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Chapter 1

Narrator: "In those years the Super Mario Brothers have defeated King Koopa a dictator and have restored freedom to the mushroom kingdom. The Mario Brothers have brought back King Bowser and now have a new enemy and are teaming with Princess Daisy. Experiments were done on Anthony Scapelli who was turned into a monkey by King Koopa. Wart is taking over the dinosaur world. Mice have also evolved in this parallel world."


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Chapter 2

In Dinohattan at the king's chambers. There is King Bowser present. Also there is Princess Daisy present. King Bowser: "I wanted to thank the Mario Brothers for their defeat over King Koopa. Maybe I will go dating again." Princess Daisy: "Iggy and Spike have joined with Koopa but than they went back to our side." Iggy and Spike show up with Sgt. Simon. Iggy: "He was serving Koopa my evil cousin." Spike: "He booked the Mario Brothers for stealing that rock." Sgt. Simon: "I was simply taking orders from King Koopa. Maybe I will answer to you." King Bowser removes the police badge from Koopa's cop. King Bowser: "You are fired. You are a tyrant." The goomba toad comes into the place. Princess Daisy: "We'll turn them all back to normal." King Bowser: "If there is anymore evil out there bring me the plumbers." Sgt. Simon leaves the place.

At the devolution chamber. Also there is the devo tech. There is also a worker in a hard hat and construction clothes. King Bowser comes in with Iggy and Spike and Toad. King Bowser: "You'll go back to normal just like my revolution when the plumbers killed King Koopa. We washed his slimy remains away." Toad gets seated at the goomba chamber. Toad goes into the devolution chamber. Toad is evolved into human form. Toad comes back out in human form. Toad: "I was singing a Koopa song and that's why I got arrested along with the plumbers."

Title Card: A few weeks later.

Chapter 3

In the desert in the alternate universe in the day time. There are pyramids there. Also there is Princess Daisy present along with the re-evolved goombas and Toad. Princess Daisy: "This must be this world counter part of Egypt." Princess Daisy has a flame thrower with her. Princess Daisy: "There are Koopa's cousins wanting to take his place." Wart shows up with the Fry Guy and the ninjis with Sparky. Wart has on a robe and crown under a frog suit. Wart: "I am dressed up in this frog suit just as I can jump onto you." Princess Daisy: "You are a traitor." Wart: "I will take King Koopa's place and rule this world. Those men here are ninjis with ninja training." Princess Daisy: "Let's take them out." Princess Daisy's fighters get into battle with ninjis. Toad takes on Fry Guy. Princess Daisy takes on Sparky. Sparky shoots electricity at Daisy. The ninjis kick Daisy's warriors. The freedom fighters throw punches back onto ninjis. There are martial arts fighting. Wart: "They have been karate trained. I will rule this world now since King Koopa is gone and the mistake he made to your father was turning him into fungus when he should've just killed him." Princess Daisy: "I have plumbers who will stop you." Fry Guy: "I am the god of fire on this world. You people are descended from the dinosaurs." Fry Guy shoots flames at Toad. Princess Daisy shoots Sparky frying him. Princess Daisy finds a veggie on the ground. Princess Daisy: "I know that you Wart are allergic to veggies." Daisy throws the vegetable at Wart. Toad picks up a quark. Toad throws a quark into Fry Guy. Toad throws more quarks at Fry Guy. Fry Guy shoots flames at Toad. Fry Guy is hit by quarks. Fry Guy is extinguished. Princess Daisy: "You have extinguished him." Iggy and Spike show up. Iggy: "Princess Daisy. We need to take you to the human world." Spike: "You can go bring the plumbers to here. King Koopa our evil cousin turned a business man into a monkey and we need you to stop him." Princess Daisy leaves the place.

In Brooklyn later on in the day time. On the streets of Brooklyn at the home of the Mario Brothers. There is Princess Daisy present. Also there are Mario and Luigi in the clothes that they got from the alternate universe. Luigi has clothes on green and blue. Mario's clothes are red and blue. Daisy is carrying the flame thrower. Luigi: "What's going on?" Princess Daisy: "One of Koopa's cousins is trying to take over my world. We need you to stop them. I just killed Wart." Mario: "Scientists tried to turn Scapelli back into a human. He turned into a monkey and than he became a gorilla." Luigi: "Scapelli is calling himself Donkey Kong now." Mario: "He ruined the pipes just to get to his project and I fixed them. Scapelli will be charged with vandalism as will those who destroyed the pipes."

