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AN: This is fairly confusing but it's from a still-in-Azkaban Bellatrix's perspective. I tried to make it confusing but not enough to be unreadable. We'll see if I succeeded.

Bellatrix huddled in the corner of her cell blocking out the images that invaded her mind. She'd gotten very good at it over the long years. As long as the Dementor wasn't stationed on the outside side of the bars the images could be waded through.

There had been a curious tug on her magic these last few days - at least Bellatrix thought it had been days. It had taken her that long to piece her broken mind into some semblance of order but she'd finally figured it out.

They'd learned about it in 6th or 7th year. Her memories of that time were vague though, filled with dark magic and the Dark Lord. She'd finally found the memory though. It had been for an end of the year project on marriage, bonds, children. She'd chosen to do hers on wizarding children as she'd always wanted a child. If she had been anyone else Rodolphus would have been terrifying when they'd found out she couldn't have any.

Bellatrix shook her head. She was getting off track. It happened a lot in Azkaban so it wasn't much of a surprise and she was usually only too happy to let it but this time she pulled her thoughts back together.

Children. Bonds. That's what she'd done her project on.

With a firm nod that knocked her head on the hard stone of the wall behind her she continued her thoughts.

When a child was born a bond with the mother was formed. The child did after all share the mother's body and magic for nine months. Part of the child's magic came from the mother which was where the bond came from. Some mothers, those more powerful than most or those who had a better grasp of magic and knew where theirs was at all times, knew the moment they were pregnant. From then on there would always be a small tug on the mother's magic telling them a child had been conceived. That a piece of their magic was was tucked away within the child. It was how squibs were found in the old days.

Bellatrix shook her head once more, a harsh frown marring her features as she cut off the thoughts of squibs and blood purity that were just waiting to burst from her mouth.

She stilled as she heard a noise echo through the stone hallways outside her cell. Straining her ears to listen for any sound, wondering if it was old Quibble down the hall trying to squeeze himself between the bars again. It was always worth her attention because he always got stuck, the spells on the cell placed in such a way that the bars came 'alive' and caught the prisoner. Meaning old Quibble had to wait for the guards to pop him back out again.

"Crucio!" The screams that followed the shout were a balm to what was left of her soul. Breathless, she crawled to door, chains dragging behind her. She knew that voice. Oh, how she knew it. He had come for her, just as he had always promised he would.

Her gaze rose from the floor to look into blood red eyes as the footsteps stopped before her cell. The lock clicked and the bars swung open. At once, Bellatrix was continuing her crawl to the man's feet.



Much later, after getting off the hideous island and washing the grime from her body Bellatrix allowed her mind to slip back to her ponderings.

A tug on her magic. That's what she had been feeling. She had a child. A little girl, she just knew it. Bellatrix didn't know how it had come about as even if she could have children it wasn't something that could be forgotten. There was also the fact that it had just sprung into existence sometime within the last few days.

Oh well, it didn't matter. Somewhere out there in the world was a little girl who was just waiting to call her Mummy and she needed to be raised right after all. No daughter of Bellatrix's was going to be friends with Muggles and Mudbloods.


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