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Summary: The Hokage asks Anko to look after Naruto after he almost gets killed by Itachi. Anko agrees but things don't go the way the Hokage thinks it should. What he didn't plan on was Anko being so protective of Naruto, even fighting ninja's from Konoha for how they treat him. Was this a good idea to have Anko watch Naruto or will Naruto end up just like Anko?

The legend of Naruto Uzumaki

A/N: this chapter starts off with a lemon.

Chapter 6

Naruto walked into the bathhouse in the newly built Uzumaki compound and found Anko and Kurenai in there. The fact they was in there didn't surprise them, but what they was doing did. The two was currently in a passionate kiss while feeling over the others body. With his enhanced senses he smelled their arousal in the air and it started to affect him. Not wanting to interrupt he sat in the corner and started to stroke himself as he watched with increasing interest, no matter how many times he saw them, seeing them without clothes on made him immediately attracted to them like never before.

Kurenai lifted Anko up so she was seated on the outside of the water and spreading her legs, "I have waited for this for so long" Anko said, "your hard to get in the mood" she finished.

"Stop talking" Kurenai said.

She then licked the outside of Anko's womanhood and slowly entered her. Anko grabbed the back of Kurenai's hair as she worked her tongue around her. Anko laid back and pushed her waist into Kurenai's face as she felt a finger enter her, "KURENAIIIIIIIIII" she yelled in pleasure.

Kurenai stopped and came out the water, "lets see if your as good as you taste" she said and lowered herself onto Anko's face and lowered her face back to Anko's womanhood. After a few minutes both Anko and Kurenai's face was covered in juices from the other woman. Kurenai rolled off her breathing hard, "that was great" she said.

"Yes it was" Anko said.


Naruto was sitting in the living room waiting for Kushina to finish cooking when Anko and Kurenai walked in, "did you enjoy the show" Kurenai asked with a smile.

"I don't know what your talking about" Naruto said with a blush.

"Really, because I could have sworn I heard you enter the bathhouse" Kurenai said as she sat next to him and stroked his tail.

"I wasn't in there" Naruto said nervously.

Anko got on her knees in front of him and forced his legs apart, "really, then how did you get so hard" she asked looking right at his manhood.

"Um, because your only wearing a towel" Naruto responded.

"So your saying that even though we both heard you enter, your going to deny it" Anko asked as she slowly unzipped his pants.

"What are you doing" Naruto asked nervously.

"Don't worry, we know you want us" Kurenai said.

Anko licked his dick, "you know how long its been since Kurenai had one of these inside her" she asked.

Kurenai blushed, "not as long as you" she said.

"Oh" Anko licked it again, "I just can't stop licking this, its so good" she said licking it again.

"Let me taste" Kurenai said and got next to Anko and licked it.

Naruto was breathing hard by now and occasionally jerked his waist in Anko's hand. Kushina walked in, "oh I'm not interrupting am I" she asked.

"Oh no, why not join us" Anko asked.

"But I just finished lunch" Kushina said.

"Are you saying you don't want to taste how good this is" Anko asked.

"I already had sex with him" Kushina said.

"Yea, but did you taste him, as in put his big dick in your mouth" Anko asked as she slid the head into her mouth. She bobbed her head up and down hard on his dick.

Kurenai moved Naruto so he was laying on the couch, "can you lick me" she asked as she hovered her waist above his face.

Naruto's hands shot up and pulled her onto his face and entered his tongue into her womanhood. Kushina stood back and slid her hand into her pants and rubbed her own womanhood, "what about me" she asked.

Anko let Naruto's dick fall out of her mouth, "come over here, I'll entertain you while he entertain my pussy with that 8 inch dick of his" she said as she slid him into her pussy. Kushina sat on the arm of the couch and let Anko work her magic on her pussy. Naruto grabbed Anko's waist as he pounded her makingh er scream out into Kushina's pussy. Kurenai rubed her pussy against Naruto's face as he continued to lick her. Kurenai came in his mouth as Anko's pussy tightened around his dick making him cum inside her. Anko smiled into Kushina's pussy as she felt Naruto release in her.

