Chapter 1


Title Card: Sometime in 2003

On Sarasaland in the day time outside of Wario's castle. There is the Tatanga there in his space ship. Wario comes outside of the place. Wario: "I will take over this land. People will answer to me and think that Mario is the enemy." Tatanga: "I heard that Mario and Luigi the Super Mario Brothers have defeated King Koopa along with Wart." Wario: "When Mario is coming onto the land kill him." Tatanga goes flying off.

In the air on Sarasaland. There is Mario flying on his airplane. Mario: "I know that it's your Tatanga who serves Wario." Tatanga shows up. Tatanga shoots torpedos from his space ship. Mario dodges them. Mario shoots missiles from his airplane. Mario shoots down the Tatanga. The space ship blows up. Mario lands his plane. Mario comes out of the plane. King Totomesu shows up. King Totomesu: "I will rule the dino kingdom's Egypt. I studied your world." The Lion look alike alien shoots fire at Mario. Mario pulls out his flame thrower. Mario shoots flames at King Totomesu.

In the castle. There is Princess Peaches taken prisoner. Also present is Hiyoihoi. Wario shows up on him. Wario: "I need you Hiyoihoi with Fred to guard the castle in case Mario shows up. Mario's brother Luigi could show up." Hiyoihoi: "It will be done Wario. You'll rule this world." Hiyoihoi goes to somewhere else in the castle with Ganchans in his hands.

Over to the land with the river. There is a submarine present. Mario shows up. Mario hops into the submarine.

Chapter 2

Under the sea of Sarasaland. There is Mario on the submarine. Mario: "Here I come Princess Peach. I found my castle." He finds his castle. Dragonzamasu the man evolved from sea horse and dragon shows up. Dragonzamasu: "I will kill you retired plumber." Dragonzamasu shoots fire out of his mouth at Mario. Mario fires torpedoes from the submarine. They are shooting at each other. Mario shoots down Dragonzamasu killing him with the torpedos. Mario gets over to Wario's castle.

Back to inside of Wario's castle. Hiyoihoi appears with Fred Wario's chief henchman. Also there are Wario's henchmen with bouncy suits. Fred: "You will go to the front and if Mario comes in kill him." Hiyoihoi: "I am descended from an armored dinosaur. I have this rock suit and Mario made Sarasaland Mario Land." Hiyoihoi goes to the main entrance of Wario's castle.

Outside of Wario's castle at the main entrance. There is the letter W for Wario above the door. There is Mario with 6 golden coins. Mario places them on the holes by the door.

Chapter 3

Inside of the Castle. Mario shows up. There are boos. Mario pulls out a plunger. Mario also pulls out his wrench. Boos come after Mario. Mario makes a scary face. The boos vanish. Hiyoihoi: "You are the plumber who has rid this world of Koopa and Wart. Now Wario will take over." Hiyoihoi shows up. Mario jumps to the near pit of the castle. Hiyoihoi throws Ganchans at Mario. Mario blocks them with his wrench. Mario pulls out his cannon. Mario swings on a cable above Hiyoihoi. Mario shoots the cannon on Hiyoihoi. He shatters his rock suit. Mario: "You aren't so tough without your rock suit." Hiyoihoi: "I will get you for this retired plumber." Hiyoihoi strikes at Mario with another ganchan. Mario sends a punch onto Hiyoihoi. Mario goes up the stairs to the castle.

On the castle stair way. There are Wario's henchmen there. Fred: "Mario is coming. Take care of him." They bounce off coming after Mario. Mario shoots them down with cannon balls. Somewhere else in the castle. There is Fred Wario's lead henchman. Fred: "You think that you could stop us. Think again. Wario is more powerful than Wart and King Koopa himself." Fred goes bouncing off at Mario. Mario strikes Fred with a wrench. Mario goes to the heart of his castle.

Chapter 4

At the Heart of Mario's Castle. There is Wario with Princess Peaches. Wario: "This is as close as you get. Princess Peach will marry me. I will take over the mushroom and dinosaur kingdom." Mario shows up. Wario has a flame thrower. Mario: "I can defeat you just as I have defeated Wart and King Koopa." Wario shoots flames at Mario. Mario with the stompers clicks his heals. Mario goes flying after Wario. Mario jumps onto Wario. Mario throws a punch onto Wario. Mario: "Sarasaland is Mario Land now. Peaches is the princess of Mario Land." Mario pushes Wario the edge of the top of the castle. Mario uppercuts Wario sending him flying out of the castle. Mario: "I have come to rescue you Princess Peaches." Princess Peaches: "Daisy with Toad must've sent you." Mario: "My brother will come to here one day."