Chapter 4

Later on under ground. There is Princess Daisy with the Mario Brothers. Daisy has her rock. Mario: "I am ready to believe." Donkey Kong the de-evolved Scapelli shows up. Donkey Kong: "I will get you for this just as you had me transformed." Mario: "We might've found a way to change you back." Scapelli: "No. I will kill you plumbers." Donkey Kong has barrels. He throws them to the Super Mario Brothers. Mario grabs a barrel. Mario throws a barrel back at Donkey Kong. There are ropes in the barrel. Mario: "Luigi. Tie him up. We'll take him to the devolution chamber." Luigi ties up the de-evolved Scapelli. Daisy opens the door to the other world. Daisy and the Mario Brothers cross the portal to the other dimension with Donkey Kong. Donkey Kong: "I will get to my project once I come back to my human form."

In Dinohattan in the day time. There are many people out there who are highly evolved dinosaurs. Daisy shows up with the Super Mario Brothers and Donkey Kong tied up. Luigi: "We have left here 3 weeks ago."

At the former Koopa tower outside. There is Morton Koopa present with Tri-Clyde the serpent snakes. He has a wand. Morton Koopa: "Our cousin was defeated by the Mario Brothers. They will pay for him. You are evolved from snakes." Tri-Clyde: "I can shoot fire out of my mouth and I will fry those plumbers."

Chapter 5

At the de-evolution chamber. There are the devo workers. Also present is Toad. The Mario Brothers shows up with Princess Daisy. Mario: "This will get you back to normal." Donkey Kong: "Where is that man now?" Luigi: "We killed him. He devolved into slime and was washed away." Donkey Kong is placed on a chair on the devo chamber. Donkey Kong is placed in the evolution. Toad: "Those men here are now on our side and that cop was fired." He is evolved into advanced. Donkey Kong becomes Anthony Scapelli again. Princess Daisy: "The police will escort you back to Brooklyn." Anthony Scapelli: "Maybe I will get my men back to work." Mario: "We will shut you down Scapelli." Princess Daisy's warriors show up. 2 of the former goombas give the Mario Brothers devo guns. Princess Daisy: "You can use them to fight off the Koopa family." Toad: "There is Morton Koopa here. Others here evolved from mice and snake and even other reptiles." The Mario Brothers go after Morton Koopa.

Inside the former Koopa tower. There is Morton Koopa with the Tri-Clyde. Morton Koopa: "I will make kill the King. Wart with me will take over." The Mario Brothers show up with Princess Daisy and Toad. Princess Daisy: "It's over Morton Koopa." Toad: "There are other cousins of your's. I hope that they don't try to take over like King Koopa did." Morton Koopa: "I will with this devolve you plumbers and you turn into apes. Kill them Tri Clyde." Morton Koopa shoots his magic wand at the Marios. Tri Clyde shoots flames out of himself at the plumbers. Princess Daisy shoots flames at Tri Clyde. Luigi with the devo gun shoots Tri-Clyde just as he turns into 3 snakes. Mario shoots Morton Koopa with the devo gun. Morton Koopa turns into a dinosaur. Yoshi shows up. Daisy steals the wand from Morton Koopa. Princess Daisy: "You will be now taken prisoner and don't come back here again." Daisy traps the de-evolved Morton Koopa. Mario: "I think that we'll go back home now." Mario and Luigi leave the place.

Chapter 6

Title Card: 10 Years Later

At a bathroom in the restaurant. There are Mario and Luigi working on a toilet. Luigi now has a mustache. Mario has a red hat with the latter on M on it and Luigi has a green hat with the letter L on it. They are finishing up on the toilet. Mario: "We are getting done. It was 10 years ago now that we went to the Dinosaur kingdom." Luigi: "I have had some Internet dates." Mario: "I don't ever want to get married. Pauline is divorced and has a daughter and a son." The plumbers put their tools away in their belt.

Later on outside of the restaurant. There is Pauline Mario's new girlfriend. The Mario Brothers come out of the place. Pauline: "Mario." Mario goes over to Pauline. Mario: "We finished fixing that toilet. I am up for retirement in plumbing."

In the parallel universe in the day time at Wart's chamber. There is Wart present. Also there are Lemmy and Larry Koopa. Wart is still in his frog suit. Also present is Mouser. Others that show up are a female dinosaur named Birdo partially de-evolved, Shy Guys and Sniff its. Wart: "10 years ago Princess Daisy almost killed me. She has the meteorite piece and with it she could merge dimensions. Lena working for King Koopa has been zapped by the meteorite merging the worlds." Larry Koopa: "You can take over the dream land." Wart: "You will go to the Ice Land and bring fourth Chief Chilly and we'll freeze the tower. We'll kill the king Bowser. Than we'll take over the world and unite the 2 dimensions." They are making the plan of attack.