Anko got off him breathing hard, "why don't Kurena and Kushina have fun together while I handle Naruto" she asked. The three shrugged as Anko leaned over the couches arm and laid her head on the couch, "fuck me in the ass Naruto" she said.

"Wont that hurt" Naruto asked.

"Yes, but your going to love how tight it is, also I like the pain I get from it" Anko said. Naruto shrugged and pushed himself in her ass getting a scream out of her, "yes Naruto fuck my ass, I been a bad girl punish me" she yelled.

Naruto pumped into her as hard as he could while holding her waist in place, "Anko, its so tight" he said.

"Yes, fuck your snake bitch, fuck her as hard as you can" Anko yelled.

Kurenai was laying on her back as Kushina was laying over her with her pussy in her face. As Kushina was licking Kurenai she felt something enter her ass and screamed out in surprise, "OH GOD" she yelled.

"Sorry I just couldn't resist" a clone said.

Kushina caught her breath, "what about Kurenai, she needs dick to" she said.

"I got that covered" a second clone said as he lifted Kurenai's legs and positioned his dick next to her ass.

Soon the three kunoichi's was being pounded in the ass by Naruto and his 2 clones. As Naruto unloaded in their ass they fell back on the ground tired, "man I'm so glad I was forced to learn how to keep clones without having to think about giving them chakra all the time" Naruto said.

"Me to, now its time for the ride of your life" Kurenai said as she positioned herself over her clone.

Soon the three kunoichi's was was on him riding him like no tomorrow. Naruto just laid there wondering how he was so lucky until the thought of Hinata, Hana, Tenten, Yakumo, Ino, and Shizune all riding him came to thought and he got a nosebleed, "what are you thinking about" Anko asked as she continued bounce on him.

"That the other girls was here now" he admitted.

"They will join us soon, but we can bring Kyuubi out of her seal" Kushina said as she climaxed on her clone.

"I don't think I can handle anymore now" Naruto said as his clones dispersed.

Anko got off Naruto, "you now I didn't use a protection jutsu" she asked.

"I don't think none of us did" Kurenai said.

"Being a hanyou I can't get pregnant unless I want to" Kushina said.

"So is becoming a hanyou painful" Anko asked.

"Very, it happens in one night, it will be the worst sleep you ever have, then it takes a week to get use to your new body and senses" Kushina said.

"Well at least the pain was worth it, I never been fucked that good" Anko said, "I can't even stand up" she added.

(lemon end)

A week later Anko walked out her room and stretched her limbs, "man I never want to be cooped up in my room again" she said.

"Yea, I'm hungry" Kurenai said coming out of her own room.

The two walked into the kitchen, "morning, breakfast is almost done" Kushina said.

Anko sat down after seductively stroking Kushina's tail, "I thought I would be at least a 5 tail hanyou" she said in disappointment as her 4 tails waved behind her.

"Well I'm a 5 tail hanyou, maybe we should increase your training" Kurenai teased.

Anko glared at her, "I'll be a 6 tailed hanyou before you are" she declared.

"Your on" Kurenai said.

"I can't believe you two had me have sex with my son again" Kushina said as she sat down.

"We didn't hear you complaining" Anko said.

"Plus it was only a clone" Kurenai said.

"That's besides the point, its incest" Kushina said.

Ano rolled her eyes, "you already said you will do anything to help him which is why you had sex the first time, so you should continue having sex with him no need to be sex deprived, like you said you can't get pregnant unless you want to" she said.

"And the only people who matter don't think its such a bad idea, and its obvious Naruto likes having sex with you" Kurenai pointed out.

"I guess, its not like we are really mother and son anyway" Kushina said.

"Exactly, your more like his hot best friend" Anko said.

Naruto ran into the kitchen in his boxers, "hey, I got a letter from Hina-hime, the Hyuuga's, Yamanaka's, Inuzuka's, Ayame, and Yakumo are coming to Whirlpool they will be here in a week" he said.

"Good, with them we can finally start bringing money into the place and more people" Kushina said.

