttered, giving the coin to Vancha.

'Heads!' he smirked, seeing Angel's shocked expression.

Mika turned to Angel sympathetically.

'Hard luck!' he muttered.

Before Angel could reply, she let out a load yawn.

'Sounds like somebody should go to bed.'

Angel awoke sometime in the late afternoon. She was about to open her eyes when she realised the two men were talking to one another. About her.

'So...Mika...why the long face?'

'What are you talking about Vancha? I'm perfectly fine.'

'This makes you jealous, doesn't it?'

Angel felt Vancha wind his arm around her waist.

'No, I'm just...worried for her, I know you Vancha.'

'What does that mean?'


There was a silence then Angel heard Mika chuckle.

'Whatever.' retorted Vancha.

Angel drifted back to sleep.

'Angel! An-gel! Wakey wakey!'

Angel opened her eyes to see Vancha sitting on the edge of the bed, shaking her lightly.

'Mm...what time is it?' she groaned, swatting his hand away.

'Midnight!' answered Vancha cheerily.

'Why are you waking me up then? Let me sleep!'

'You're living with vampires now, Angel. You have to adapt to our way of living, we sleep during the day and go out at night, so get your lazy behind out of bed!'

'Leave her alone Vancha, we're in no hurry to leave.' Mika said, from across the room.

Angel turned to see him sprawled across the sofa, his floppy black hair half obscuring his face. She couldn't manage to tear her eyes away. Mika noticed her looking and raised an eyebrow, Angel blushed.

'We can't stay here all night! We should move on!' Vancha argued.

'Where to? We haven't got any plans yet, surely we should work out where to go before actually setting off.' Mika replied, wisely.

'Well, if you're so clever, where should we go?' Vancha asked.

'Why don't we let Angel decide?' suggested Mika.

Both men turned expectantly towards Angel.

'London.' she said, without hesitating, 'I've always wanted to go there.'

'Very well, London it is.'

Angel walked through the streets of London, looking up at the towering grey buildings around her. Mika and Vancha were asleep in the hotel room as it was daytime (luckily, they had two beds and a sofa in their room this time.) and she had decided to explore the city. She breathed in a lungful of dirty city air and sighed. Images from her life at the orphanage flashed through her head. Her best-friend Marion, her other friend Nola, the lady in charge, who always greeted her with a smile and a hug, the cook who used to bake chocolate chip cookies every Wednesday. They were all dead now, every one of her friends, not to mention her family, the last of which she'd been told, had passed away when she was just five years old. She missed the comfort and the warmth of the orphanage, she missed having her own tiny bedroom (her room had been to small to share) but she couldn't complain about living with Mika and Vancha. Sure Vancha was a bit scary looking, with the fact that he never washed, his bright green hair and his animal skins (Angel shuddered, she'd always been disgusted with the idea of wearing fur) but he wasn't that bad and Mika...Angel wasn't sure about her feelings towards Mika. They were confusing and hard to decipher, she barely knew the guy and yet...

Angel's train of thought was broken by a loud shout from a near-by alleyway, she shuddered. Suddenly, she no-longer thought walking around London unaccompanied was a good idea. She stopped and tried to remember the way back to the hotel, she couldn't.

For the second time in a couple of days, she was lost.