Later on outside of the castle. There is the W being changed to M. There are people all over the Mario Land cheering in victory.

Chapter 5

Title Card: The Present

In Dinohattan on the streets at night time. There is Kerog Jr. the offspring of King Koopa. Also there are other Koopa off springs named Wendy, Roy and Ludwig Von Koopa. They have with them the beezos. They are evolved from insects. Kerog Jr.: "We'll bring Princess Daisy with the rock and we'll finish off the job that my father almost was successful with. Those plumbers killed my father and now we will kill them." Ludwig Von Koopa: "Our cousins Iggy and Spike have betrayed us years ago. Now we'll de-evolve them as we turn them into slime and wash them away." They go over to the meteorite that struck in the 64 millions BC.

Over to the giant meteorite. There is Princess Daisy with the rock. The Koopa family shows up with the beezos. The Beezos pull out spears. Kerog Jr. the offspring of Kerog sr. the old king. Princess Daisy: "Who are you?" Koopa Jr. pulls out a flame thrower. Kerog Jr.: "I am King Koopa Jr. the offspring of the original king of Koopas who de-evolved your father when you were born. You will insert this rock back into the meteorite. You have no choice. The Beezos will poke you if you don't." The Beezos hold Princess Daisy at spear point. Daisy inserts the rock into the meteorite. There are affects of the meteorite. The Koopas take Daisy as a hostage as they leave the place. Kerog Jr.: "We will take you to my father's former tower and turn your father into a caged animal. The worlds are now starting to merge."

Chapter 6

In Brooklyn at the home of Luigi Mario in the living room. There is Luigi at the office desk. Luigi is on the computer. Luigi spots the worlds merging outside. Luigi goes for his green clothes and his green hat.

Over to the King's tower in the day time in the King's chamber. There is King Bowser present along with Iggy and Spike. Also there are guards there. Yoshi is present in the place. King Bowser: "Mario has defeated Wario who was plotting to kill me." Iggy: "When our evil cousin Kerog was defeated by the Mario Brothers we went to their world and ended up meeting with Japanese salesmen." Spike: "We were too smart to be evil when our cousin made us smarter. Big Bertha got attacked by the boom booms." King Bowser: "My daughter will bring the plumbers to here and maybe we'll fight the Koopas. People were gathered from around the world and Koopa Jr. could take over."

Somewhere else in the tower. There is Kerog Jr. along with Wendy O Koopa, Ludwig Von Koopa and Roy Koopa. There are Beezos accompanying them and Waluigi with Daisy as a hostage. Kerog: "You Waluigi are the evil counterpart of a plumber who de-evolved my father long ago. The rest of you Lena was your mother. You will princess see the fall of your father." Princess Daisy: "You won't get away with this. When the worlds are merging the plumbers won't have to go to the meteorite." The Beezos are holding Daisy at spear point. Kerog Jr.: "Waluigi. Report to the Mario Land at the Pumpkin Zone." Waluigi: "Yes." Waluigi goes to the Mario Land. The Koopa brothers and sister pull out devo guns. Kerog Jr.: "We'll bring the goombas back to here." They get into the place. Somewhere inside of the tower. There are guards with tasers and flame throwers. The Koopas with their devo guns shoot down the guards. They turn into goombas. Ludwig Von Koopa pulls out his magic wand. Kerog Jr.: "Roy. Go to the Mario Land. Find his castle. That retired plumber could be there." Roy Koopa departs for the Mario Land.

Chapter 7

Back to the King's chamber. The guards at the king's chamber pull out flame throwers. Spike: "I think that we have intruders." The Koopas show up. The Koopas with the devo guns shoot Iggy and Spike. Kerog Jr.: "You 2 cousins have betrayed my father and will pay the price for your betrayal." Iggy turns into an iguanodon and spike turns into a spikeosaurus. Kerog Jr.: "Shoot them again." The Koopas again shoot Iggy and Spike with the devo guns. Iggy and Spike are de-evolved into slime. Ludwig Von Koopa turns King Bowser back into a monkey. Princess Daisy is taken captive. Kerog Jr.: "You turned him into a monkey as will the humans turn into apes. He's the highly evolved mushroom king." The Beezos take Yoshi captive. Kerog Jr.: "I know that my father owned you Yoshi. You will be my pet now."