"We are going to need a leader for Whirlpool, some allies, make a trade rout" Kurenai said.

"Its obvious that Kushi will be the leader, she is the only one from Whirlpool and she has proven to be a great leader" Naruto said.

"Well lets go find some allies, I know the perfect place to start." Kushina said.

"Well what are we waiting for?" Anko asked.

"Naruto go get dressed." Kushina said.

He returned wearing his orange pants with his kunai's on his left hip, on his right hip was his 'special' kunai's. He had on his orange short sleeve cloak that came to a few inches above his ankles. Under the cloak he had on an orange jounin vest full of scrolls. He was shirtless and the only thing going across his chest was the small rope that kept the top of his cloak from flying off. On his wrists under the palm of his hands was his seals for more throwing weapons and his katana was on his back. He also had his kunai around his neck like the rest of the Uzumaki gang.

"Sexy." Anko commented.


The 4 arrived in Wave and removed the chakra from their tail. They walked around and saw how bad things was, "Lets stay here for a bit." Kushina said.

Naruto walked until he came to what he guessed was a market. He walked around it, everything looked like it was just days from being rotten. There was so little food that the people was fighting over what was for sell, and what was for sell was so high that most people could barely buy it. He continued to walk and saw a lady get pulled into a dark alleyway and went in behind them, "Get off me!" she yelled while struggling to get free.

Naruto walked up to them with his hands in his pocket, "You should let her go, or I will be forced to make you." he said calmly.

The man looked up, "Get out of here boy before you get yourself and the lady hurt." he said.

"No please, I have a family, you have to help me." she yelled.

Naruto stepped forward, "I'll ask you again, please release her, I don't want to hurt you." he said.

The man looked up at him again, "Look boy, Gato is boss around here and he needs his money, if she don't have it she knows the rules, I get to have my way with her, now scram before I kill you." he said.

"Who is Gato?" Naruto asked.

"Do you know anything, Gato is the the one who owns this place." he said. The lady was able to pry herself free and ran, "Now look what you did, my prey got away, no worries, I like the hunt." he said.

Naruto growled quietly at him, "Don't touch her again or I will kill you." he threatened.

The man laughed, "You must be mistaken, your a child I'm a trained samurai you can't possible hope to kill me." he said. The lady peeked from behind the dumpster she was hiding behind and quickly ducked back behind it, "I found you." he said as he approached her.

Naruto reached out and grabbed his wrist, "I told you to stay away from her." he growled as he broke his wrist, "I have a message for Gato, tell him the Uzumaki's are in town and they are hunting for him and his samurai's and when we find them there will be no mercy for you." he told him as he let him go.

The man ran out the alleyway holding his wrist in pain. The lady slowly came out, "Is he gone?" she asked.

"Yes its now safe." Naruto said.

"Thank you so much, I owe you my life." she said.

"Don't worry about it, I can't let someone get raped if I can stop it." Naruto said.

"No, you saved me so I have to repay you a life dept, I can't do much in ways of fighting or protecting, but I'm an excellent cook, I'm Tsunami by the way." she said.

"Well Tsunami, I'm Naruto and I never was one to turn down good food." he said.

"Well Master Naruto, my life now belongs to you, I will be your cook until I die, just promise me that my son and father will be taken care of." she said.

Naruto looked at her in shock, "Master Naruto?" he asked.

She may not be a hanyou, but she has the morals of one, you saved her life and a life dept of being your cook is the only way she knows of repaying it, she has made herself your servant, its rude and unwise to accept a servant who willing became a servant. Kyuubi said.

'Oh, she didn't have to do that." Naruto responded. He looked at her, "Well Tsunami just call me Naruto and I promise your family will have the protection of the Uzumaki's." he said.

"Thank you Naruto, I have to get back to shopping for dinner," she gave him a paper with an address on it "That's where I live dinner will be served at 7 how many people are with you?" she asked.

"Including me, 4 in total." he answered.

"Ok, don't be late or you might miss it, I don't have much money." she told him and ran off.

"Man this is going to be troublesome." Naruto said.

