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Sakura Pov.

If I had known they were going to be here, I would have brought backup. Who thought a C rank mission I didn't even want to take could have become an A ranked one that would have needed Ambu surrounding the building. And if it wasn't bad enough more of them kept coming every couple of days. More and more of those damned Akatsuki.

24 Hours before, Normal Pov.

"Sakura, thank goodness you're here." Tsunade said putting down her Sake.

"Good morning." Sakura smiled with a slight bow to her trainer and hokage.

"This mission has been dumped on me and instead of sending a group of runts," Tsunade sounded annoyed. "I thought it would be easier to just send you, it'll be faster than and not as annoying as to have to wait a week for any other groups to finally come back."

Sakura held in the slight laughter and took the scroll with the details of the mission. "Wha- It's a C-Ranked mission? Tsunade!" Sakura got a scowl from her trainer and went on reading the scroll. "So basicly you want me to investigate a nut house that isn't actually 'there'?" Sakura asked.

"From sources the house is real but it makes people crazy, however no one's actually found seen or heard from anyone who had the following things, so I truly believe this Is a rumor, but I can't pass my missions to another country, and I need to clean up this damn room, so I'm giving away every mission I can. SO COME BACK FAST!" Tsunade ordered and Sakura sweat dropped.

'That's why she's mad, she has to clean.' Then Sakura left to go home. On her way though she saw Naruto, who forced her to come with him to Ichirakus.

"I see you have a mission, the usual please." Naruto smiled.

Sakura looked at the board. "Same as Naruto but only one please, and a pretty lame one" Sakura glared at the mission. "The only way it'll be half decent is if their actually is a house."

"Oh, you got that mission!" Naruto began to laugh so hard he didn't notice the bowl of ramen being placed in front of Sakura before his came. "I got that one, but I denied it, I demanded something better! Hey where's my Ramen?" It was then they placed a double sized bowl in front of him, which made Sakura look at it confused.

'Did they get that bowl just for him?' Sakura wondered.

"So you're the one I should be annoyed at, is that what you're saying, Naru?"

"No, no! I mean I just think it's funny. Do you think she offered it to Sai too?"

"I doubt that. he'd take it, just as he does every other ones he gets. He's too unemotional to care."

"Know that's not true, I call you ugly and that's emotional." Sai said appearing next to them, non-chalantly ordering Ramen for himself.

Sakura glared at him before landing what she considered a light punch on his arm. "Excuse me?"

Naruto laughed as Sakura and Sai yelled friendly to each other. And by friendly it meant they weren't making a scene like usually.

It wasn't long before Sakura had to leave and pack whatever necessities she could bring. Basically meant food and weapons, no need for clothes or even a tent, she expected to be back in two days, and that meant she really didn't even need food, but she wasn't going to risk it. Sakura walked to the front gate and waited. Naruto and a forced Sai had come to say good bye to her for every mission she'd go on by herself, or without them. Finally she could hear the pitter patter of Naruto's feet and the stomps of Sai's feet, trying to escape Naruto's death hold on him. Sakura smiled, she loved them. Ever since her parent's death, the two of them really felt like her family, and she needed that. She needed them.

"SAKURA!" Naruto yelled pulling her into a group hug since Sai had hugged her as well.

"I'm coming back in a couple days, Naru, no need to worry." She hugged them both individually and walked off, and as soon as she was out of seeing distance from Konoha she began to run. She didn't like it when they could see her running unless they were running too.

Surprisingly enough Sakura got to the area the house was supposed to be quite fast. The only problem now was that it was a large area. Sakura sighed and began to walk around. It wasn't long before she got tired, she'd been walking around the same area for about three hours now.

'WHERE THE HELL IS THIS HOUSE?!" Sakura cried. She decided to sit down against a tree a rest her eyes a little bit. After about an hour of napping, Sakura woke up to pitch black darkness. She stretched and got up continuing her search in the dark. She saw a dim yellow light in the distance and began to sprint towards it. She grinned when she saw steps, a porch, a door and then the house as a hole.

"I found it, WOO HOO!" Sakura cheered getting an eerie response from the dark house in front of her. "Well might as well check you out." Sakura sighed stepping onto the front porch, she was very careful not to make a noise. Knowing her luck this wouldn't be the right house and some precious old couple would get a heart attack because she was too loud and scared the shit out of them. She opened the door and walked in, lightly closing the door behind her. After exploring the entire house she found no old couple or human life forms what so ever. She decided to see if there was anything important in this house, otherwise really what was the point? There were closets full of clothes, fridge and pantry full of food, and the water seemed to work just fine. Matter of fact, the house was very nicely packed. However she took notice that all the pictures were blank pictures of the houses different rooms, which creeped Sakura out a little.

"What the fuck is with this shit hole." Sakura heard a man's voice from the kitchen.

"It's nicely stacked, meaning there's no need to waste money." She heard a deeper voice state contently. Sakura pulled out a couple of her weapons ready to attack if needed. Luckily for her they hadn't noticed her. As she hid in the hallway she quickly glanced into the kitchen, and her breath hitched causing the two boys wearing Akatsuki cloaks to glance around.

