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Time flies when you're having fun. The few weeks of their stay at the NEST base were essentially over. Annabelle felt mildly disappointed that they never had time for the race between Chromia and Ironhide, but she made them promise that next time that they were all together, they would spend some time at something fun. She felt particularly satisfied that they agreed to that because it meant she could keep an eye out in case her favorite Autobot decided to tell Chromia how she felt.

Before she could go, however, the child knew she needed to do something important. She liked the Autobots, all of them. Sure, Jolt was still uncomfortable around the child. She figured he was just kind of shy and maybe afraid of stepping on her. According to Ironhide, he hadn't been here as long as some of the others and hadn't been around as many humans other than the NEST people. The triplets were smaller, so Annabelle thought they wouldn't be as nervous about being careful. And Mudflap and Skids were too much troublemakers to care about being nervous. Still, she liked the whole group in their own way, but the twins needed help on being her friend.

She'd pulled a prank on them, threw water balloons at them, and got them in trouble with Mommy and Ironhide. The last part was sort of an accident, but she didn't want to just sit there watching them argue. Still, she wanted to make it up to them and leave as friends. She would have tried to approach Jolt, but she didn't want to make him more nervous. Annabelle would wait until he was less shy before trying to be really friendly.

"Hi, Mudflap," she called as she approached. "Hi, Skids."

The two Cybertronians visibly flinched at her approached. She didn't know it, but her enraged parent and the weapon specialist had declared firmly that the two were not allowed near the child until the visit was over. This statement was made after Wheelie, while bragging to Mikaela about his role in guarding Annabelle, let it slip that the two were rough-housing far too close to the girl for safety. Now, they were attempting to avoid being disassembled by Sarah or Ironhide by actually remaining away from her. But that plan was not nearly as affective if the girl happened to come looking for them.

"…Hey?" waved the orange twin cautiously.

"Sorry Mommy and Ironhide got mad at you and everything," she apologized. "I want to make it better. I have an idea that you might like."

Skids shook his head, "No way. If we get in trouble again this quick, your mother will take us apart. We'll have to hide in a cave until we rust apart."

"But it'll be funny and it's against Mr. Simmons," explained Annabelle.

Mudflap, sensing a prank on the horizon, asked, "What is it and how can we help?"

"Is your processor damaged?" his brother snapped. "Did you not hear what that woman said?"

"She never said anything about the paranoid, lunatic, 'big-headed joker'," he answered.

The child asked, "Did Daddy tell you that name too?"

Skids shook his head, "Nope, but everyone has heard it by now. It's quickly passing Leo's name as 'Chia-pet Head' on popularity. Personally, I could devise tons of better nicknames for him. But, somehow 'big-headed joker' seems to cover it fairly well. Now, what is the plan?"

The ship that would carry the Lennox family, Sam, Mikaela, Wheelie, Bumblebee, and Ironhide back to the mainland was moving away from the island. Annabelle had insisted that they watch the shoreline for a few minutes. She stared intently at the retreating land mass.

Sam, however, was the one who spotted it first. For a second, he just stared in disbelief. Then, he turned towards the Cybertronians.

"Um, I might be crazy…" he stated slowly.

"You are," declared Wheelie.

The boy glared at the tiny transformed toy before continuing, "But is that Simmons being pelted by water balloons?"

Sure enough, a soaking wet Simmons was dodging water-filled projectiles. Unlike the ones that Ironhide, Chromia, and Annabelle had used against the twins, these were closer to normal size. But they still seemed to be constructed of pieced of tarpaulin. Chasing him were the twins, flinging the objects at their target.

"I don't suppose you had anything to do with this?" asked Mikaela, trying not to laugh as another water balloon struck the man.

The child shrugged, "It's just target practice. It's hard to hit a moving target without practice."

Bumblebee played a laugh track from some comedy show and Sam just shook his head at the insanity before him.

"Annabelle, how did you get those two a bunch of water balloons?" her father asked.

Instead of answering, she pointed at shore as another figure joined the two Autobots in the chase. Epps threw two more water balloons at Simmons and gestured for more of the soldiers to join in. Simmons couldn't look at all dignified or professional while fleeing robots and men throwing these childish projectiles.

"Epps thought it was a good idea too," smiled the girl.

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