Chapter 10

At Wart's chamber. There is Wart present along with the shy guys and snifits. There is Mouser with his mice troops. Wart: "The plumbers might be here. I need you Mouser with your troops blow up the king and I will take his place." Mouser: "I will even vote you as president." Mouser leaves with his troops.

Over to the ocean part of the Dinosaur world. There are bloopers and cheep-cheeps that appear as fish. Also there is the crab type called Claw Grip present. Claw Grip: "I transformed into a crab while you troops are fight and squids." Iggy, Spike, Mario, Luigi, Toad and Princess Daisy all show up. Spike: "They are people that turned in the form of sea animals." They are swimming onto the inlet. Cheep Cheeps pop up. Mario: "Rocks." The good guys all grab the rocks. They throw them at the fish types. Princess Daisy shoots at the bloopers with her flame thrower just as they squirt ink. Claw Grip shows up. Claw Grip: "I will get you plumbers now. You 2 worked on water supplies." Claw Grip grabs the rocks. Claw Grip throws the rocks at the heroes. Princess Daisy with Toad and the Mario Brothers grab the rocks. Princess Daisy: "He should be crushed." They throw them back to Claw Grip. Princess Daisy pulls out her flame thrower. Daisy shoots Claw Grip with the flame thrower. She fries him. Princess Daisy: "I don't eat crabs because I am a vegetarian." Mario and Luigi throw rocks onto Claw Grip. He falls into the water dead. Mario: "We killed him." Iggy: "Now to take you to the former Koopa tower." Everyone goes into the warp zone.

Chapter 11

At the King's tower outside. Iggy, Spike, Mario, Luigi, Toad and Princess Daisy all show up. Spike: "We have ways of getting in. You plumbers destroyed our oppressive cousin who had this tower for 2 decades." Iggy: "Our cousin has an offspring who he didn't consider to be the prince. He is Prince Koopa who comes from somewhere else." They go into the tower.

At the King's quarters somewhere in the building. There is King Bowser present along with Yoshi. Also there are guards who are the re-evolved goombas. King Bowser: "I am expecting the plumbers here. Yoshi. I have taken you 10 years ago." The Mario Brothers show up with Toad and Princess Daisy. They all go over to the king. King Bowser: "My daughter. I will supply you plumbers with fire power. You have those goomba flame throwers and devo guns." King Bowser gives the Mario Brother de-evolution guns and flame throwers. Toad and Princess Daisy are also given the devo guns. King Bowser: "I need you Iggy and Spike to stay here with me. Those 4 will deal with Wart and those plotting to kill me." The Mario Brothers with Daisy and Toad head off to the elevator.

Chapter 12

Outside of the former Koopa Tower. The Super Mario Brothers show up with Toad and Princess Daisy. Princess Daisy: "Now we'll save my father." Mouser shows up with his troops. Mouser: "You 2 must be the plumbers. We'll blow you up." Mouser Troops have explosives with them. They throw explosives. Luigi: "Let's throw these back at them." The 4 heroes throw explosives back at the mice soldiers. Mouser pulls out a big bomb. Mouser: "I will get you plumbers now." Mouser throws a bomb at the Mario Brothers. Mario grabs the bomb. Mario: "Take it back." Mouser: "Oh no!" He throws it back at Mouser blowing him up.

Back to Wart's chambers. There is Wart walking around. He runs into the Snifits. The Snifits have their rifles with them. Wart: "You men are also known as Snifits. Go to the tower and kill the king. There are guards who were goombas when Koopa was the leader of the place." They depart for the King's tower.

Back to the exterior of the King's tower. Princess Daisy: "Now let's go find Wart." The Mario Brothers with Toad and Princess Daisy go into the warp zone.

Somewhere else inside of the former Koopa tower. There are guards there. Snifits show up. They pull the rifles on the guards. The guards their guns back at the Snifits. There is gun fighting going on. There is gun fighting going on. The guards shoot down and kill the Snifits.

Over to Wart's chamber. There is Wart with the shy guys. Wart: "Let's go to my sky house. We have our pidgets there. I will with the frog suit leap into the tower that was once Koopa's and we'll kill the king and take his place." Wart leaves the place with the Shy Guys.