"I think there's another fucking presence in this house." The one with grey hair said.

"Over there." The one with the deep voice and weirdly shaped body said, pointing in the direction of the hallway.

'Shit!' Sakura thought, quickly retreating to the door. She never would have thought this door would keep her alive.

'Why won't it open?!' Sakura mentally freaked out trying to open the door, not noticing the two S-rank ninja look at her and then at each other.

"Well, look what the house dragged in." Sakura turned a little freaked from not noticing them earlier. "It's the girl who 'killed' Sasori." The one who had been cursing before, said using air quotes around killed.

Sakura gave a puzzled look and then got in a defensive pose ready to attack if needed. "And you guys are the Akatsuki."

"Well part of it, yes."

"A fucking big part of it."

'And there he goes cursing again.' Sakura thought to herself. "What a potty mouth," Then Sakura quickly shut her mouth not meaning to say that aloud.

"What did that bitch just call me?" the grey headed one yelled.

"you know you are one." The other one mumbled, then began approaching Sakura, who instantly backed away. "Tch, I'm not going to attack you unless you attack me." He then reached for the doorknob and tried to open it, which failed. "We're locked in." He said calmly not seeming to care very much.

"I could have told you that." Sakura mumbled aloud again causing the man to glare slightly at her. 'Damn I need to stop doing that.'

"Let me try." The other one came and failed as well. "Damn it Kakuzu, what the hell!?"

"I didn't do anything." Kakuzu replied.

"It was her than." He pointed to Sakura.

"Hidan…" Kakuzu sighed, as Hidan began to take out his scythe. "Don't kill her."

"Why, she fucking locked us in this shit hole?" Hidan exclaimed.

"She's a medic, she tied to escape from us and it didn't open, and this place isn't a shit hole." He then walked away to the living room and looked around before he release a hair grabbing Sakura by her neck and pulling her in.

"Ow!" Sakura cried trying to get breath. 'I thought they decided I was innocent?'

"What's this?" he said shoving a picture of Sakura lying on the bed upstairs. Sakura paused; she could have sworn this picture was empty before. Kakuzu let go of her neck so she could respond.

"No, I mean this is me, but… who took the picture?" Sakura was so freaked out, goose bumps were rising all over her body. She dropped the picture on the floor. "That's not even me; I haven't laid down on that bed even once."

"Is it fucking you or not?" Hidan asked annoyed. "Can I kill her now?"

"No, look." The three looked down at the photo and frame on the floor broken in to pieces. It slowly began to go back to normal, and even flew up to land back on the shelf were it was. Kakuzu's hair caught it and crushed it dropping it back on the floor. It again fixed itself and no one dared to stop it again.

"Shit." Hidan said. "That was damn cool."

"Shut up." Kakuzu said exploring the parts of the house he hadn't yet while Sakura just kept looking at the picture, it was impossible. However the noise of something breaking right next to her caught her attention. She turned to see Hidan breaking everything in his sight; he even broke the light bulb. In a minute everything was back to normal and the two just stood in the perfect room staring, then moving on to other rooms where Hidan would destroy everything and Sakura would break a glass, or a lamp. Sakura went into the living room, tired of watching the house cure itself and sat on a single armchair lightly closing her eyes, but not allowing herself to go to sleep, she didn't trust these guys. It wasn't long before Kakuzu joined her but he was on the couch reading some book he found. Then Hidan came, sitting on an armchair directly across from Sakura.

"So what's your damn name?" Hidan asked bored.

"that's none of your concern." Sakura said opening her eyes.

"Well fuck you then, I won't tell you my name."

"It's Hidan, and he's Kakuzu." Sakura smirked. "If you don't want me to know it maybe you guys shouldn't call each other by your names."

"Sakura." Kakuzu stated.

"How'd you know?" Sakura asked slightly surprised. In which Hidan placed his book on the table in between the three. "A book of residents, there's a page for all three of us."

"You're the girl with the nine tailed fox as a partner, I know who you are." Hidan smirked, causing Sakura to flinch at the reference of Naruto.

Sakura ripped out her paper and put it in her pocket. Surprisingly it stayed there. "I suggest we each keep our own information."

Kakuzu nodded in agreement and pulled out his, along with Hidan's, and handed it to him.

"Alright" The three sat there boredly for what seemed like forever. Sakura kept dozing off but tried not to knowing who she was with. It was then that the door slammed open and closed before anyone could scream no.

"Not too bad is it." Another unknown voice flew through.

"Hn." Just that somewhat of a word sent a knife in Sakura's chest, reminding her of Sasuke. Although, she acted as if nothing happened. She decided to stand up and go to one of the bedrooms before they noticed her. As she climbed the steps she heard the voices conversation and then the names she had waited for, "Kisami, Itachi…" Sakura frowned and went into the only bedroom there was. She locked the door and put a chair in front of it that was if they picked the lock they would still have difficulty getting through, and if they broke down the door she'd hear it and wake up. Sakura went to the king sized bed on the right and laid down suddenly thinking of the picture her heart began to race as she jumped up from the bed.

"Fuck." She cursed.

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