Halloween at the Stacked Deck, Chapter 1

By Sunflare2k5

Disclaimer: The characters and places mentioned are owned by DC Comics and
Warner Brothers, and are being used only for entertainment purposes -- not for
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As October 31st approached, Gotham City's police were on full alert. Several of
Arkham Asylum's most notorious inmates were still on the loose... including the
Joker and Scarecrow. And considering the former's ideas about "tricks" and the
latter's obsession with bringing fear... the situation was dire.

Batman's increased investigations, with the aid of Robin and Batgirl, indicated
that the villains could be at the Stacked Deck. Despite the massive sting that
Batman and the police had successfully performed there several years ago,
it had only temporarily been shut down. New management had re-opened the
bar, and it still provided entertainment and haven for the criminal element.
But security had been significantly improved; the police had yet to get any
undercover agents into the place.

From the outside, the bar looked near-abandoned. But inside, it was a flurry
of activity as the staff prepared the place for its Halloween party. Unlike other
parties, this one was meant to start just as October 30th ended. That way, the
criminals could have their fun, rest up during the day, and then hit the main
Halloween events. Whether it was robbing a charity Halloween ball, or slipping
poisons into the candied apples... there were crimes for every taste on this

Two-Face was hosting this year's party; the Coin had him volunteer, rather than
going by the usual drawing of lots. He'd chosen the Stacked Deck as the location
"to give the joint a second chance", as he'd put it. So he was putting every effort
into this party; plenty of food and liquor for the varied tastes of the Arkhamites
and other criminals. And as for the "entertainment" -- he'd hired sets of gorgeous
twins from as far away as Central City. Mainly sets of women, though there were
some men for those who preferred them.

They'll be talking about this party for years! Two-Face thought smugly, as he eyed
a pair of witches in abbreviated costumes. He flipped the Coin, tempted to enjoy
himself a bit before the party started... but the Coin indicated 'no'. "Business
before pleasure..." he muttered disappointedly. Satisfied that everything was
going well, Two-Face headed off to prepare his costume...

(to be continued)