Chapter 10

Inside of Koopa's tower. There are goombas. The Mario Brothers show up with Toad. Toad: "Goombas. We'll make them dance. I was once a goomba." The goombas fire flame throwers at the Mario Brothers and Toad. Mario and Luigi in their boots are jumping on top of goombas. Mario and Luigi throw the goombas into each other. They go over to the goomba barrack. Toad: "I will take out my guitar."

In the goomba barrack. There is Princess Daisy held captive by goombas and Wendy O. Koopa.

Over to the Mario Land by Mario's castle. There is Kerog Jr. the king of Koopas. Kammy Koopa a witch evolved from the dinosaurs shows up with the magikoopas. With them are also Koopa troopers. They are people in military uniforms. They have devo guns with them. Kerog Jr.: "You are my mother. Mom you will report to the Pumpkin Zone." Kammy Koopa: "Yes. I was divorced to your father years ago. I created vampires from the dead." Kerog Jr.: "I will rule the whole world. Our dimension will be part of Earth again." Kammy Koopa departs for the Pumpkin Zone.

Chapter 11

At the Pumpkin Zone on the Sarasaland. Kammy Koopa shows back up. There are Cyclops's and haunted lanterns who are dead people carrying lanterns along with dino vampires who turn into bats known as Draculads. Also there are spooky masks with knives on them. They are demons with masks on. Kammy Koopa: "Waluigi is here. Also my son Kerog Jr. is taking over this world. We'll destroy the retired plumber."

On the Goomba Barrack. There is Princess Daisy present with Wendy O. Koopa and Ludwig Von Koopa and the Beezos. Ludwig Von Koopa: "You Beezos will take Daisy to the Mario's land called Sarasaland." Princess Daisy and the beezos depart for Mario's castle just as Ludwig goes over to the King's chamber.

Chapter 12

On the 51st floor of the tower. Mario and Luigi pull out devo guns. Toad pulls out a guitar. Toad: "I could again make the goombas dance." Mario: "We'll deal with the Koopas." There are goombas guarding the door. Toad plays a song called somewhere my love. The goombas start dancing. The Marios go into the goomba barrack. Mario: "Let's go rescue Princess Daisy."

In the goomba barrack. There is Wendy O. Koopa with goombas there. The Marios show up. Wendy O. Koopa: "Get them." Toad plays a song on his guitar. The goombas go dancing. Wendy O. Koopa gets mad. Wendy O. Koopa: "You stupid soldiers. I will get you plumbers." She shoots magic from the wand at the Mario Brothers. Mario: "We are sending you back through your evolution." The Mario brothers with the devo guns zap Wendy O. Koopa. She turns into a velociraptor. Luigi: "Now it's like that we are in Jurassic Park." Luigi steals the magic wand from Wendy O. Koopa. Wendy O. Koopa de-evolved comes after Mario. Mario zaps her with the devo gun. She turns into slime. Luigi with the magic wand restores the goombas back to their human form evolved from dinosaurs or fungus. Toad: "I am taking those plumbers with me to find the king." The Mario Brothers with Toad depart for the King's chamber.

Over to the king's chamber in the building. There is Ludwig Von Koopa present guarding he monkey cage. Also there are beezos. Ludwig Von Koopa: "You insect people are back. I see that you sent Princess Daisy over to Sarasaland." The Mario brothers show up with Toad. Mario: "It's over Koopa offspring." Ludwig Von Koopa: "Get them. Bring me Toad." Beezos with spears go flying after the Mario Brothers. Toad clobbers some Beezos with his guitar. Luigi holds out a wrench on the Beezos. Luigi strikes some beezos with the wrench. Mario with his rocket boots jumps over Beezos. Mario jumps onto Ludwig Von Koopa. They throw punches at each other. Mario manages to steal the wand from Ludwig Von Koopa. He frees Yoshi with it. Ludwig Von Koopa: "You will pay for this plumber." Ludwig Von Koopa uppercuts Mario. Yoshi with his tongue grabs onto Ludwig Von Koopa. Luigi knocks out the rest of the beezos. Luigi pulls out his devo gun. Luigi: "I got your back Mario." Luigi shoots Ludwig Von Koopa with the devo gun. He turns into a dilophosaurus. Luigi turns the monkey back into King Bowser. Mario: "I am getting too old for this." Ludwig Von Koopa as a dilophosaurus shoots a fire ball at the king and the Mario Brothers. Mario: "Everyone duck." They all duck. Mario with the devo gun shoots the de-evolved Ludwig Von Koopa. He turns into slime. King Bowser: "Any of the Koopas still alive that are guilty I will have executed for treason. King Koopa their father turned me into fungus and you plumbers brought me back." Mario: "I am leaving here with my brother Luigi." King Bowser: "Iggy and Spike were turned into slime and washed away." Luigi: "We captured them in the desert years ago and they must've been the ones who attacked us when we were fixing pipes." The Mario Brothers leave the place just as Yoshi stays back with Toad.

