Title: The Artist in the Ambulance

Author: Skye

Pairing: Jeff Hardy/Phillip Brooks

Rating: 18+

Disclaimer: I do not own!

Summary: Can a heart stop beating once it's broken…? Jeff was going to soon find out…

Author's Note: This is the last part of my series. It is… Very me…


The Artist in the Ambulance


Jeff laid in his bed, day after day, just staring off into space. He couldn't function now… Not without Phil… His mind had become accustomed to his ways and now… Without it… Jeff didn't know what to do with himself… It was painful, each breath in, knowing that Phil wasn't listening to him breathe while he tried to sleep. Matt had tried to break him out of this, get him back to normal, but Jeff refused to respond to him, and acted as if he could not see him. So Matt resolved to give up. Jeff was wasting away to nothing. When the day came for Phil's court appearance, Matt had to physically drag Jeff there…

Jeff sat in his seat in the courtroom beside Matt, who was waiting to testify against Phil. Jeff was supposed to be a witness, but Matt wasn't sure if he'd even speak at this point. The baliff brought Phil in moments after they got there. Upon seeing Phil, Jeff brightened up immediately, looking over at his sad and distraught face. They brought Phil into the courtroom in hand and ankle cuffs, orange jump suit. He was clearly terrified looking much like a child the way his eyes were wide with fear. Jeff couldn't help himself, and ripped away from Matt with minimal struggle and he ran to Phil, throwing his arms around him, sobbing uncontrollably, clinging to him for dear life. Phil stood there, the picture of passive resistance as the guards tore them apart again, tears slipping down his own cheeks as they forced Jeff back into his seat to be restrained.

It wasn't fair. Jeff couldn't imagine why anyone would want to keep them apart. He continued to cry softly as everyone was sworn in and was barely able to choke out his own swear. It was painful… He could hardly stand to see the one he'd come to love restrained and at the mercy of these people… These people who didn't care about him at all. This trial, to Jeff, was unfair…

When set to the stand, Jeff answered the questions as honestly as he could.

"Mister hardy, did you in fact, see mister Brooks assault your brother with a knife and then set fire to the house while your brother was inside with your friend Mister Moore?" he was asked. Jeff shook his head.

"I have no brother." He stated harshly. Matt winced at this. The prosecutor narrowed his eyes.

"Mister Hardy did you see Phillip Brooks do these things or not?" he asked. Jeff nodded.

"I did. They deserved it… They were corrupting me. Phil was just protecting me from them… You people don't know Philly. He's a good person!" Jeff responded defensively.

Phil's eyes lit up and Jeff looked over at him.

"I love Phillip Brooks. He is a better person than any of you. You all are feeding him to the wolves…" Jeff said weakly. The prosecutor looked to the judge.

"Your honor the witness is suffering from Stockholm Syndrome. The prosecution rests." He said snidely. Jeff glared at the man as he walked over and sat down and the bailiff escorted him down from the stand to sit beside Matt.

Jeff merely wrenched his arm away and stormed out of the courtroom, stopping at the door long enough to look at Phil, who looked back.

"I love you Phil." Jeff called. Phil nodded.

"I love you too Jeff…"

Jeff wiped at his eyes before leaving.

It was announced on the news the next day that Phil had been sent to an insane asylum to be locked up for the rest of his life as a dangerously crazed individual. Jeff was heartbroken when he found out.

But every day Jeff got in his car drove the forty minutes out to the asylum, and went in to visit Phil, until Matt and Shannon could see Jeff was falling apart and a mental mess himself, and forced him, against his will, to become inpatient in a hospital.

True love they say, transcends time, space, and even death… This was true of Phil and Jeff… Even though they were dead to one another locked away from the world, each day was consumed by their love, far off. Each moment that passed was spent thinking of one another.

Five years after he was taken in, Phil was killed by a fellow inmate. Mysteriously enough, Jeff died the next day from causes unknown…

And almost in a Romeo and Juliet fashion, they could finally be together…


The End