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Sirius looked around, wondering who was calling him. It wasn't until he was knocked over that he realised who it was.

"Hey Ruby," he said, chuckling.

"I missed you so much," she exclaimed, still on top of him.

"I missed you too, sis," he said, grinning, "You gonna let me up now?"

"Oh, sorry," she said, holding out a hand to help him up. He took it and she pulled him into a hug. He looked over her shoulder as they embraced. He saw his parents standing a few metres away, scowling at him. He pulled away, and stroked his sister's hair.

"So, how've you been, Ruby?"

"I've been good. It's not the same without you, though, Sir (A/N: Pronounced seer, not sir)," she said, tears brimming in her eyes, "Why did you have to leave?"

"You know why Rubes," he said, kneeling down so he was at her height.

"I know," she said, sniffing, "I want to be in Gryffindor with you, Sir (A/N: pronounced 'seer', not 'sir')."

"Now Ruby, we don't need our parents having two disappointments, now do we?"

"I guess not," she said, a tear running down her cheek. Sirius wiped it away and stood up, hugging her.

"Come on, lets' get your luggage on the train, and then we'll go find a compartment, ok?" Sirius asked, smiling. Ruby nodded, wiping her eyes. Sirius nodded at his parents, who glared and turned, walking off. He took Ruby's hand, and started to lead her away. She looked over her shoulder at her retreating parents.

"Wait! Mum! Dad!" she called, releasing Sirius' hand and running after them. They stopped and turned around, looking at their only daughter. She embraced them.

"Bye," she said, tears brimming in her eyes again, "I'll miss you."

"Now, Ruby," her father said, "You know you're not supposed to show emotion." Ruby was taken aback. Though, she quickly wiped her eyes and looked up at her dad.

"Yes, father," she said, running back to Sirius. She started crying when she reached him.

"Why… are… they… so… mean…?" she asked, between sobs.

"They're Slytherins, Rubes," he said, taking her hand again, "It's in their nature, unfortunately for us."

He stepped onto the train with her, taking one last glance at his parents. How he despised them. He walked with Ruby along the train, looking for James. He found him sitting in a compartment with Remus.

"Hey guys," he said, sliding open the compartment door, "this is my sister, Ruby; short for Rubithiana. Ruby, you know James, and this is Remus."

"James!" she exclaimed, having not recognised the sixth year before. She went and sat next to him.

"Hey Ruby," James said, chuckling. Ruby flashed a smile at him, before looking shyly at Remus.

"It's nice to meet you," she said, looking down.

"Nice to meet you too," he said, smiling at her.

"Come, Rubes," Sirius said, sitting down next to her, "There's no need to be afraid of Remus. He's our friend."

"Ok!" she said, enthusiastically. The boys chuckled at her attitude having changed so quickly.

"So, are you excited for your first year, Ruby?" James asked, as the train started to move off.

"Definitely!" she said, happily.

"What house are you going to be in?" James asked. Ruby looked sad at this.

"I want to be in Gryffindor with Sir," she said, tears brimming in her eyes, "But I'm sure to be in Slytherin." Tears started running down her cheeks.

"You could always try telling the hat that you don't want to be in Slytherin," James said, smiling at her, "It might work. I'm sure it will take your choice into account."

Ruby wiped her eyes and looked up at him, eyes questioning.

"Really?" she asked.

"Of course, Rubes," Sirius said, also smiling. She smiled happily and started bouncing in her chair.

"I'm so excited," she said, grinning.

"Anything from the trolley, dears?" They were interrupted by the woman with the candy trolley. Ruby looked at Sirius.

"Spare some money, Sir?" she asked, eyes pleading.

"Sure Rubes," he said, pulling some Sickles and Knuts out of his pocket and giving them to her. She bought a chocolate frog and a box of Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans.

"Thanks, Sir," she said, sitting back down next to him. The three marauders had bought a pack of droobles, four chocolate frogs (two for Remus, who loved chocolate) and some sugar quills between them. Ruby opened her chocolate frog and chewed on it slowly, looking out the window. She picked up her card. It contained Morgana Le Fay.

"Sirius! It's Morgana!" she exclaimed excitedly, showing her brother the card. Sirius chuckled.

"Yes," he said, smiling at her. She put the card down and opened the box of beans. She pulled out a dark green coloured one.

"Careful, Rubes," Sirius said, "You never know what flavour you'll get."

Ruby popped it in her mouth, defiantly. Her face screwed up almost immediately. Sirius chuckled.

"Ewww! Spinach!" she said, pulling it out of her mouth and dropping it on the ground as if it was a disease. She sealed up the box, eyeing it warily.

"Well, we should probably get into our robes now," Remus said, chuckling along with the other two Marauders.

Peter walked into their compartment, already in his robes. He looked at Ruby sceptically.

"Hey Peter. Where've you been?" Sirius asked, "Oh, and this is my sister, Ruby. This is her first year."

"Hey Ruby," he said, flashing a smile at her, "You guys really should get in your robes."

"Yeah, we were just about to," James said.

"Oh, well, I'll leave you to it, then," Peter said, walking out of the compartment, sliding the door shut behind him. James pulled the window cover down.

"Come on," he said, "Lets' get changed." Ruby went and stood in the corner, pulling her robes on, after making sure the boys were all facing the opposite direction. When she finished, and knew that they were all dressed, she went back and sat down.

Ruby reopened my box of Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans, pulling out a red bean that looked relatively safe. It turned out to be chilli, but it wasn't that bad, as she was used to having chilli and other spicy foods.

"So, Rubithiana, what do you think of your name? Your full name, I mean," James asked, grinning mischievously at her.

"I think Rubithiana is a perfectly nice name," someone said from the door way. I looked at the newcomer. She was a red-headed girl, who seemed to be very kind.

"Ah, Evans. How nice of you to grace us with your presence," James said, smiling at her. 'Evans' scowled at him.

"Hello Remus," she said, turning to face him, "Good summer?"

"Yes, it was quite good, Lily. What about yours?"

"Oh, it was ok. My sister is still calling me a freak, though," Lily said, smiling at him, "She's attempting to make my life a living hell."

"Oh, my poor darling," James said, a little over-enthusiastically, "Oh to be tortured by thy own siblings."

"Shut up, James. You're so not funny, no matter what you think," Lily said, looking at him. She turned to face Ruby.

"And who might you be? Wait, right, Rubithiana, isn't it?"

"Yes. Ruby," Ruby said, wincing at Lily's use of her full name, "I'm Sirius' sister." At this point, Sirius started coughing rather loudly. Ruby turned to face him, tears brimming in her eyes.

"You're… you're ashamed of me? You don't want people to know I'm your sister?" She said, tears running down her cheeks.

"No, no Ruby. I was just coughing. It's not that," Sirius said. Ruby cut him off before he could say anything else.

"Maybe I don't want to be in Gryffindor with you anymore. Maybe I'm glad that you moved out. Maybe I'll be in Slytherin!" Ruby yelled, running out of the compartment, sobbing.

"Great job, Sirius," Lily said, applauding sarcastically before running after Ruby. Sirius looked down. He moved closer to the window, and sat looking out of it.

James looked at Remus, eyes questioning as to whether they should talk to him. Remus shook his head. So, they sat there in silence. Remus pulled out a book from his bag.