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That's the only emotion. People are in hiding and there is nothing to fight back with. The question is: how do you fight back against something that is completely indestructible? For almost one hundred years, there was a war against vampires and humans.

They call it the Vampire Wars. Suffice to say, it's pretty obvious what it was. It was the major war between vampires and humans. The vampires were tired of hiding so they declared war on the human race and eventually took over.

There was a lot of blood and deaths, mostly by the vampires. When they want something, they aren't afraid of taking it. Now, humans are in hiding and the ones that get caught are taken to the Centre. The Centre is a place where humans are sent to to clean up and pretty themselves up. A lot have people have killed themselves, just to avoid it.

It doesn't help that there are groups out there that are looking for humans. They gather us up like animals and take up to the Centre. Lot of us tend to live underground. For some reason, the vampires have an aversion to the tunnels.

That's not to say they don't travel through them. It just means that it gives us more time to get away.

Then there's me. Bella Swan. I have no family because they've all been captured. I had to watch one of the vampires kill my father in cold blood, just to prove a point to us. I ran while they raped my mother.

So here I am now, sitting alone in an abandoned tunnel with nowhere to go and a little baby boy I found lying in the middle of the tunnel, crying.

It's not surprising that the boy's parents left him. There isn't enough food or anything else they would need to support the baby. I'm not sure why I took the boy with me but I couldn't just leave him alone, surrounded by death. He didn't deserve what happened.

I held him in my arms, pressing my face into his soft hair. He was young. I wasn't actually sure how old he was. Judging from his size, I'd say he was past his first year. It was hard to keep track of age, especially since babies usually die during birth.

My stomach growled from hunger. I hadn't had the chance to eat because the limited food that I did have, I had to give to the baby.

I frowned, staring down at him. I was going to have to name him soon. I can't keep calling him the baby.

Pondering on the matter, I studied him. He was so tiny. He had a fuzz of auburn hair and beautiful moonlight grey eyes. I stroked his plump little cheek and kissed his head. I decided to call him Adrian.

"It's okay," I whispered. "Everything's going to be okay."

He peered up at me with his dark eyes.

There was a noise. I froze. It was coming from down the hall. No, no, no. This can't be happening. Panic overwhelmed me and I struggled to stand without dropping Adrian.

It didn't do much help when he started crying. I shushed him as much as I could but we were heard. They could hear just about anything.

"Shush, baby, it's okay. Please, we're going to get caught. Please, stop crying."

As I started running down the tunnel, two of them were blocking me. "Well, well, well, what have we here?" One of them asked.

I shivered and avoided the red eyed gaze.

" I thought we brought all the girls."

The other one snorted. "Apparently not." He chuckled and moved forward. I was paralysed with fear as he lifted a strand of my hair and sniffed it. "Mmm. She smells divine."

"She's not for you, Galen." The first vampire hissed. "We must take her to the Centre."

"Why can't we ever have them?"

"We can. We just have to pay."

He sighed and looked me up and down. "Judging from this one that is a price I won't be able to afford."

"I doubt there are many that will be able to afford her."

"The Cullens will be able to afford her."

"Yes, but the Cullens have all found the ones they want. Besides, haven't you heard? Carlisle doesn't like the way the humans are treated. He doesn't use them for servants."

"There is definitely something different about the way they behave."

I tuned out their voices and started moving backwards slowly. It was the only chance I had. I couldn't let them catch me. These people are vile and disgusting. It surprised me that these ones were so unobservant. With their enhanced senses, they should have known I was escaping.

"Oh, look Quinn, she's getting away."

Before I had time to blink, something crashed into the back of my head and I lost consciousness.

No, was the last thing I remember before everything went black.