Chapter 7

At the chamber of King Browser. There is the King sitting there. Also present is Princess Daisy. Yoshi is also present along with Iggy and Spike the 2 good Koopa cousins. Toad is also present. Iggy: "I think that my 2 other evil cousins are plotting to take over the world." Spike: "You were the first victim of my cousin in devolution. We'll bring the Super Mario Brothers into here." King Bowser: "I need both you Daisy and Toad to go bring me those plumbers. Wart wants to even take over dream land." Princess Daisy with Toad leaves for Manhattan. Iggy: "We'll go to the Ice Land. We need to show those plumbers the warp zone." Iggy and Spike go to the warp zone.

At the home of the Mario Brothers. There is Luigi sitting down watching television. Mario and Pauline come into the room to see Luigi. Pauline: "I heard about your adventure 10 years ago." Mario: "Luigi fell in love with someone in charge of digging up fossils. She got attacked by Scapelli my rival." There's a knock on the door. Pauline: "I will go and answer it." Pauline goes over to answer the door. Pauline opens the door. It's Princess Daisy along with Toad. Toad: "I am looking for the plumbers." Princess Daisy: "We need your help. Wart is plotting to assassinate my mother and take over." Mario: "We are coming with you. I am retiring from plumbing and Luigi takes over the business." The Mario Brothers go to suit up in the clothes they acquired from the dinosaur world years ago. Princess Daisy: "I could on the streets with that rock merge us."

Chapter 8

Later on outside of the Mario's apartment. There are the Mario Brothers with those suits on and their hats. Also there is Toad with his guitar and Princess Daisy with her flame thrower. They depart for the dinosaur world. Princess Daisy: "I discovered warp zones in our world. We'll get to places faster that way. Two of Koopa's cousins are plotting to with Wart take over. Wart dresses up like a frog. He can leap himself." Princess Daisy opens a portal to the dinosaur world with her rock. They all vanish.

At Wart's headquarters. There is Wart with 2 Koopa brothers Lemmy and Larry. Also there are Flurries present. Wart: "You Flurries will rule Ice Land. Men thugs are shy so they wear masks." Larry: "We are going to Ice Land in this world." Lemmy and Larry depart for Ice Land with the Flurries.

Chapter 9

Over to the Ice Land. Daisy shows up through a portal with Toad and the Super Mario Brothers. Princess Daisy: "We ended up here. I think that 2 of the Koopa cousins with the flurries will rule this part of the world while our whole world is ruled by Wart." Iggy and Spike show up from the warp zone. Spike: "Mario Brothers. You 2 have captured us once in the koopani desert." Mario: "We were about to kill you guys 10 years ago now. You 2 have joined us." Iggy and Spike go over to the Super Mario Brothers and the Princess Daisy with the musician Toad. Iggy: "Larry and Lemmy Koopa are plotting to take over this world." Lemmy and Larry Koopa show up with the flurries. Larry Koopa: "It's the plumbers who defeated our cousin Koopa." Iggy: "Those are the flurries. They are soldiers for here." Lemmy Koopa: "We will finish the job and merge the 2 worlds into one." The flurries are wearing winter clothing. Iggy and Spike pull out their devo guns. Iggy: "I will with Spike take on our evil cousins." Mario and Luigi pull out their gloves and put them on. Luigi: "Those gloves will keep me warm." Lemmy and Larry pull out flame throwers. Larry Koopa: "I will fry you 2 for betraying the family." They fire on Iggy and Spike. Iggy and Spike shoot their evil cousins with the devo guns. Chief Chilly shows up. Flurries come after the band. Princess Daisy: "There's Chief Chilly. He's made out of ice." Chief Chilly: "I will freeze you all." The Marios with Toad pick up blocks of ice. They throw them striking the flurries. Princess Daisy fires on Chief Chilly. Chief Chilly: "I will kill you princess." Chief Chilly comes ramming his horn at Daisy. Daisy shoots Chief Chilly melting him. Lemmy and Larry are de-evolved turning back into the dinosaurs that they were. Spike: "They won't go anywhere. They'll just freeze them selves to death." Mario: "We thought that in my world the dinosaurs were wiped out by the ice age or the meteorite." Iggy: "Follow us into the warp zone. We also have the person transformed into a crab who rules the ocean world. We'll stop him." Iggy and Spike lead the Mario Brothers with Daisy and Toad into the warp zone.