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Word: feel


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A/N: Takes place after 'A monster at the end of this book'

Summary: Dean and Sam stumble upon hurt/comfort fanfiction. Dean complains.

Dean and Sam discover Hurt/Comfort

"I don't get it." Dean rubbed his forehead.

Sam shrugged, "Do I need to explain the concept on the site again?"

Dean shook his head, "I get that-but why are there so many sick stories of us? I mean there are tons!"

Sam peered his eyes at the list, "Yeah-it's a little strange."

"Dude there are more sick stories of me! Sonovabitch look at all of them! Sneezing, puking, fever, headache, coughing, the list is endless! I'm starting to feel nauseas just looking at this."

San couldn't help but grin.

"Why do they like us sick?"


"Don't answer that."