Chapter 13

Outside of the Koopa Tower. There is Sgt. Simon with the police and the 2 Boom Booms. Sgt. Simon: "You men brought Big Bertha into the station as she has spoken out against King Koopa Jr. No one will touch the new President Koopa." The Mario Brothers show up. Mario: "Cops." Sgt. Simon: "Arrest those plumbers." The cops go after the Mario Brothers. Mario and Luigi jump on the cops as they go flying by. Boom Booms jump after them. Luigi: "I have a trick for them." Mario and the Luigi make the boom booms bump into each other. They fall to the ground. Mario and Luigi grab the cops. They bang them into each other. Mario and Luigi throw punches onto the cops. Sgt. Simon: "You are under arrest for assaulting police officers." Mario throws a punch back onto Sgt. Simon. Mario knocks Sgt. Simon to the ground. Mario: "You guys aren't allowed in the police force anymore." Mario rips the badge off of Sgt. Simon. King Bowser comes outside. King Bowser: "After you plumbers killed King Koopa years ago I fired him from the police and he was not a cop anymore. Now just a citizen." Sgt. Simon: "You are under arrest king just when Koopa takes over the world." Mario pulls out a warp whistle. Mario: "This whistle is for you and I Luigi. This will take us to Sarasaland my land." The Mario Brothers go after to Mario Land.

On Mario Land at the pumpkin zone. The Mario Brothers show up there. Mario: "Now we are on my land. The ghouls must've taken over my land." Luigi: "I think that we have a way of scaring them away. We could calls the Ghostbusters onto this." They get into the Pumpkin Zone. The Mario Land is coming together with the United States. Mario: "The worlds are merging and we are near the city of New York." The Marios get inside of the pumpkin zone.

In the Forest of the pumpkin zone. There are scary masks and boos. Mario: "I can scare them away easily. Follow me." Mario and Luigi make scary faces at the boos. They are scared off. The spooky masks show up with blades. Luigi: "Great. Jason wannabes." They come after the Mario Brothers. Mario: "We have the firepower to stop them." Mario and Luigi pull out flame throwers. Those men in spooky masks pull out blades. Mario and Luigi shoot them with the flame throwers. They are being burned away. They go to inside the giant pumpkin. Mario: "Now let's find the witch. She's King Koopa Sr.'s ex wife."

Out in the city of New York. There are many people walking down Times Square. There is Kerog Jr. with the Koopa troops. Kerog Jr. has Princess Daisy hostage. Kerog Jr.: "It's time to end human kind. Those people will answer to me." Princess Daisy: "You won't get away with this." Kerog Jr.: "One time my father turned a corrupt business man into an ape and the Marios turned him back and he got arrested for vandalism." Princess Daisy: "Anthony Scapelli. The scientists tired to turn him back into a human and he became Donkey Kong." They with the devo guns are shooting everyone in site. They are turning into apes.

Chapter 14

Back to the pumpkin zone inside. There are Mario and Luigi walking around with flame throwers. There are Draculads in form of bats in the place with cyclopses. The Draculads appear in the form of vampire dinosaurs or mushrooms. Mario: "There must be vampires here too. I have the Mario Zone on my land." Luigi: "Maybe we could fry them." Cyclopses go after the Mario brothers. The Mario Brothers with their flame throwers. They shoot them with the flame throwers. The vampires ash. Cyclopses are being fried by the flame thrower. The haunted lanterns show up. Mario: "Those beings have deadly tongues and the magikoopas replicated them. Kammy Koopa is the witch here." The haunted lanterns attack the Mario Brothers with their tongues. The Mario brothers fry those goblins with flame throwers. The Mario Brothers go over to the witch's hut. Mario: "Now let's find the witch."

At the Witch's hut. There is Kammy Koopa the concerning witch with Waluigi. The witch is at the pot. Kammy Koopa: "Mario has defeated his evil counterpart named Wario. Soon the Koopa family will rule the world." The Mario Brothers show up. Mario: "We have killed some more of the Koopa family." Kammy Koopa: "I will make spooky masks out of them just as I have the evolution. King Koopa was washed away when you plumbers turned him back into slime." Waluigi pulls out sparky stickers. Waluigi: "I am your evil counterpart Luigi. Now I will zap you." Mario: "I will face that witch." Luigi takes on his evil counter part Waluigi. Waluigi throws a spark sticker to Luigi. Luigi blocks it with a plunger. Luigi throws a punch onto Waluigi. Waluigi throws a punch back onto Luigi. They are beating each other up hand to hand. Kammy Koopa with the magic wand shoots magic at Mario. Kammy Koopa: "You will die in my kitchen." Mario jumps onto a pot. Mario drop kicks the witch Kammy Koopa. Kammy Koopa shoots fire bolts from the magic wand. Mario: "I am getting too old for this." Luigi throws Waluigi into the pot. Waluigi is being burned up. Waluigi: "I will be back and you will pay for it." The magic of Kammy Koopa's wand makes fire balls from the stove. Kammy Koopa: "Now I will burn you plumbers away." Mario jumps onto Kammy Koopa. Mario throws Kammy Koopa into the way of the fire balls. The fireball strikes Kammy Koopa burning her up. Mario: "Now let's get that rock out of the meteorite." Luigi: "I have done it before." Mario and Luigi depart the pumpkin zone. They are heading back to Dinohattan.

