I live in a world were we are ruled by vampires. We are treated like slaves while they are treated like kings. You would that this tyrant stage would have ended along time ago for it is the twenty first century. We sill have modern technology but I think it's just because the king wants us to stay out of his way. You would find it weird that there was one king of the whole entire universe, but it's not as funny as you would think. Are king is cruel and ruthless. Are king is Edward Cullen.

Bella's POV

I just turned fifteen and now I have to have a husband. Don't people get I don't want to get married and have kids. No one deserves to suffer in this world. Except for the vampires who bring this burden upon us.

Today we have to go to this stupid ball some where near the castle. That's part of why I hate this place, it is in the same place as the main palace. So back to this ball, everyone is going to be there and when I say everyone I mean people are traveling across the world to come to this ball. Sadly even the king is coming.

Even though we are living in the twenty first century we still have to wear clothes from the medieval times. That's what the king does I think he like them because it's away to control us and it shows of are breasts. The king has been the king forever and when I say forever I mean forever. He is still even a virgin. The thing they told us in school was that a proper king will wait to find a person to have a proper heir with but will treat them like there own personal pet which they are. I also hear he is looking for his bride.

Legend tells us that there is only one human in this world that can carry a half human half vampire heir which only the king is allowed to have. They also say this person is immortally human like they are still human except they don't age and they live forever unless someone kills them which is probably easy to do anyway.

So here I am with my Mother Renee picking out a dress for the ball.

"Isabella why do you only have Red, black, and dark blue clothes they all look whorish."

"Well I'm sorry but those are the only clothes that will ever look good on me and you know what the doctor says." I said.

There is a funny doctor every girl has to go to when they are fifteen. This doctor says what your body is meant for so it s kind of a good advertisement for marriage yuck. So every woman either is meant for sex, carrying babies, or neither. But my body is meant for sex and babies the first that has ever happened to so my mother is worried I might be the girl from the legend. Like everyone always says stuff about me like I know my boobs are huge and my ass is awesome to other people but I would rather succeed on my brain then my looks.

"Can I wear that red one it's my favorite?" I asked Renee.

"No honey that one makes you look more like a whore than any other one." She said looking at all my dresses.

"But mother." I whined.

"Okay fine I'm just worried about you that's all." Renee said hugging me.

"When is father coming home?" I asked once we were finished hugging.

"He is going to meet us at the ball." She said and I got really nervous, "Don't worry Isabella your father will be there so there is no reason to be nervous."

Once I was dressed in my red medieval dress and Renee in her green dress she braided my hip long hair. Everyone always says how they love my hair and how it is so long for it is down to my hip. My hair is also really thick but silky.

I looked at myself in the mirror scared that I might meet the person I will be forced to marry tonight which I probably will. I know I could never love who my parents decide to let me marry there choice is just to support me and keep me safe. But I want love, which I might never get for it, is very unlikely to fall in love with the person you marry in this world. My parents were just lucky.

"Isabella the carriage will be here in two minutes. Renee yelled from down the stairs. Even though we have a car we were rarely aloud to use it for the king preferred for us to use carriages especially when we are going to events like this.

I made my way down the stairs to the carriage and the driver took my hand and helped me into the carriage.

"Isabella everything will be okay and remember no matter what happens I will always love you." Renee said with fear.

"Mother thank you so much for the confidence." I said sarcastically.

"I just worry about you and I don't want your husband to have to hurt you to get you to listen." Renee said.

"If my future husband even thinks about hurting me I will kick him in the balls so hard they'll fall of." I joked.

"Still have sense of humor." Renee said looking out the window.

We made it to the ball ten minutes later and we entered the ball and let me tell you it was packed. People were talking about this and that which meant the king hasn't arrived yet.

"Isabella I'm going to go look for your father so just hang around and please be very careful." She said and I nodded.

I watched her enter the large crowd and went to search for Angela.

"Bella, over here" Angela shouted from behind me.

"Angela when is the king getting here?" I asked nervous for the people around me.

"Any minute and by the way Bella please do not express your hatred for him. I know your temper." She begged.

"I'll try." I laughed and she smiled.

"Isabella, Angela." Mike said approaching us but he only looked at me well more like my boobs, but I was used to it.

"Mike I told you so many times to call me Bella." I told him sweetly. Everyone except my friends called me Isabella for some reason.

"Yes but I like to call you Isabella." He replied and smiled.

"Whatever." I said and rolled my eyes at Angela and she let out a giggle.

"Announcing highness King Edward." The guard at the top of the stairs announced.

Then the most beautiful person I have ever seen descended down the stairs. He wears a cape and a crown how wonderful. He made his way to the thrown that was set up here.

"Hello my subjects thank you for joining me at this ball. The young adults are here to find them selves a spouse so if you would please get on with the party." His voice was beautiful too.

He was a jerk though and my anger got the best of me, "Go to hell you asshole." I screamed and everyone gasped.

"Who said that?" The king roared.

I made my way in front of everyone and said "It was me and I am not sorry for what I said." I yelled at him

"Bring her to me." He yelled at his guards.

Two guards took hold of my arms and brought a struggling me in front of the king.

"Let go of her." He ordered.

Once they let go of me he grabbed my braid and sat me in his lap. He traced my cheek with one cold finger and said "Beautiful."

"Don't touch me." I yelled at him and tried to jump up but he held me to him.

"Do not tell me what to do" he whispered and traced my breast.

I blushed and he groaned "I love that reaction" he said squeezing my breast.

"Please leave her be." Renee yelled coming to the front of the crowd.

"What right do you have to tell me what to do?" He asked her reaching his hand down under my skirt.

"Please she is very stubborn and is only fifteen. I promise she won't bother you again just leave he be." She begged.

"Well she is immortal so it doesn't matter what you do or say." The king said shocking me.

"What do you mean she's immortal?" Renee asked nervously.

"She is the girl from the legend." He said nuzzling my neck.

"No she can't be please." Renee begged.

"Well she is immortal and I can't read her mind so she is. She is the only one that can carry my heir and pleasure me of course." Moving my panties to the side.

"Excuse me your highness one of his vampire advisors said you shouldn't do that till you wedding night." He spoke nervously.

"Sadly your right Marcus she just smells so good, sweet and spicy. Like flowers and sex mixed together." He said taking his hand out of my skirt and licking my neck.

"Please make the needed plans for this Saturday night that is three day away." He spoke kissing my cheek.

"What do you mean by needed plans for this Saturday?" Charlie my father asked nervously.

"I will be marrying your daughter this Saturday." He said sniffing my hair.

"No you will not." I yelled and slapped him and he threw me to the floor.

Before he could harm me in any other way I ran into the crowd and out the door. Even though they were faster than I was they didn't know how to find me. So no matter what I will not marry that asshole.

All this information is a lot to take in. I'm immortal? I'm meant to carry his heir? To pleasure him? I will never do that. I hate him and he will hurt me, rape me. I won't let this happen that is why I can only run to one place, the cliff.