"Tell me about it, you saved a cook, I saved a gardener, he wouldn't stop following me until I agreed to allow him to work at the compound as our official gardener." Anko said.

"Did hear about this Gato person?" Naruto asked.

"Yea, I want you to search around here for more clues, I'm going further into town for clues." Anko said and took off.


Kushina walked around jumping from roof to roof. As she continued through the small town she noticed she was being followed but every time she turned no one was there, it started to irritate her. She landed on another roof and flipped back as a clever came down where she was. She looked at the jounin, "Zabuza Momochi what are you doing here?" she asked.

"I was hired by Gato to make sure no shinobi's got in his way." Zabuza said.

"So your working for the scum that is causing this?" she asked as she motioned to the town.

Zabuza shrugged, "As long as I get paid I don't care." he said.

"People like you disgust me, you have the ability to help yet you sit back and do nothing." Kushina said.

"I do what I have to so I can eat." he answered simply.

"How do you sleep at night?" Kushina growled out.

"On my back with my hand on my hand clever, how do you sleep, naked I hope?" Zabuza replied.

Kushina narrowed her eyes, "I'm going to kill you." she said.

"Your not the first to tell me that." Zabuza said.

Kushina disappeared and slashed her katana at him. He blocked with his clever, "Prepare to die." she said.

"I would like to play, but I looking for someone, maybe we can fight later." he said and took off.

Kushina watched him go then turned and saw a girl looking up at her while hiding behind a pole. Kushina smiled at her then took off, unaware that the girl took off behind her.


The 4 arrived at a clearing, "Did everyone hear about this Gato character?" Anko asked.

"He hired a shinobi to protect him." Kushina said.

"I thought he only had samurai's." Naruto said.

"Don't worry, you all take the samurai's, Zabuza is mine, no one tries to make fun of me then run this is personal." she said.

"Ok, well I found out that Gato taxes everything in and out of the town so high that the people can't pay for anything." Kurenai said.

"And the food they get is all most rotten, my theory is he keeps the food for himself and what he don't eat he sells to the town." Naruto said.

"Ok, we will gather more information tomorrow, hopefully we can get rid of him." Kushina said.

"I have somewhere we can stay for the night." Naruto said then told them about his run in with Tsunami.

"Good, lets go." Kushina said. They started to follow Naruto until Kushina felt that presence again, "Come out I know your there!" she demanded as she spent around and pulled out her katana.

"Kushina whats wrong?" Anko asked. As she looked behind her.

"Someone has been following me since we arrived here." Kushina said as she scanned the area.

Slowly the light started to reflect of a mirror in front of them until the mirror was able to be seen fully by them. They looked amazed by this as a girl was now visibly in the mirror "Your the girl who I saw hiding behind that pole?" Kushina asked.

She nodded slowly, "Yes." she whispered.

"Why are you following me?" Kushina asked.

She looked at Kushina's katana and kept quiet. Kushina noticed this and put it away, "I'm not going to hurt you, I just want to know why you was following me." she assured her.

The girl looked at Kushina then behind her, but not at the others "What is she looking at?" Naruto asked.

The girl looked at Kushina again, "Sorry for following you." she whispered shyly again.

"Its fine, just tell me whats wrong, no one is going to hurt you I promise." Kushina said.

"Really?" she asked in her quiet voice.

"Yes, your safe with us." Kushina said.

"She's nervous." someone said from behind Naruto. They all looked at the newcomer and the girl vanished and appeared cowering behind Kushina for protection, "What?" she asked.

"Your out." Kushina said.

"Yea, that seal that you put on me took forever to weaken the original seal enough for me to come out." Kyuubi said.

Kushina turned as she felt the girl squeeze her coat as she tried to hide, "Whats wrong?" she asked.

"Demon." she said.

"Demon, wait she is friendly." Kushina said to her.

"Demon, strong demon." she cried.

"She is thinks you can protect her." Kyuubi said while she messed with her long red hair.

"Protect her, why do I need to protect her?" Kushina asked confused.

"Ask her." Kyuubi said.