Over to Brooklyn later on at night time. There is Luigi with blue and green clothes on. He has on a green hat with the letter L on it. Toad appears. Toad has a hat on with mushroom color clothing just as he is dressed up as a mushroom. Toad: "We need you Luigi." Luigi: "I just saw the worlds start to merge." Toad: "The Koopas have managed to insert the rock into the meteorite. Within the next day or 6 the worlds will be all one. Come with me to the warp zone." Luigi: "My brother Mario took the castle just as he retired." Toad is escorting Luigi into the warp zone.

Over to Mario's castle inside. There is Mario sitting on his throne. Mario gets up. Mario puts on his red hat with the letter M on it. Mario puts on his yellow cape. Mario puts on the rocket boots too.

Outside of Mario's castle. There are Luigi and Toad awaiting Mario outside of the castle. Luigi: "There should be my brother coming." Chargin' Chucks appear in human form with football clothing on and helmets. Toad: "They call themselves Chargin' Chucks. They are like football players which football is a sport in your world." The Chargin' Chucks take out deadly footballs. Luigi jumps over them on his boots. Luigi grabs the footballs. He strikes them back with the footballs. Mario shows up. Mario: "I saw the worlds merging. We'll face the Koopa threat." An airship shows up. There is Roy Koopa flying the thing. Roy Koopa: "Get those plumbers Hammer Brothers and Boomerang Brothers." Hammer Brothers come out along with boomerang brothers. Mario jumps on the rest of the Chargin' Chucks. Hammer brothers throw hammers to the Marios. Luigi blocks the hammers with his wrench. Luigi clobbers the Hammer Brothers with his wrench. Boomerang Brothers throw boomerangs at Mario. Mario grabs a boomerang with his hands. Mario: "Who wants the boomerangs?" Mario strikes a boomerang brother with that boomerang. Roy Koopa jumps out of his airship. Roy Koopa: "Face me plumbers." Roy Koopa shoots his magic wand at Mario. Toad throws hammers striking the rest of the boomerang brothers. Toad: "I got them all. Let's deal with this offspring of the late King Koopa." Mario: "You will go back to where you evolved from." Roy Koopa: "I will turn the humans into apes and you plumbers will be dead." Mario with the devo gun shoots Roy Koopa. Roy Koopa turns into an edmontonia. Luigi takes the magic wand from Roy Koopa. Luigi: "We'll capture him with this." Toad: "Let's take this airship back to Dinohattan." The Mario Brothers and Toad hop onto the airship.

Chapter 8

The next morning at Koopa's tower. Princess Daisy is taken into the goomba barrack by the new goombas. Wendy O. Koopa shows up. Wendy O. Koopa: "It's us 2 women in here. Your father is caged." Princess Daisy: "Your father was defeated by those plumbers when I learned the truth about myself." Wendy O. Koopa: "I will get the Marios."

At the king's chamber. There is King Bowser taken captive in a cage. There is Ludwig Von Koopa present along with Kerog Jr. Simon the former cop shows up being escorted by the boom-booms. Kerog Jr.: "You served my father when you were a cop here. You are rehired to the police." Ludwig Von Koopa with his magic wand puts the police uniform and badge back onto Simon. Sgt. Simon: "I will arrest those plumbers. One of them years ago punched me at the devo chamber. I booked them for stealing the rock." Sgt. Simon departs with Kerog Jr. and the boom-booms. Kerog Jr.: "You Ludwig stay here. Wendy O is at the goomba barrack and we'll take Princess Daisy to the Mario Land."

Chapter 9

Outside on the streets of Dinohattan. There is a sign there that says "elect Koopa Jr. as president". There are people walking down the streets of Dinohattan. The airship shows up. Times Square is showing up in Dinohattan. There is a McDonalds appearing. The Mario Brothers get off of the airship. Mario: "We have gotten into their before years ago. I see McDonalds coming into here." Luigi: "At my office I found the worlds merging." They go over to Koopa's tower.