Chapter 13

In the Desert near Wart's chambers in front of a pyramid. There are pokies there. They are cactus monsters. The Super Mario Brothers show up with Princess Daisy and Toad. Toad: "They are called Pokies. We could burn those monsters up." Princess Daisy: "They transformed into cactuses when they chose to join with Wart." Pokies come after the heroes. Princess Daisy with Toad and the Super Mario Brothers fire the flame throwers at the cactus monsters. They fry them. Princess Daisy: "I think that Wart is in this pyramid. He popped out of there 10 years ago." The Mario Brother with Daisy and Toad go into the pyramid.

Inside of the Pyramid. There are ninjis guarding the place. The Mario Brothers show up with Toad and Princess Daisy. Mario: "Ninjas. They must've learned martial arts here." Princess Daisy: "They are ninja warriors who we defeated before. They just came back." Luigi: "We'll deal with those ninja dinosaurs." They go into the sand. Toad goes digging into the sand as does Princess Daisy. The Ninjis come after the heroes. The plumbers with their wrenches strike the ninjis. A ninji jump kicks at Luigi. Luigi with his wrench strikes that ninji. Princess Daisy: "Follow us." Toad: "It was Kerog who was the king of the Koopas. There is Kerog junior who could take over." The Mario Brothers follow Toad and Princess Daisy to the bottom of the pyramid.

Chapter 14

At Wart's Sky house. Wart is climbing up the vines to get to his sky house. There are shy guys with him. Wart: "We'll get our pidgets and fly off to Dinohattan."

Back to the bottom of the pyramid. The Mario Brothers with Toad and Princess Daisy find a pyramid. Mario opens the door. Mario: "Take this door. Maybe we'll find Wart here." The Marios with Princess Daisy and Toad enter the place.

Somewhere inside of the pyramid. There is Birdo present. Princess Daisy: "Birdo." Toad: "She shoots eggs. We could hit her with the eggs." The Marios and Princess Daisy with Toad show up. Birdo shoots eggs at the Mario Brothers. Toad grabs an egg. Toad throws an egg back at Birdo. Birdo shoots fireballs at the heroes. They all duck. Birdo shoots more eggs. Luigi: "Let's all take those eggs and hit her with it." The Mario Brothers grab the eggs. The Mario Brothers throw more eggs into Birdo. The Mario Brothers pull out devo guns. Birdo shoots more eggs. Daisy and Toad grab them. Toad: "We'll distract her. We have defeated all of the ninjis." They throw them just as Birdo is about to shoot fireballs. The Mario Brothers fire their devo guns. Birdo turns into primeval slime. Mario: "Let's get out of here." Princess Daisy: "Let's warp back to Dinohattan and find my father." The Mario Brothers leave the pyramid.

Later on outside of the Pyramid. There is another Mouser. Mouser 2 has bombs. The second Mouser throws a bomb at the Mario Brothers. Mouser 2: "Plumbers." Mario grabs it. Mario: "You can't blow us up. We are after Wart." Mario throws the bomb back at Mouser 2. The second Mouser is blown up. Princess Daisy: "Let's get to my father." Everyone goes to the warp zone.

Chapter 15

At Wart's sky house outside. There is Wart there. Wart and the Shy Guys go onto the pidgets. They are black birds. Wart: "You men can spear the king. We'll take over the place." They all go flying over to Dinohattan.

Over to Dinohattan outside of the boom boom bar. There are cars there that look like bumper cars. There are many of the dinosaur citizens there. There are people on bicycles. The Super Mario Brothers show up with Princess Daisy and Toad. Mario: "I remember this place. It's called the boom boom bar." Toad: "Big Bertha got attacked by Ostro the male egg shooter." Ostro another egg shooter shows up. Princess Daisy: "That's him." Ostro shoots eggs out of his mouth at the Super Mario Brothers. Mario: "We'll send them back to where they belong." Mario and Luigi with their devo guns shoots the egg shooter. Ostro is being turned into slime. Wart goes flying by on his bird as are the Shy Guys. Wart: "They must be the plumbers. You will pay for almost killing me Princess Daisy. I will rule the dino kingdom." Shy Guys pull out spears. The Mario Brothers find rocks on the ground. Luigi: "Rocks." Mario: "Let's take them out." They shoot rocks at the Shy Guys. Toad with his guitar clobbers some shy guys. The Mario Brothers and Princess Daisy find Wart. Princess Daisy: "Wart." Luigi: "We'll kill him if he kills your father Daisy." Toad, Princess Daisy along with Mario and Luigi hop onto pidgets. They get into pursuit of Wart.

