Okay, this is yet another multi-chaptered "Black Crayons" story. This one is set between "Language Lessons" and "My First Decepticon." It will likely be slow going (I have other stories and school that want my attention too), but I will try to keep it up. As always, you can read these stories separately or as a series. The intended order can be seen on my profile page. Thanks and I hope you like it.

Summer Vacation

Summer was truly underway. This was the time families went on vacations to interesting locations. Some trips were more interesting than others.

Annabelle was busy packing toys and coloring books to take with her on the vacation. She had heard Mommy and Daddy talking about it earlier. Daddy and Ironhide had to go to their workplace so Daddy could so some training stuff and Ironhide could get a check-up from Ratchet. The girl's favorite Cybertronian had been avoiding "dealing with that blasted Hatchet" and now he had to go or get in trouble. They would be gone for a month, but Daddy had "pulled some strings and tricked the feeble-minded, pencil-pushing, numbskulls in charge of important sounding junk" and now Mommy and she were coming too.

The plan was for Ironhide to drive them to an army-type airplane that would fly them to somewhere else. Then they would get on a big boat to the base. Annabelle was excited because she would get to see more Autobots. She'd been practicing with Ironhide on how to talk like one and she couldn't wait to show off.

"Are you sure this is alright?" asked Sarah for the tenth time.

Her husband grinned as he helped her pack, "I'm just taking advantage of the bureaucrats' stupidity. I filled out a request to allow 'two civilians with previous knowledge of maximum security clearance topics' and all that paperwork. Automatically, they assume it means Sam and Mikaela and they don't dare restrict their access to the Autobots. So, as long as all the right boxes are checked on the forms, they couldn't care."

"So you intend to lie…"

"Not lie, per say," he interrupted. "Just let them make a few assumptions. Really, Annabelle will love this and she'll get to enjoy a month vacation while her daddy gets to play with a bunch of over-grown kids and mechs."

Sarah rolled her eyes at his exaggerated description on training. But both she and her daughter would prefer not to be away from him and Ironhide for a month if they could manage it.

"Alright, but when this all blows up, I swear I'll blame it all on you."

It only made sense to transport the Lennox family at night. Fewer cars on the road driven by easily distracted humans. In addition, since Ironhide was doing the actual driving, they could sleep while they traveled. Even Annabelle, bouncing in excitement earlier, was now drowsing in his cab.

The weapon specialist went over what to take care of first when he arrived on base. First thing, after dodging Hatchet who would drag him off to med-bay immediately, he would hunt down the twins. Both he and Will felt that some ground rules about "appropriate" behavior around the child should be firmly ground into their processors.

"…Ironhide," muttered the girl's sleepy voice.

"Yes, Annabelle?"

"Are we there yet?"

Like I said, updates on this one may be sporadic and long waits can be expected at times, but it will be complete. So, bear with me.

Next time, little girl vs. paranoid adult. Annabelle vs. Simmons. Who will win? (Who do you think? Duh!!!)