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Chapter 20

Cameron was asleep when House quietly entered her private room. He limped over to the plastic bassinet and looked down at his sleeping sons. Normally, they'd each have their own bassinet but when they were separated earlier, they put up such a fuss that the nurse decided to keep them together.

"Mm..you're here," she whispered as she held her hand out to him. He almost chuckled as he took it. Her fingers were a little swollen now.

"I had some stuff to take care of so I thought I'd let you and the boys sleep."

"Me and the boys, huh?" she giggled as he raised her hand up to his lips and kissed it.

"Boys who need names."

"I know. Have you thought of any?"

"Have you?"

"How about we just blurt them out..and if one of them sounds good, then call it."

"Okay you go first."










House shook his head to clear it. "Hugh? Are you nuts? You want our kid to get picked on with a name like Hugh House?"

"Fine, then how about Nicholas?"

He thought about it. It worked. "Okay. Middle name?"

"Do they have to have middle names?"

"That's the norm."

"How about your dad's name?"

"Nicholas David House. Not bad. Okay, what about the other one?"

"Hmm," she thought.

"How about..Jeffrey James. Then I can call him J.J."

Cameron had to laugh at House. He looked like an excited little kid at the prospect. Of course it didn't surprise her that he wanted Wilson's name in there somewhere. That was more than okay with her so she nodded her consent.

"Good. Now, which one's which?" he said with a slight laugh as he picked up one of his sons. He didn't even stir when he was held, and House softly kissed his feather soft hair. The sight brought tears to Cameron's eyes.

"It'll be hard to tell since they're like mirror twins."

"You're not gonna be one of those Mom's who dresses them alike are you?"

Cameron laughed again because he looked genuinely worried. "No, Greg. I won't do that to them. I had an aunt who did that to her twin girls, but that was way back when."

"Well you're not doing it to our boys."

She picked up their other son when he started to fuss and began feeding him immediately as House watched with admiration and amazement.

"This little guy has a birthmark on the back of his head," she pointed out as she softly stroked his hair to show House.

"So he does. He's JJ then."

When JJ finished feeding, House handed Nicholas to her and took his other son. They really were identical and House was worried about the mischief they'd get into when they were older. Life certainly wouldn't be boring with them around.

* * *

Two days later, Cameron was allowed to go home. She knew she should've been happy about it but in all honesty she was petrified. Not that she didn't think she and House would be fine, but she was exhausted and didn't know how she was going to manage.

"Hey, you're so quiet," House nudged her as they lay in bed. The boys were asleep in their cribs that they'd placed side by side in the nursery but the monitor was on so they could hear them.

"I'm fine."

"Oookay," he said slowly as he watched her for a few minutes.

"You don't think I'm sexy anymore do you?" she suddenly asked him.

"What? What would make you think that?"

"You haven't kissed me since I gave birth," she said, her lip trembling a little as she tried to hold back the tears.

"You've been sleeping or feeding the boys. It's hard to kiss you that way."

"It's hard to kiss me because you're repulsed by me."

Then the tears came and House rolled his eyes in disbelief. He knew the hormones from childbirth had the tendency to make women upset easily. "Baby Blues" happened to most women and he understood that. Now if only he could make Cameron believe it.

"Don't be silly. I think you're just as sexy as you were the first day I saw you. Even more so now that you've just given birth to our sons and you're still glowing. My God, Allison, you're absolutely beautiful. And if we were allowed, I'd take you into my arms right now and make love to you."

"It sucks. That we can't…"

"I know. But we can cuddle and..do other things."

Cameron looked at him like he was some alien life form. Then she thought. It's all an act. He's just trying to placate me. Stop me from crying.

"Shouldn't you be at the hospital working on a case?"

"Cuddy gave me the week off. More if I need it. So I'm not going anywhere. Nice try, babe. Speaking of which, she'll be stopping by to see you and the boys after work tonight."

"I don't wanna see anyone," Cameron sobbed as she turned her head and hid it in her pillow. "I look like hell and I feel even worse."

