A/N My first twilight fanfic, my second fanfic at all. Enjoy.

Edward POV

I decided even thought I just left Bella's house, and her father is still up. I will see her early.

I heard her moan in a sexually way. Is she cheating on me? ''!'' Oh she is masturbating…I broke out in laughter. No wonder Alice was acting so weird when I left. She saw this. This is a private moment I should leave. Well just one peek won't hurt.

Her naked body made my manhood shoot up hard. She was beautiful and sexy in every way. Moaning my name on her already wet sheets. I decided then that I would have sex with Bella NOW!

I took off my clothes, and hung them in the tree. Bella was done. Breathing hard.

I slipped my naked body thought her window fast and, silent. "Bella," I whispered. "Edward." She said then grabbed my hand and pulled me down to her.

We started kissing, my tongue swirling the inside of her mouth, and hers the same .Skipping over the venom coated teeth.

And with that I Edward Cullen .Placed I between her legs and entered her. She felt great, and warm. She was a virgin so I waited for her pain to turn to pleaser. ''Owwwwww…. HARER!'' She screeched, and I did hard and fast. ''EEEEEEEDDDDDDDWAAAAAARDDDDDD!'' ''YES LOVE.''I said a little breathless. I loved her juices on me. ''BELLA YOU'RE SO TIGHT.''

I was just about to place my seed in her when a new thought entered my head. It was Charlie

Bella is what. Charlie thought. SHIT.

''WHAT THE HELL IS THIS.'' Charlie yelled as he stormed in the room.

I'm going to kill that Cullen. Charlie thought

''Edward doesn't stop.'' Bells moaned. ''Charlie'' I whispered. She stopped. ''GET YOUR HANDS OFF HER.'' Charlie yelled .This was a bad idea. But I loved every second of it, and she lived unharmed.

He is so dead mother fucker .Not in my house. Charlie thought.

I wrapped Bella's soaked sheets around me. Bella the same with her soaked quilt. ''Charlie what the hell. YOU JUST RUINED MY FIRST TIME!'' She was really upset.'' We'll talk later Isabella, but first Cullen out NOW!''

"You have got to be kidding me Charlie where you ever a teenager. Did you ever live? Ever love anyone besides mom, or maybe you were just never a normal teenager!'' Bella yelled.

"No Bella it's really okay I have to go anyway." "You sure as hell bet you do." Charlie said his face turning an unnatural color. "It was…um…nice to see you again Charlie."

"What part of leave don't you understand?" Charlie said the color of his face darkening. So I casually walked down Bella's stairs and thought her door. I walked past the tree leavening my clothes to hang in it.

Oh boy that did not just happen. How was I to explain this to the family.

A/N next few chapters are ''Charlie confronts Bella'' ''Edward confronts his family'' ''Charlie confronts Edward'' somewhere in there Edward and Bella talk at school, and more SEX!