She stood, her back to the windowed wall of their house. Her blue dress, the green trees, the light bouncing off the glass and onto her skin. Her long, long brown hair.

"You know Edward," Bee was saying to him, "there's nothing shinier than broken glass."

Her eyes were the same brown, dark and deep, deeper than any pool, any height he'd ever seen.

His mother held his hand. "Come on Edward. Just one step in, the water isn't that cold."

Her lips were pink, her eye lashes dark and thick, blinking slowly at him with the oddest sense of clam.

He sobbed into her shoulder. "Please Mom...just please."

"Shhhhh.....soon," she muttered, her arms tighter and tighter around him, "soon, baby, we will, soon." She had to reassure him. And her self.

Her lips lifted up at the corners, the smallest smile tugging at them, her eyes never leaving his.

"See what you've done! Do you see what you've made me do!?" His father was screaming at him now. His eyes were so angry, so enraged, he was sure the green would burst into red flames and than there would be nothing left of him.

She took a step, small and shy, towards him. Her blue dress swayed in the wind, the ends brushing against the smooth pale skin of her legs. So blue. True blue.

Bee's terrified blue eyes found him in the dark. "It's okay, I'll see you soon Edward, really soon."

There was screaming and the shattering of glass, the horrible sound of silence and terror. More screaming. And then...nothing.

She was right in front of him. Full on smiling now. The most beautiful thing he'd ever seen. His breath caught in his throat. He sunk into her eyes, the green falling deep, and deeper into the brown.

He screamed and cried, his whole body a wrecking ball of sobs curled up in Kapper's brown office chair. It would be over soon. Wouldn't it?

Her hands slid into his. And then up and around him. He was holding her.

There was nothing else.

He pressed a kiss to her hair, fingers shaking, breath ragged, trying so, so hard, to not be overwhelmed.

She sighed. "Soon Edward." Her lips found her favorite spot, brushing against his neck. Tingles ran down his back. He shivered.

He took a step back and twirled a piece of her hair in his hand, the brown almost black in the moonlight.

An absolute grin lit his face. "Bella?" he asked her mischievously, "how soon is now?"