Over to the giant meteorite under ground. There are Koopa troopers with their master Kerog Jr. Daisy is also with them. Also with them are magikoopas. Daisy is wearing a purple dress now. Kerog Jr.: "Lena could've been my step mother. She got fried putting that rock back in when the world's merged and my father turned Anthony Scapelli into a monkey." Princess Daisy: "You won't get away with this." Lena's bones come off of the wall. Lena is now a dry bones. She comes off of the wall. Kerog Jr.: "You magikoopas go after the Mario Brothers." The magikoopas go after the Mario Brothers.

On the streets of Dinohattan. At the Koopa Square. There are the magikoopas. The Mario brothers show up. Mario pulls out a bob-omb. Mario: "Just like we took Koopa Sr. this will blow up Koopa Jr." He winds it. The magikoopas shoot magic at the Mario Brothers. Mario: "We jump on them." The Mario Brothers go flying on their boots. They crash into the magikoopas. Mario and Luigi grab wands from them. Mario: "We'll defeat them just as they were replicated by Kammy Koopa and we'll singe them." The Mario brothers with the wands zap the magikoopas. They turn into sand. Luigi: "Now we'll rescue Princess Daisy."

Chapter 15

At the underground part of New York City. The Mario Brothers appear. There is the Lena skeleton coming after the Marios. Luigi: "She was in league with King Koopa and I saw her put that rock in the meteorite." Mario: "I will break those bones." The Marios with their boots bang into the bones. They break. Kerog Jr.: "Get them. Turn them into apes." The Koopa troops fire the devo guns onto the Mario Brothers. Mario and Luigi go flying by them. They jump onto them. They both grab devo guns making the Koopa troopers shoot each other. Princess Daisy throws a punch onto a Koopa trooper. Princess Daisy: "I will help you all. This place is becoming the place where I was in charge of digging for dinosaur bones years ago and that one that I discovered was my mother." She clobbers the rest with a devo gun. Kerog Jr. grabs a devo gun. Kerog Jr.: "Now you plumbers will turn into apes just as the 2 worlds are back to being one." The Marios jump again on their boots. Kerog Jr. fires the devo gun at the Marios. The 2 plumber brothers' jump onto Kerog Jr. Mario throws Kerog Jr. against a wall. Mario next throws a punch onto Kerog Jr. Mario: "Now we'll save Earth from you." Luigi shoots Kerog Jr. with a devo gun. Kerog Jr. is de-evolving. The bob-omb appears. The bob-omb explodes on Koopa Jr. just as Mario jumps out of the way. Koopa Jr. goes flying in the cave. Koopa Jr. turns into a T-Rex like his father. Mario: "Another T-Rex. Let's take him again." Mario pulls out his devo gun. The Mario brothers with the devo gun shoots down Kerog Jr. the king of Koopas de-evolved. Kerog Jr. turns into slime. Princess Daisy: "I will have his slimy remains washed away just like we did to his father." Luigi pulls out a screw driver to get the rock out of the meteorite. Princess Daisy goes over to Luigi. Princess Daisy: "Grab onto me. Only I can withstand force of that meteorite." Luigi gets over to the meteorite with his tools. Daisy grabs onto him. Luigi turns the tool. He gets the rock out of the meteorite. Luigi: "I will do it again. You will need to hold it to get me back."

All over the world the 2 worlds are merging all into one. The merge is changing and everything is going back to normal.

Back to the cave with the meteorite. There are Daisy and the Super Mario Brothers. Daisy has the rock. Mario: "I am coming with you Luigi to Brooklyn and than I will return to my castle." Daisy with her rock opens the portal for the Mario Brothers to go back to Brooklyn.

All over the city of New York. The apes are turning back into humans.

Chapter 16

Title Card: 1 Month Later

At the Castle or Mario in the day time outside. There is Mario present. Also there is Princess Peaches. King Freddy and Princess Daisy Bowser show up. King Bowser: "You 2 plumbers saved the world and I love you plumbers. You once turned me back when defeated the king of Koopas." They go over to Mario. Luigi shows up next on Yoshi. Luigi: "Yoshi gave me a ride through the warp zone. I killed Waluigi the evil version of me." Luigi goes over to Mario. Wario shows up next. Wario: "I want to be fighting for the kingdom just as you Mario are getting too old."