"You look great."

"Ha! Thanks, but I'm sure I don't look "great."

"Cameron.." he said softly as he stretched out next to her on the bed and placed a hand on her shoulder as she continued to sob. It was breaking his heart and he had to come up with something to stop her before he lost it himself. "What's wrong?"

"I..I..feel like a failure."

"You're hardly a failure. You had a difficult delivery but you did perfectly. We have 2 very handsome sons in the next room. Why do you feel like a failure?"

"Be..because..I thought I'd be able to..be able to do it all. Here I am, sore, stiff and exhausted. I've got two boys who need me and here I am in bed."

"They're sound asleep, so that's when you should sleep." Then he changed tactics. "Look, you're not alone. I'm here. You've got a pump so you can make up some bottles, then I can feed them and you can rest. Your parents are coming in a couple of days. I'm sure they'll have no problem helping out and our sons won't need or want for attention. You'll feel better in a few days. And I promise, when the doctor gives you the okay in several weeks, I'm going to fuck you like an animal," he whispered in her ear in a voice that made her shiver.

That seemed to do the trick and she looked at him. "Promise?"

"Trust me, if we could do it right this minute, we would." He brushed the hair away from her face and gave her a long lingering kiss to prove his desire for her. She threw her arms around his neck and pulled him close so his head rested against her chest and he stayed there, perfectly content.

* * *

Judy and David Cameron arrived a few days later and Cameron was instantly grateful for the extra help. Not that House wasn't doing an exceptional job, but in the first few days after birth, the more helping hands, the better. With Judy and David staying with them, there was no shortage of help. Judy helped Cameron get a routine going that consisted of pumping bottles and washing the bottles and then doing the laundry that consisted mostly of receiving blankets and sleepers that the boys spat up on. House and David had pretty much made amends, although silently, and watched whatever game was on TV until they were needed for something.

Everything was going perfectly fine. Or so they thought.

Kat stepped out into the bright sunlight and walked to the bus stop. She was finally free to wreak havoc in Greg's life once again.

The first place she went was to his condo. Boy, would he be shocked to see me! Cameron will probably shit herself. Kat laughed maniacally as she walked up the steps and knocked on the door. However, someone other than House answered the door. Another woman.

"Is Dr. House here?"

The woman looked Kat up and down as if she were a piece of dirt. "Dr. House moved away some months ago. And I don't know where. Sorry." And then shut the door in Kat's face immediately.

"Fine," she said to herself as she left the building. "I'll just go where I know he'll be."

She entered the lobby of PPTH and Cuddy spotted her immediately. Without hesitation, she picked up the phone and called security. Then she approached.

"Dr. House isn't in today. And I suggest you leave before the police get here."

"Yeah right," Kat laughed.

As if on cue, two burly security officers closed in on her.

"I don't think your probation officer would want to know that you're in complete violation of your conditions, would you? If you leave now, I won't call him."

"He's a she, bitch!"

Cuddy nodded once to the security officers and walked back to her office as they picked her up and carried her out of the building, kicking and screaming. Once back in her office, she immediately paged House.

"You're not supposed to get any pages, are you?" Cameron asked when House's pager went off while they were watching TV.

"Only if it's extremely important." He reached for his pager and glanced at the display which read "Kat 911." His heart felt like it was going to stop but he kept his face neutral. "I'll be right back. It's just Cuddy. Some donor's kid probably has the sniffles."

He locked himself in his den and called her back. "What's up?"

* * *

It was late and House was stuck at the hospital. He sent his team home so they could get some much needed sleep. The patient was okay for now, but he was staying late to make sure. As he surfed the web, he heard movement outside his office but when he looked up he saw nothing.

His pager went off so he got up and quickly left to check on the status of his patient.

An hour later he returned. The lights in his office were turned off for some strange reason so he turned them back on. What he saw made him sick.

Kat was laying on the floor with her brains splattered all over his favorite chair and a gun in her hand. There was a note on her lap but he didn't care to read it. He called a code and everyone came rushing in at once. The sight became too much for him to bear and he ended up throwing up into the trash can and collapsing in his desk chair from exhaustion.

