His Name

This randomly came to me while I was washing the dishes, so I ditched them to type this. Reviews are always welcome and highly encouraged! According to Word it's 150 words long.

He didn't know what his name was until he entered the Academy.

Sure, the old man had called him 'Naruto' but no one else did. He'd thought that 'Naruto' was just another, nicer sounding way of calling him demon. He'd truly thought that demon was his name. After all the definition of a name is what somebody or something is called.

The day he'd entered the academy the teacher had called attendance and when they got to Uzumaki, Naruto he hadn't replied, but wondered why they'd skipped him.

The teacher had yelled at him for goofing off and told him to answer when he was called. That was the day he learned his name was Uzumaki Naruto.

A name that would one day be known all over the shinobi world as the number one most surprising ninja, a person who would beat every odd and be the greatest Hokage ever.