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Mika approached the gravestone silently. It had just been over a year since he had lost his assistant, his lover. He sighed as he knelt down in front of the grave and placed down his bouquet of roses.

'Oh Angel...I miss you so much, I wish you were still here.', he muttered under his breath, a sudden cool breeze was his only response.

He sat back and re-read the words on the grave for what felt like the thousandth time:

Here lies Angel,

A bright spark, who lit up the lives of all who knew her.

He smiled sadly. Angel had gone to join her namesakes now, was she happy? He thought she was, a girl like her couldn't be too sad for too long, she always bounced back, eventually. He took the time to admire the gravestone itself. It was made of black granite, engraved with gold-coloured lettering and had a little figure of an angel made from onyx sat upon the top. It was beautiful. Like her. Like she used to be. When she was alive.

He did not know how long he sat there, contemplating but the first signs of sunset were beginning to show. He had chosen a shaded spot for her grave, under the cover of some tall pines. He could come here whenever he liked and would not be bothered by the sun. She would have liked it there. He stood and began to walk back to where Vancha would be waiting for him. Just before he left the cover of the trees, he turned and glanced back at the little angel figurine. His Angel. His Onyx Angel.