"Do you ever give straight answers?" Anko asked.

"Wheres the fun in that." Kyuubi answered.

"Why do in need to protect you?" Kushina asked.

"Demon." she repeated.

"I know, Kyuubi is nice demon." Kushina said.

Kyuubi growled, "I'm not nice, I just have a high tolerance level." she said.

The girl cowered behind Kushina again, "Your not helping." Kkushina told her.

"Keep demon away please?" the girl asked.

"Ok, whats your name?" Kushina asked.

"Me Haku." she replied.

"Ok Haku, why do you think Kyuubi is going to hurt you and how do you know Kyuubi was a demon?" Kushina asked.

Haku looked at Kushina "Me weak, you strong." Haku said.

"How do you know that?" Kushina asked.

"Me 3 tailed, you 7 tailed" Haku said as her tails appeared.

Kushina looked at the tails then at Kyuubi and back at Haku. Like a jutsu everything clicked, "She knew I was a hanyou and a 7 tailed one at that, so she followed me when she sensed you in the area." she said.

"Yup, all hanyou's will look for the strongest hanyou in the area to protect them from being hunted by stronger demon's, hanyou's, or human's." Kyuubi said.

"Why didn't you just tell us she was a hanyou?" Kushina asked.

"It was more fun watching you try and figure it out, she probably will not go anywhere without you until she feels comfortable around the others." Kyuubi told them.

"Trouble." Haku said as he hid her tails.

2 minutes later a group of samurai's came out, "what do we have here?" one asked.

"Hell I don't have time for this." Kushina said.

"You rest, Haku will kill for you." she said and walked towards the samurai's.

"Look one comes out to great us." a samurai said.

Haku pulled out a bottle of water and jerked it into the air to get the needed water for her jutsu as she made a one hand sign with her other hand, Hyouton: thousand stinging needles of death she said. The water formed needles and went flying at the samurai's killing them.

"Impressive." Kyuubi said.

Haku ran back to Kushina's side but kept a close eye on Kyuubi, much to the amusement of the demon. "Haku why do you hate demon's?" Kushina asked.

"Demon rape and kill mother." Haku said.

"Do you know what the demon looked like?" Kushina asked.

"Father, I killed him in his sleep." Haku said, "You protect Haku from demon." she asked.

"Of course I will." Kushina said.

"I told Tsunami only 4 people would be coming." Naruto pointed out.

"Don't worry, I'll take Haku someplace else and try to convince her that Kyuubi wont hurt her." Kushina said and led Haku off who wouldn't leave her side.

"The joys of having a hanyou or lower level demon that's loyal to only you." Kyuubi said.

"Why is she so attached to Kushi-chan?" Naruto asked.

"Because Haku feels safe around her, its the easiest way to get a mate." Kyuubi said.

"But if you decide to make Haku yours there is nothing Kushi-chan can do." Naruto said.

"True, but I can't." Kyuubi said.

"Why?" Naruto asked.

"Remember what I told you about markings and demon rape, plus I will have my own loyal followers in a short time, just like Anko and Kurenai." Kyuubi said.

"So they are like a servant?" Naruto asked.

"Yes, speaking of servants, that Tsunami is checking you out, maybe she would like to become a hanyou?" Kyuubi teased.


A/N: The reason Haku talks like she does is because she hasn't been around many people, and she is nervous. When ever she talk about herself she refers to herself as 'me' instead of 'I' like anyone else would. Next chapter I'll tell more about how hanyou's work. For everyone who is wondering, Hinata, Hana, Tenten, Ino, Temari, Yakumo, Anko, Kurenai, Kushina, Yuugao, Shizune are all in Naruto's harem. I might add Kyuubi, Alsya, Tsunade, Tsunami, Tsume,Mei, Haku, Funu, Yugito, Shion, and Princess Koyuki but im not sure, what do you all think? I'm taking suggestions on this. Oh and Kyuubi isn't completely free just yet. Whirlpool will be a village that will eventually be full of Hanyou's looking for a safe place from demon's and human's who hunt and kill them. Please review.