At the King's tower inside. There is Freddy Bowser in his chamber. Also present are Iggy and Spike with Yoshi the pet. King Bowser: "I think that Wart is plotting to kill me just over Kerog as the King Koopa." Iggy: "Koopa made us smarter so we could stop screwing up but he made us too smart to be evil." Spike: "We ended up mistaking 5 other girls for Princess Daisy and we'll take down Wart." They go onto a computer screen. King Bowser: "The plumbers are in pursuit of Wart and they are coming into here."

Outside of the King's tower. Wart goes flying by with the Mario Brothers in pursuit of him. Wart: "Now I will be the king." Wart goes into the tower. Mario: "Let's get him." Everyone jumps off of the pidgets. The Mario Brothers with Princess Daisy and Toad get in pursuit of Wart. Toad: "I can help you plumbers find veggies as we'll defeat the evil Wart. I was once a goomba."

Chapter 16

Somewhere in the tower. There is Wart there. Wart goes leaping in his frog suit. He goes looking for King Bowser. Wart pulls out his devo gun and flame thrower. Wart: "Now you will die king and you 2 Iggy and Spike will be devolved." The Marios come into the place.

Somewhere else in the tower. There's a load of vegetables. Princess Daisy and Toad gain the vegetables. Mario: "Now we'll kill him." Toad: "I think that Wart evolved from a stegosaurus." The Mario Brothers go in pursuit of Wart.

In the King's chamber. There is King Bowser there with Iggy and Spike and Yoshi. Iggy: "I will with the plumbers take on Wart." Wart shows up. Wart has his flame thrower drawn. Wart: "I will kill you all and you 2 Iggy and Spike will be devolved." The Super Mario Brothers show up with Daisy and Toad. Princess Daisy: "It's over Wart." They all have vegetables in their hands. Mario: "Now let's shoot him with vegetables." Wart shoots flames at the heroes. The Mario's all throw vegetables at Wart. Wart has an allergic reaction. Wart: "You plumbers and the princess will pay for it as will you Toad." Something is happening to him. Mario: "Now let's shoot." Mario and Luigi shoot Wart with their devo guns. Wart is devolving. Mario swings onto a light. He goes kicks Wart down the stairs. Wart turns into a Stegosaurus. Mario: "Let's all get him." The Mario Brothers with Princess Daisy and Toad using the devo guns shoot the Stegosaurus Wart. Mario: "See you later alligator." He is turning into slime. It's a victory. King Bowser: "I love you plumbers." Mario: "I am retiring from plumbing and Luigi is starting a plumbing business. Scapelli was in jail when we returned him home and Luigi is taking over his business with plumbing. I will start my own land. I will call it Mario Land."

Later on outside of King Bowser's castle. There are the Mario Brothers with Princess Daisy and Toad. Toad: "Bye." Mario: "I will have my own land ran by King Toadstool with his daughter Peach. I was once there." They leave the place.

Over to the meteorite. The Mario Brothers show up with Princess Daisy and Toad. Daisy opens a portal to Brooklyn for the Mario Brothers. Luigi: "Maybe I will see you again. We could have computer dates." The Marios go back into the portal.

Title Card: 2 Weeks Later

Chapter 17

In the home of the Mario Brothers. There is Luigi sitting there with the News on. There's a younger person on. Newscaster: "On the 10:00 news the Super Mario Brothers fought a wannabe dictator and saved the world again. They are the super Mario Brothers." Luigi: "Mario we are talked about on the channel 11 news." Newscaster: "The Super Mario Brothers have once returned missing girls from Brooklyn when this ruthless dictator tried to take over both worlds." Mario and Paulette are in the kitchen. They come into the living room. Mario: "Who is it?" Luigi: "I will answer the door." There's a knock on the door. Luigi gets up. Luigi answers the door. Princess Daisy: "Luigi. Mario. Come here. We need you Mario at Mario Land. Princess Peaches has been kidnapped and the Tatanga has taken her." Toad: "King Koopa's cousins have cloned you 2 calling them Wario and Waluigi." It's Princess Daisy with Toad. The Mario Brothers get their outfits and tools. Luigi: "I will stay here just as you go to your land Mario." They all leave the place.