"Dr. House, this has your name on it," one of the nurses said to him as she handed him the note that was on Kat's lap.

House sighed, took the note and looked at it.

Dear Greg,

I guess I lost my chance once I went to Mayfield. You have your own life now. Please believe me when I tell you that I only came to the hospital the other day to see how you were doing. I meant no harm or disrespect. But that doesn't matter now anyway. You have a woman who loves you. I have nothing and I'll continue to have nothing. There's no point anymore. I just want to say thanks for saving me back then. And know that your amazing blue eyes were the last vision in my mind before I pulled the trigger.

See you on the other side. Have a nice life.

Love, Kat

He laughed, looking down at the floor as if he expected her to be in Hell. "Other side of what?"

He left the cleanup crew and grabbed his stuff. He just wanted to get home to Cameron.

She woke up when she felt him climb into bed with her, and when he pulled her into his arms, he was shivering.

"Greg? What's wrong?"

"I'm okay. Go back to sleep."

"It's kind of hard with you shaking like that. What's going on?"

She felt him take in a deep breath and then he told her what happened with Kat and how he'd been sick at the hospital.

As they lay there, an idea came to his mind. "Let's get married tomorrow."

"Tomorrow? Why?"

"Your parents are here, it's the weekend, everyone's off. We can just..go to a judge and do it."

He glanced down at her and saw that she was stunned. "I know it wasn't the wedding you had in mind but.."

"Greg," she silenced him by putting her finger to his lips, "I'd get married on the street, or in a back alley if I had to. I already had the white wedding. I don't need to do it again. I won't ask why you want this now. I'm sure you have your reasons. So if you want to do it tomorrow, then fine." Then she thought. "The only thing is..we can't…"

"I know..but that's okay. You still have what..two weeks?"


"No big deal. We'll work around it. I just..after tonight I don't want to wait anymore.."

She shushed him again by placing her lips to his that time and engaging in a long kiss.

"You don't have to explain. In the morning we'll call everyone. You got the license already, didn't you?"

"Yeah. We have six months to use it."


House smiled back at her. "Perfect."

* * *

Everyone, including House's parents who managed to get a last minute flight, was gathered at the local county courthouse the next evening. Wilson stood up next to House and since Cameron's best friend from school couldn't make it, Cuddy gladly stepped in. Cameron looked absolutely radiant, even though she still had some baby weight, she still fit into the dress she planned to wear. House wore a black suit and tie and as they exchanged vows and rings, House could hear his mother sniffling quietly at the back. It brought a smile to his face as he slipped the ring on Cameron's finger.

"Dr. House, you may kiss the bride."

House took a step forward, brushed Cameron's hair away from her face and kissed her softly but deeply. She wrapped her arms around him and pressed her body against his as they continued to kiss, obviously not caring that there were a dozen people standing behind them cheering.

Someone had hired them a limo to take them to a hotel in downtown New York for an impromptu Honeymoon and Cuddy gave him an additional week off. His office was still being cleaned and therefore was unusable for awhile anyway. Blythe would be taking care of the twins for a few days, and then handing them off to Judy and David until House and Cameron returned.

"So, you did it," Cameron smiled at him.

"We did it."

"I'm glad we didn't wait. I was more than happy to do this now."

"It worked out perfectly."

"I'm glad your parents made it. Your dad even seemed…civil."

"Yeah. My mom must've read him the riot act again. But enough about them. Come over here," he patted the seat next to him and she moved over. He placed his hands on her face and softly touched her as she closed her eyes.

"I love you, Dr. House," he said with a smirk.

Hearing him say that always made her emotional and she blinked away the tears that threatened to fall.

"I love you too, Dr. House."

"Everything's going to be perfect from now on. I'll see to that."

Normally, she would've doubted him. But now, after all they'd been through, she knew he was telling her the truth.

Life was good. And life with Greg House would definitely not be boring. He would see to that.

The End.

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